10 Tips to Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook has grown so much that it is nearly impossible to get a lot of likes.

Facebook likes are important for a business because a like is an upvote. 

If you have a lot of likes, it signals to other Facebook users that you must be offering something really valuable. 

But how do you get more likes? In today’s review, I will share with you several techniques.

These are tips to get more Facebook likes so you can grow your following. 

1. Optimize Your Profile

Your Facebook business page is the first thing that people will see.

It is evident, therefore, that their first impression about you or your business greatly depends on how you present yourself.

One of the ways to optimize your profile is to make sure you use the photo image sections correctly.

There are two features on Facebook that is in need of images: the profile picture and cover photo. 

Your profile picture is for the icon of your business. It represents you in everything.

The cover photo is what they see as a huge banner once they open your Facebook page.

One of the things you can do on how to get more likes on Facebook is to make sure that your picture is related to your niche, content, and image.

For example, if your field revolves in business, you should consider putting up a professional picture of your business.

Either a formal picture or a photo of you in action of working will do.

You also want to make sure that all the areas of your Facebook pages are covered.

Examples of these are your website URL, your address, contact, information, and so much more. 

2. Create and Publish Quality Content 

Like any other platforms, content plays the biggest role in attracting new traffic.

On Facebook, people will visit your page more often if you have content to share. 

Here are some tips when publishing content: 

  • Relevant – your content should fit in the category of your niche. If you are in the fitness niche, it does not make sense to publish content about backlinking or SEO. Your content must be about fitness-related images and topics only.

You should also take the current trends into consideration.

This should help you provide people with new and fresh content.

You can recycle some posts once in a while, but it should at least provide additional details than the old one.

  • Short but Direct – Facebook posts have a character limit of exactly 63,206. This is very long, and thus you should keep your posts short. Don’t discuss too many things in your labels or text. Instead, you have to let the image do the talking. 

It is important that your message has a “call-to-action”.

This means that you clearly tell the audience to do something, like click the post, visit your site, contact you, and so on.

Show reasons as to why they should do something like liking your posts and/or sharing them.

3. Provide Media Attachments

The good thing about using Facebook is that posts with both texts and images are balanced.

However, you should know that to be noticed easier; you have to use media files 

This is not limited to photos only. You can also use videos, gifs, and even audio files.

Before that, you should remember the following things:

  • Use Copyright-Free Images – using other people’s images without permission can lead you to copyright issues. Sure, you can ask the owner for you to recycle their image, but it is not guaranteed that they will let you.

To avoid this hassle, you can opt to get your own photos or search for copyright-free files on search engines.

  • Use Relevant Images – you shouldn’t just use any image that comes across your mind. It should be related to what you are currently posting about. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a viewer. You should also use a moderate number of images and videos to not make it look spammy.

Images and videos capture attention. If you want people to like your page, your images and videos must stir something in their emotions. 

4. Follow a Schedule for Your Posts

Having content with great value is one thing; the process of publishing them is another. This involves determining how often you post.

You need to publish content on a regular basis. Why? Because if you do, people are more likely to see your posts in their feed.

The problem with Facebook is that there are so many posts every day that yours can get buried underneath. 

Let’s put it this way: if you post rarely, there is a big chance that the audience will forget that you even exist.

On the flip side, if you post too often, they will start to get used to your presence and will tend to ignore your posts.

There are two main things that you should do:

  • Determine the type of your audience – know their age range and daily commitments. Understand what time they usually open their Facebook app, and then publish content from there. 
  • Understand what they like – at first, you have to continue publishing content. Over time, you have to take a look at what kind of posts people are liking. Publish more content like this, and you will see that more people will like your posts and page.  

Regular publication is the key to getting Facebook likes.

If you do not have the time to do this, you can use tools like SEMrush or Hootsuite to publish your posts again and again.


5. Interact with the Market

Join Facebook groups and then see what the audience likes.

If you join groups, you will be able to understand what your target market’s problems are. 

From there, you can create content and share that content in the group.

Once they find your content, you can expect more people to like your page. 

The audience loves a figure that they can engage with.

They are more likely to do business with brands that they can actually talk to.

They do not like chatbots and automated responses.

Talking to them gives them a feeling of acknowledgment. 

Specifically, here are the things to make your Facebook platform more audience-friendly:

  • Reply to their comments.
  • Listen to their opinions and suggestions.
  • Do a live stream using Facebook Live.
  • Make a Facebook group for your audience.

Establishing a good relationship with your audience is important.

Listening to them is not enough; you must also integrate their ideas into your content.

Appeal to the by making the content they want.

6. Know the Competition

The competition on Facebook is especially harsh as there are billions of users.

There are millions of content creators, and yours can get lost. 

Also, it is likely that you have a lot of competition whose contents are similar to yours.

You don’t necessarily have to view this fact negatively, though.

On the brighter side, this also means that you have a lot to look up to.

Having more competitors means there are more possible collaborations and interactions.

Refer to the guide below on how to make the most out of your competition:

  • Follow people with the same niche.
  • Comment on other people’s posts and share them with your profile.
  • Invite them to make content together.
  • Observe their posting habits.

The biggest advantage of choosing to engage with other figures is that you are given a chance to appeal both to the account owner and their existing audience.

This will result in increased exposure to your page.

7. Organize Contests

Contests draw attention. Once you have a Facebook page, you can launch an ad about a contest, and then you can expect people to like your page and share it, too. 

These contests are organized by the account owner and are made available for all.

Some examples of contests are:

  • Giveaways – this involves giving out a product or service for free. 
  • Photo Liking Contests – this type of content is done by setting a theme and competing for likes on who did it the best. You will ask your followers to upload photos, and the ones that have the most likes will win. 
  • Raffle – you can do a raffle, and the people will get an entry of them to do something. Take note that liking page in exchange for a raffle entry is not allowed on Facebook. 

The sky is the limit as far as contests are concerned.

Just make sure that you abide by the rules so Facebook will not ban your posts and contests. 

8. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that is done by hiring influencers.

These are people who have lots of followers already.

You can work with them and ask them to endorse you. 

Here are the things that you should look for in an influencer:

  • Relevant – the influencer should be in the same niche as you. This means that he/she must have an expertise that revolves around your niche. This way, it will be easier for them to convince their audience about what they are promoting.
  • Has a Relatively High Number of Followers – invest in influencers that already have a big audience, to begin with.
  • Has Good Content – You should also consider the content that they put out in public. It should be aligned with yours. The quality of their content speaks so much about how they treat their audiences. 

Influencer marketing does not have a fixed cost.

It depends on the negotiations that both parties will agree with, but it is usually charged per post.

The cost also has something to do with the number of followers an influencer has. 

9. Promote Your Page to Other Platforms

Although Facebook already has a lot of users, generating traffic can still get a little limited.

The solution to free Facebook likes, therefore, is to market your content on other platforms.

There are a lot more sites that you can use aside from Facebook. Here are some:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Website

Promoting your account and content on the said platforms can greatly help you increase your brand’s recognition and traffic.

10. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s built-in software designed specifically for promotional use.

You can put up ads and increase the visibility of your page.

The price you have to pay varies. The higher your bid, the more people are likely to see your content. 

Summary: Tips to Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

Whether you are a blogger or dropshipper, it makes perfect sense to use Facebook as a source of traffic and customers. 

While using Facebook for personal reasons is easy, using Facebook for business is a tad difficult.

You cannot expect people to like your page right away—you have to build your credibility and do a lot of social experiments before you can amass a following. 

Pick three to four of the tactics I showed you.

Master them until you increase your Facebook likes.

Once done, move on to the other tactics, and you will increase your Facebook likes, sales, and website traffic.

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