Shopify Konversion Theme Review: Is This The Best Theme to Boost Your Sales?

What is the Shopify Konversion theme?

Konversion Theme Review

Homepage Features

The first feature you will notice on the Konversion theme is the promotional banner at the top of the template.

You can use this section to let your customers know about special offers, coupon codes or a quirky message to welcome new visitors.

You can display social media icons on either side of the page. There’s also an option to show the Facebook share and like button which can help build social proof and trust with new visitors.  

You can also have a currency switcher displayed in the same area which I found kind of strange. You will be able to adjust the currency switcher settings to edit the types of currencies to show and how they appear on your store (with or without the currency symbol).

Below the promotional banner, is the main menu navigation which contains links to your inner pages and a search bar.

You can choose up to three different menu styles and how they look on your home page.

The menu can be positioned left or center aligned. When viewed on a mobile device, the menu will be reduced to a hamburger menu style 

There is also an area for you to upload and display your own logo.

On the right side, you can have the shopping cart and link to the users’ account.

Under the navigation, you can display a full-width slideshow to draw your customer’s attention to specific promotions. The developers have made it easy to customize the banner height, content title and subtitle, button color and size, frequency, overlay opacity and many more.

Just below the slideshow is a content block which can be used to demonstrate your unique value proposition. This helps you stand out from your competitors and lets your customers know why you’re better the rest. You can use the built-in icons included with the theme or you can upload your own.

Scrolling below the fold, you can display featured products and collections. Featured products can also be displayed in a single row or grid layout.

The user can toggle through products by clicking on the navigation icons. When hovering over a product tile, the image will change which is great for encouraging interaction with your website.

You can also display customer testimonials on your homepage to build trust and social proof. Testimonials can be showcased as a block, a slider or a grid.

There’s also a newsletter form you can enable to collect your customers’ email addresses. Growing an email list is necessary for an e-commerce store to make more sales and profits in the backend.

Other features you can display on your home page for more conversions include an Instagram feed, Google Maps, and Loox reviews.

Having an Instagram feed on your homepage will build social proof and brand exposure. This is also an opportunity to gain new followers.

If you have a physical store with an address, let your customers know by displaying Google Maps. Some customers like to see and touch the item physically before they make a purchase.

Another great feature to increase trust and conversions on your store is by displaying customer reviews. Konversion theme has integrated the Loox Visual Reviews widget to make it easier for you to showcase reviews on your store.  

If you would like to make your homepage look more dynamic, the Koversion theme lets you embed a YouTube video by simply copying and pasting the video URL in your settings. You can modify how the video looks on the homepage by choosing the alignment, column width, video width and height.

You can use video content in your store to engage with your customers and let them know more about your brand’s story.

Most of the content on the homepage can be customized to suit your business needs and overall vision. I used one store as example to demonstrate the potential of the Konversion theme. You can see more examples of the Konversion theme used here.

Click here to check out the Konversion theme. <

Collection Page Features

What makes the Konversion theme different from standard Shopify themes is the ability to customize the collections page. You will be able to modify your page with breadcrumbs, left sidebar or dropdowns with tag filters and sorting options.

You can also choose where to place the ATC button, make your products look more attractive by showing a secondary product image, switch pagination for infinite scroll and configure the layout on desktop and mobile.

You can change the location of the title and description and how they will appear. This can be above, below, left or right on the collections page. There is also an option to add a custom menu in a left sidebar or inside a dropdown in the top-right. You can edit the menu links inside Shopify.

With each collection, you also have the ability to display a banner image and can be hidden on desktop or mobile. You can customize the banner by changing the collection title, subtitle, alignment, color, size and gradient effects.

It’s really impressive with the number of features and customizations this theme that you won’t be able to find with other Shopify themes.

Product Page Features

One important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing a Shopify theme is having a high-converting product page. There is no point in spending money on advertising and sending traffic to your product page that isn’t optimized for conversions. An important selling factor for any product page is having high-quality images.

With the image gallery, you can enable a zoom effect when a customer hovers or clicks on an image, display the thumbnail gallery vertically on the left or horizontally under the main image. The user can switch between images by clicking on the arrows.

You can place product options inside swatches or dropdowns, move the Add-to-Cart button above or below and hide the variant picker for products with only one option. You can also display the quantity selector, vendor, tags, collections, SKU, product type, social share icons, and a dynamic checkout button.

Additional features such as related products can be displayed to encourage your customers to purchase more than one item. You can manually select which products you want to be displayed. Adding secure payment badges, trust icons and a sticky add-to-cart button will help make it easier for customers to make a purchase on your store.

If you’re selling products with a lot of technical information, using tabs is an easy way to organize the information in the product page. Tabs can be used to display size charts, shipping info, guarantee policy and reviews. You can set the tabs can be hidden on mobile

The Konversion theme has made it super easy for you to display reviews. The theme is compatible with most review apps like Loox, Ryviu and Yotpo. Reviews can be displayed in the product tab or under the product description.

Most of the features you see on the product page can be customized for both desktop and mobile. This makes sure your store is responsive and works flawlessly on a range of devices.

Cart Page Features

The Cart page has many features you can modify to increase your conversions. You can display a checkout note, enable an animation when a customer adds a product to their cart, a continue shopping link, a banner image, logo, title and you can change the layout of the cart page.

You can also display related products right before the customer checks out. This helps generate more sales from upsells. You can also add trust badges to further increase trust add more content to your cart page using the custom content and HTML box.

Customers can estimate their shipping costs using the live shipping rates calculator.

Contact Page Features

The contact page is usually the second most visited page in your store. You will have the ability to customize the contact form, modify the submit button, add a contact number, form title, and a description.

You can also promote a featured product on the Contact page and enable Google Map if you have a physical address for your business.

Footer Features

In the footer area, you can display links to your inner pages, a block of text, contact information, CTA buttons, insert images like a logo or trust badge.

You can also enable a Facebook Like widget, embed a video from Youtube or display reviews from social media profiles.

You can include a sub-footer to show any copyright, trademarks, social and payment icons.

My recommendation is to keep the footer clean and easy to navigate. You don’t want to confuse your customers with different widgets and features that create more clutter.

Page Loading Times

A common problem with standard Shopify themes is once you start to install third-party apps, the page will take longer to load. Your website will need to collect data from different sources before it can display all your content.

Installing the Konversion theme will ensure Your website will load fast every time. Even though it has over 20 plugins and widgets included within the theme itself.

Custom Features

The Konversion theme comes with over 20 custom features including:

  • Page builder
  • Currency switcher
  • Countdown Timer
  • Deal of the day
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Announcement popup
  • Upsell popup
  • Integrated with Uploadery app

If you would like to build your own page from scratch using the Page Builder tool. You can adjust the layout with columns, set the page width, add a menu, images, contact form or page break.

You can display a currency switcher in the header to automatically change the default currency based on the visitor’s location. You can edit the list of currencies you would like to show on your website as well as show or hide the currency symbol.

The countdown timer can be displayed inside the add-to-cart button. Unlike other scarcity plugins which applies the feature throughout your store, Konversion’s countdown timer can be applied to specific products you choose. You can do that by simply tagging the products you want the timer to appear.

The deal of the day feature is a widget that appears on your home page and product page. It’s a unique feature which sets the Konversion theme apart from its rivals. You can use this feature to promote products that are on sale to increase your customer’s cart size.

Popups can be a useful tool for e-commerce stores when used correctly. Having too many popups is an easy way to annoy your customers. With the Konversion theme, you can display a newsletter popup, announcement popup, and an upsell popup. You can customize the popup size, color, text size and edit the button.

Theme Support & Updates

The Konversion theme is regularly updated to ensure your store is compatible with the constant changes in technology and software. You will have access to unlimited updates without any extra costs.

Since the launch of the first release, 1.0.0, the has been updated 27 times at the time of publishing this review. You can find more information about their new features and list of updates here.

The Konversion theme is easy to install and customize, but if you do need help with setting up your store, you can submit a support ticket or access their knowledge base for tutorials. There’s also a forum for you to ask the community questions and interact with other members.

What Other Users are Saying

Konversion Theme Pricing

So how much does this all cost?

There are two packages you can choose from. For a single store license which costs $197. It is a cost-effective way to get your Shopify store up and running.

If you have multiple Shopify stores, you can choose the 3 license package which will cost $394. You will save $65.66 per license by purchasing them in a bundle.

Each package comes with free updates, one year of support included (renewing support will cost you $97/y) and a 15-day money back guarantees

Final Thoughts

To wrap up this Konversion theme review, I will give this theme a rating of 4.3 out of 5-star.

It has many built-in features and widgets to help you build a successful Shopify store.

Similar to the e-com turbo theme, the Konversion is built to maximize your conversions and performs wicked fast. The theme looks amazing on desktop and works flawlessly across smaller devices and tablets.

With many customizable features and options, it is very easy to go overboard with designing your store. What you think may look great, can look terrible from a customers’ point of view.

I recommend doing a bit of research to find other successful Shopify stores for some design inspiration and as a guide to model when you’re building your store.

Look at their homepage, product pages, product descriptions, and overall branding.

Look at how are they using images, color, and typefaces that make their store feel welcoming and professional.

I have seen many dropshipping stores using bright colors for their Add-To-Cart buttons titles, using multiple popups in a short span of time and over using fake scarcity timers.

I hope this review has given you an overview of the Konversion theme. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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