17 Free Trust Badges To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

When shopping online, a high level of trust has to be built in order to successfully convert a shopper into a paying customer. More conversions = More profit!

With trust badges, a customer would be more confident to purchase from your business, having peace of mind knowing they are interacting with a legitimate business.

The idea is to keep it simple and not to overdo it with these trust badges.

I have seen multiple stores add too many to their product pages, resulting in clutter and makes their business look very unprofessional.

So how do you know which badges to use?

This post will outline what you need to know when choosing trust badges for your online store.


Types of Trust Badges

To increase more trust in your online store, you should aquire these trust badges from your hosting company and payment processors.

But not to worry, you can download them here.

Shipping/Payment Badges

These badges are logos showing the accepted shipping and payment methods on your store.

You can increase your store’s trust without spending any money! most of these icons are free to use.

I recommend displaying these in our header, footer, product and checkout page.


Money Back Guarantee Badges

These badges are visual seals which show the customer their money will be returned if they are not satisfied with their purchase. It is important that your business honour this guarantee!

According to Visual Website Optimizer, displaying these seals can increase your conversions by 32%.


Third-Party Endorsement Trust Badges

Third-party trust badges add extra credibility to, your online stores.

A good example of these badges is Google Trusted store or Better Business Bureau.


Security Badges

These seals are great to add an extra layer of trust, showing new customers that your store meets security requirements.

Baymard Institute conducted a survey to see which seals created the most trust with a customer when handling their credit card information online.

Results showed Norton Secured came out first followed by McAfee Secure.


Best Places for Your Trust Badges

Home Page

Your home page is very important when it comes to your potential customer’s first impressions.

You can display your trust badges as I have shown in the example.

You could use a combination of payment method icons, site security and 100% money guarantee. The key is to pick high-quality badges and keeping it simple.

Product Page

The product page is where you should display your trust and secure site badges to increase conversion rates.

It creates confidence within the customer to complete their transaction without the fear of using their credit card over the internet.

Check Out

The checkout page is the final step in your sales funnel.

Placing a high-quality

trust badge combining it with your business logo can help reduce abandon carts drastically.


If you have a Shopify store or any online business which has the potential to accept payments from visitors, adding trust badges to your store is one of the most cost effective and rewarding things you could right now.

This small set of images can definitely help you increase conversion rates and also help generate more revenue in the long run.

What kind of trust badges do you use? Let me know down in the comments below. Enjoy your free trust badges here: 

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