13 Top Shopify Upsell Apps to Increase Sales and Profits in 2019

Upselling is a process of offering related products before a customer completes their transaction.

But why should you care about upsells?

Implementing upsells in your business can boost sales and profits since the customer Average Order Value has increased.

Upselling can be seen used in fast food businesses. You will often hear, “would you like fries with that?”.

In today’s post, we will take a look at the top upsell Shopify apps you can set up in your own store today and increase your sales with just a few clicks.

1. Frequently Bought Together


The first app on the list is very similar to Amazon’s upsell section of their website.

If you have browsed for a product on Amazon before, you would have noticed the related products which you can add to your cart as a bundle.

Unfortunately, this app is not free to use and costs $6.99 a month. However, you do have the opportunity to try out the 3-day free trial.

This app analyzes the purchases made on your store and automatically offers related products to your customers.

Why you should use Frequently Bought Together

Here are a few of the things you can do:

  • You can set the number of products displayed.
  • Customize the upsell widget position on your website.
  • You can choose which product to recommend to your customers if you don’t like the app’s choices.
  • Create discounts to entice customers to purchase your upsells.

This app works effectively if you are already making consistent sales. The app will have a hard time suggesting products for your customers if there is no data.

2. Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter


Bold Upsell is another app you should consider when you’re making consistent sales. The app isn’t free and will cost you $9.99 a month.

However, you do get a 14-day free trial if you would like to test out the app on your store.

The app will show your customers related products as pop-ups. If the customer is interested in buying the product, they can do that with a simple click.

For example, if a customer was interested in buying a phone case, Bold Upsell will show a screen protector or a charging cable as the upsell. The app can also offer a more expensive version of the case or accessories.

Why you should use Bold Upsell

Here a few things you can do with Bold Upsell:

  • Multiple upsells: Offer up to three upsells. You can set the upsell triggers at any point during the customers shopping experience. These pop-ups can appear on the product page, cart page and also checkout.
  • Integrating bold upsell with other apps like Cashier will allow you to offer upsells after a customer has already completed their transaction. The great thing about this is your customers would not have to go through the checkout process again.
  • Automatically hides products that are out of stock to avoid customers becoming disappointed and prevents orders from being canceled.
  • Bold Upsell is also mobile friendly. Your upsell offers will be optimized for mobile devices.

Combining Bold upsell with other apps such as Bold Discount app will allow you to offer upsells at discounted prices.

3. Ultimate Special Offers


The next app on the list is considered as one of the best Shopify upsell apps on the market. With this app, you will be able to create many different offers to attract more customers.

You will be abl to create upsells, bundles, bulk purchases at discounted prices and so much more.

The app will cost you $19 a month but it also comes with a 10-day free trial if you would like to test it on your store.

Why you should use Ultimate Special Offers

Set up discounts for purchasing more than one of the same product.

Offer bulk discounts for wholesalers. Create product bundles which customers can purchase at lower prices.

The ultimate special offers is a great app to use if you have a large inventory of products on your store.

4. Personalized by Limespot


Personalizer app allows you to customize the layouts of your upsell widget to suit your store’s theme.

Pricing for this app is also very interesting. You will only have to pay if your sales are 5x the amount of the monthly cost for the app. For example, the Basic plan is free to use until your revenue exceeds $50 a month. The most expensive plan will cost $115 a month.

Why you should use Personalizer

Here is a list of features:

  • Displays the most popular and trending products based on your store’s performance.
  • Real-time analytics for you to analyze and improve your conversion rates.
  • You can compare the revenue generated by the app against your total revenue.
  • Unique upsell and cross-sell features for increasing conversions.

This app is great for store owners who love to learn more by analyzing data about their business. With unique AI capabilities, you will have access to key insights that will help with making better offers and business decisions.

5. Pop Upsell


You may have seen this type of app used on different e-commerce websites. As the name suggests, the app will trigger a popup when a customer is about to exit your store.

Some people may find it annoying but it can also generate a health ROI if used correctly.

Why you should use Pop Upsell

Here are the benefits of using this app:

  • Create coupons for special promotions and limited offers.
  • Set up conditions for the upsell popup to appear on your store. For example, a popup can appear when a customer has a certain quantity in their cart.
  • Collect emails from your visitors who subscribed to your newsletters.
  • Offer free gifts at checkout.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • 24/7 live chat support in case you need help!

If you are a beginner who is still learning about marketing, this app is a great starter for you.

Since the app is free, you can use it to learn more about upselling before investing money for paid apps and monthly subscriptions.

6. Smart Search & Instant Search


Smart Search & Instant Search is an app used by big companies such as Durex, Phillips, National Geographic, Sennheiser and many more.

The app is free to use and comes with a 14-day free trial for you to test out the features which aren’t available in the free plan.

Why you should use Smart Search & Instant Search

Here is a list of features available when you install this app:

  • Real-time analytics for better business decisions based on facts and data.
  • User-friendly and optimized for mobile devices
  • Create upsells and cross-sells based on your product types and categories.
  • Personalized shopping experience by using the upsells and cross-sell feature to strategically make special offers.
  • Customize your upsell widget and decide where it will appear on your website.

The analytics tool of the app shows you what your customers are buying, clicking and searching for on your website. The app can also help spell out search terms for your customers who might have difficulty looking for a specific product.

7. Bold Brain


Bold brain uses its artificial intelligence to analyze your store’s data so that it can find the best offers for your customers.

The app intuitively creates the upsells for you with just one click.

Bold Brain comes with a free and paid plan. It also includes a 14-day free trial if you would like to test out the app’s capabilities.

The pricing for the app is based on the number of views when your offer is displayed on your store.

You also have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan to suit your budget.

$9.99/ a month – Up to 200 views

$19.99/ a month – Up to 1000 views

$39.99/ a month – Up to 2000 views

$59.99/ a month – Up to 5000 views

$89.99/ a month – Unlimited views

Why you should use Bold Brain

Here are some of  the benefits of using this app:

Dynamic recommendations widget: Increase your conversions with automated recommendations for related products with a click of a button, you can implement cross-ells, bundles or even subscription offers.

Audience Segmentation: Segment your customers for more targeted email campaigns. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when offers are tailored for their interests.

Advanced Insights: The app can show you data on frequently purchased products and also your customers purchasing behavior in real time. You can use this data to create better offers and discounts for your customers.

Bold Brain can also be integrated with Bold Upsell, Bold Subscription, Bold Bundles, and Yotpo.

8. In-Cart Upsell


In-cart upsells is a highly recommended upsell app for most Shopify store owners. In-Cart uses it’s A.I to offer your visitors upsells strategically.

When a customer is shopping, you don’t want to interrupt them by annoying pop-ups. You want your customer to pay you first by creating a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Why you should use In-cart Upsells

Here is a list of the benefits of using In-cart Upsells:

No pop-ups – This app is pop up free. You do not have to interrupt your customers with distractions.

Autosuggest – Automatically recommends the exact products your customer will likely to buy next.

Discounts – Automatically apply discounts when customers accept an offer.

Advanced Targeting – Create customized offers based on your visitor’s location and quantity of an item in their shopping cart.

A/b testing Capabilities – You can create multiple versions of your offer to see which one performs best. The app will automatically display the best performing offer.

Built-in analytics – Built-in analytics to see which ones are making you sales.

Support Built-in tutorials to help you set up the app in no time.

The app is free to use and also comes with a paid plan. The most expensive plan costs $39 a month.

9. Discounted Upsells – Upsell


Getting paying custmomers to your store can be challenging at first. Yet many Shopify store owners continue to leave money on the table without implementing any sales techniques to increase their profits.

Discounted Upsells allows you to create and setup different upsells or cross-sells in just a few clicks.

The app is free to use as long as your Shopify store is still using its trial.

Here is a quick breake down of the paid plans and their prices:

Basic – $19.99/monthly

Professional – $29.99/monthly

Advanced – $44.99/monthly

The app will help you choose the best product to offer to your customers. You can create offers such as:

This app is great for discount offers since it can create bundle offers for you.

All you need to do is install the app and use it straight away. No coding required.

10. Upsell X


This app comes with a free and paid plan. The only difference between the two is the total amount of upsell purchases you can make each month. The free plan will give you up to 10 upsell purchases per month while the Unlimited plan costs $29.99 per month.

Why you should use Upsell X

Here is a list of what Upsell X can do for your store:

  • Suggest product upgrades or related products based on the customer’s cart.
  • Present offers at the right time. You can set them to appear on your product page and cart page.
  • Offer up to 5 products in your upsell offer.
  • Discounts are applied automatically when a customer accepts your offer.
  • Track upsell performance with built in analytics.
  • 10 free upsells per month. Increase revenue without worrying about losing money.

You can also create a pre checkout offer to increase your average order value before your customer completes their checkout.

11. Also Bought Recommendations


Also Bought Recommendations is one of the best upsell apps on the Shopify app store. It allows your customers to add multiple related products to their cart in just a few clicks.

This is a similar feature used by e-commerce giant, Amazon. The app works by analyzing your store’s data to create the best offers for your customers.

However, it will cost you $6.99 a month but it also includes a generous 30-day free trial.

Why you should use Also Bought Recommendations

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Adjust the number of recommended products.
  • Position where you want the upsell widget to display on the product page.
  • Manually prick the products you want to upsell.
  • Option to redirect the customer to the checkout when they add products to their cart.

This app is great if you love to automate things on your store and is most effective when you’re making consistent sales on your Shopify store. The app will analyze your sales stats to figure out what is best for your customers.

12. Cross Sell Recommended Products

Cross-Sell-Recommend-Productsby-Cross Sell-app

Cross Sell is a paid app which costs $19.99 a month. It also includes a 10-day free trial for you to test out its features.

Cross Sell allows you to handpick the related products to encourage customers to add more items to their cart. This helps increase Average Order Value and profits.

Why you should use Cross Sell

Here are the benefits of using this app:

  • Display cross-sells on your product and cart pages.
  • Option to trigger pop-ups when a  customer adds a product to their cart.
  • Customize your app to suit your store’s theme.
  • Easy installation and set up in a few clicks.

This is a great app for store owners who are selling products that are related to each other. For example bracelets and rings or shoes and socks.

13. SMART Bundle Upsell


Next on the list is an app that allows you to bundle products together.

It costs $47 a month and includes a 6-day free trial if you want to take it for a spin.

Why you should use SMART Bundle Upsell

Here are some of the features included in the paid plan:

  • Create bundles with handpicked products.
  • Offer upsells and cross-sells based on the products in your customer’s cart.
  • Create automated discounts when a customer adds multiple products to their cart.

This app is great to use for store owners who are selling makeup and fashion products.

You can increase customer engagement and loyal customers by creating a fun shopping experience in your store.


Before paying for any apps, always check your traffic first.

Focus on driving more traffic, review your product prices and decide if you can offer competitive discounts or bundles.

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