23 Best Trending Dropshipping Products To Sell This Summer On Shopify In 2019

When choosing which products to promote on my Shopify dropshipping store, I follow a criteria to help me find potential winners.

The type of product I usually look for needs to be a problem solver, has a passionate audience with unique product features.

In today’s post, I have put together a list of trending summer products which you can dropship on your own Shopify e-commerce store.

Being able to notice trends will give you an advantage over other dropshippers since you will be offering products that are proven to sell.

Don’t waste your time and money promoting products that no one is going to buy.

Trust me, I learned the hard way of promoting products I thought people would buy based on my own assumptions.

Keep in mind, seasons will vary depending on which country you’re targeting.

Trending Summer Products

1. Paw Cleaner paw-cleaner

Why are these so popular? In summer the weather is warmer and people like to walk their dogs outdoors.

Paw cleaners are great for active dogs who love to dig and useful for rainy days when there’s a lot of mud outside.

The dog niche has a passionate audience and the product solves a common problem. The paw cleaner is portable and safe to use on dogs.

Promote this product with Google AdWords, Google Shopping and Facebook ads to target interests related to dog owners.

You can create a video ad demonstrating the before and after results of using the paw cleaner.

For an upsell, you can offer the fur comb or trimmer.


2. Beach Tents

Beach tents trend every year in during summer. People love to be by the beach and water when it is too hot at home.

Beach tents are cheap to buy and replace which makes them a very popular item to have when the weather gets warmer. You can upsell a sand-free beach mat or a waterproof dry bag.

Use Google Shopping ads to target keywords related to beach tents.

Creating a roundup article and reaching out to influencers and asking them to share your article can help reach more customers.

3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The next product doesn’t just trend in summer but all year round. People love to head to the beach or hang by the pool listening to their favorite tunes.

This product can also work great as an upsell. For example, if a customer purchases a tent, you can offer them a Bluetooth speaker.

I’m not the biggest fan on dropshipping electronic products, but you can use Google Shopping Ads to drive traffic to your product page.

You can also use Facebook Ads and target outdoor interests.

4. Solar Charger

You can test this product on multiple interests. For example, you can target hiking, fishing, camping, travelling, different smartphone brands like Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi and many more.

This is a product that solves a problem and can be sold for high margins.

I absolutely hate it when I forget to charge my iPhone before heading out. The feeling of my iPhone shutting off when I need to use it can be very inconvenient.

These solar chargers also use the sun to recharge itself and have other beneficial features like a flashlight, lighter and compass. You can also offer USB charging cables as an upsell to make increase average order value.

Use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to promote this product but be careful of the country you’re targeting. I have noticed some suppliers do not ship battery chargers to certain countries.

5. Hiking Shoes

This product is always trending around summertime. Having a look at Google trends shows its an increasing interest every year.

It’s another potential winner which you can test on your store.

You can use Google AdWords and Google Shopping to promote this product. Just make sure you have high-quality product photos and video to showcase its benefits.

As an upsell, you can offer quick dry waterproof pants.

6. Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are more on the high ticket dropshipping side. You can see from Google trends it’s always trending upwards every summer.

People who are passionate about golf are willing to spend a lot of money on their gear. Drivers, putters and golf club sets can be sold on your store for big margins.

Use Google AdWords and Google Shopping to promote golf clubs. You can also offer a golf swing trainer as an upsell to help golfers improve their technique.

7. Grills Mats

It makes sense this is a trending product every summer. When you’re grilling food on the BBQ, you don’t want to ruin the food by having them stick to the grill.

Grill mats are low cost that you can sell this product on your store for a higher margin or as an upsell.

You can use Google AdWords (or Google Shopping) to promote this product.

If you can create a high-quality video ad demonstrating the grills mats being used, you can try using Facebook and Instagram to test some ads and see what results you can get.

As an upsell, you can offer an electric portable BBQ fan.

8. Portable Grill

Similar to the previous product, the portable grill will go hand in hand with the grill mats.

People love to be outdoors and enjoy each other’s company over a home-cooked meal.

Portable grills can be promoted to multiple interests in the outdoor’s niche. You can use Google and Facebook Ads to target specific keywords and interests.

Portable grills can also be bundled up with grilling or camping utensils to increase your average order value.

9. Dog Cooling Bandana

Dog owners love to take their dogs on outdoor adventures. Whether it be going to the local park or walking by the beach, they are exposed to the sun and heat.

Dog cooling bandanas can help prevent dogs from heat exhaustion. You can promote this product by connecting with the customer through emotions about their dog’s safety in summer.

You can promote this product by using Facebook ads and target interests like dog grooming, dog world, puppy, pug, rescue dog, and PetCo just to name a few.

Dog owners are passionate about their dog’s wellbeing. You can offer a dog cooling mat as an upsell which is useful for indoors.  

10. Kayak Cover

This is another high ticket product you can test on your store. It solves a pain point and has a passionate audience.

Even though it is a small niche, it has the potential for big profit margins.

It is proven to trend during the summertime when we take a look over at Google Trends.

You can use Google ads to target specific search keywords or create a video ad and promote it on Facebook and Instagram.

If you can find influencers, offer them your product for free in exchange for some content which you can both share on each other’s social media profiles.

This helps create credibility and trust with new customers.

For an upsell, you can offer a backrest to help protect their back.

11. Pool Floats

Pool floats are always popular every summer and can be seen posted all over Instagram every year.

Pool floats are great impulse purchasing products and can be used as an upsell with other pool related products.

They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. I’m pretty sure you have seen those giant unicorn floats popping time to time on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

You can reach out to Instagram influencers who can help you promote your pool floats to their audience in exchange for your products.

The influencer can take their own photos, share it on their own profiles and tagging your business in their post.

Creating a blog post and pinning it to various group related boards will also help generate traffic quickly to your store.

As an upsell, you can offer your customers a float drink holder.

12. Beach Towel

There are over 40 000 monthly searches on the term “beach towel” which makes this product a must-have accessory each summer.

Beach towels usually peak around June and July and you should use it as an upsell on your store.

There are a lot of different and unique designs you can find on Aliexpress which you can use to target different niches.

You can use a combination of Facebook and Instagram ads since you can take photogenic lifestyle photos to showcase the product.

To promote beach towels, you can reach out to other niche influencers and ask them to take a lifestyle photo of your product and promote it on their social media profile.

When you share each other’s posts, you can gain new followers and make a few sales.

Bundling towels together can get customers to purchase more from your store at a discounted price.

13. Fishing Lure

People love to head outdoors when the weather gets warmer and it’s the perfect time to go fishing. Fishing lures are always popular at the peak of June and July every summer.

Fishing is a profitable niche with passionate people spending hundreds of dollars on their own equipment.

You can use Google Shopping to promote your fishing lures by targeting key search terms or reach out to Instagram influencers in the fishing niche and offer them free products in exchange for brand exposure.

There are always new lures which you can find to test on your Shopify store. Fishing lures are cheap and can be used as an upsell and paired with other fishing related products.

14. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a no brainer when it comes to summer product must-haves. But marketing sunglasses can be a bit tricky since it is a very broad product so targeting can be a bit difficult with paid ads.

However, they can be promoted as an upsell on your store. For example, you can create a deal where the customer can purchase multiple pairs for a discounted price.

This also an opportunity for you to make some money from the shipping costs since they are paying for more shipping on multiple items.

A quick look at Google Trends shows sunglasses is consistently trending every year in summer.

15. Travel Bags

Travel bags are a product that consistently trends during summer time each year and it is also slowly rising in popularity.

You can promote this product by reaching out to fashion, food and travel influencers to feature your product on their blog or social media accounts.

In return, you can do the same and repost their lifestyle photos of your product for your audience.

You could also use paid ads Google Shopping and focus on SEO optimized content to drive more traffic to your business.

As an upsell, you can offer travel accessories like luggage tags and organizes.

16. Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love some ice cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day?

Ice cream makers rise in popularity every year in summer. They are also a great novelty gift for housewarming parties and summer parties.

To market this product, I suggest using Google AdWords (SEO and Google Shopping) and Pinterest. You can target specific keywords in your blog articles about making ice cream.

You can pin this article on Pinterest to quickly build up web traffic to your site

17. Sandals

When the weather is warm, you don’t want to wear closed shoes that make your feet all sweaty.

Sandals are also easy to put on and quick to take off which makes them a must-have item during summer.  

People are more likely to do activities around areas with water. You don’t have to worry about walking in wet socks or shoes.

To promote sandals in your store, you can try a combination of paid ads and free traffic. You can contact influencers to promote your sandals on their blog or social media profiles.

For paid ads, try Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Google shopping.

You could also make a post on your Instagram profile using appropriate hashtags to drive traffic back to your store.

Pinterest can also come in handy by adding images of your products to specific boards related to your niche for more exposure.

18. Laser Hair Removal

This product solves a common problem for most women. It can be sold for a high margin on your Shopify store.

A quick look at Google trends shows that this product will be around for a long time.

You can build a store centered around this hair removal product, reach out to influencers and make video ads demonstrating how your product helps with your solving your customer’s pain points.

I have seen a few ads pop up on my Facebook feed with a lot of engagement, indicating its a potential winner.

You can offer an eyebrow trimmer as an upsell.

19. Swimsuits

Swimsuits are always popular when the summertime comes around.

You don’t have to create a whole new swimsuit store. However, you can test these products as a small collection on a general store or an accessories store which you can build a brand around.

To market swimsuits on your store, reach out to influencers and offer them some free products and ask them to take lifestyle photos to demonstrate the product.

They can also post these images on their social media profiles and tag your store.

You can also use a combination of Facebook and Instagram paid ads to make more sales. Offer discounts on bundled purchases to make more sales.

20. Water Shoes

This is an interesting product you can test on your Shopify store. It helps solve a problem and you can target multiple interests with paid ads.

It’s a product that is always trending every year in summer.  

With your marketing, you can create video ads demonstrating the benefits of the product with outdoor water activities.

You can also reach out to social influencers in different outdoor niches and offer them to try out your product in return for some brand exposure.

When they tag you in their posts, it helps create more brand awareness for your business, hopefully leading to more sales and more fans.

21. Pest Repeller

When it’s the warmer season, insects are more prevalent outdoors, preventing you from going outside.

Pest repellers can be used to deter mosquitoes and rodents from ruining your garden.

You can offer an indoor pest repellent as an upsell so that a customer remains protected from pests and bugs when they’re outside and also inside.

To promote this product, use Google Shopping Ads or Facebook Ads to target interests like home improvement, pest control, and insect sprays.

22. Baby Beach Tent

Heading to the beach is a great time to bond with the family, especially for the little ones to get some fresh outdoor breeze. However, too much sun exposure can cause long term damage to a baby.

This tent has a built-in pool which is a unique feature of this tent and it solves a problem from dealing with the sun.

You can offer a sand free beach mat as an upsell. Everyone loves the beach but hates it when the sand lingers around.

There are multiple ways you can promote this product. You can use Facebook ads to target interests like baby food, sunscreen, parents with toddlers, diapers and many more.

Creating a video ad can also have the potential of it going viral. With more people engaging and resharing the video, it helps build credibility and social proof so that you make more sales quickly.

23. Long plasma lighter

This product prevents you from burning your hand and won’t be affected by the wind when you’re trying to light a fire outdoors.

Compared to shorter lighters, the length of the plasma lighter provides you with enough distance to keep you safe from high temperatures.

You can offer fire resistant gloves as an upsell.

Use Facebook ads and target interests related to barbecue grill, smoking (cooking), grilling, fireplace, and camping.


So there you have it, a list of trending summer products which you can promote on your own Shopify store.

Use this post as inspiration for more summer product ideas.

Always remember to upsell and bundle products together for more sales and profits.

Customers are always looking for a bargain and ways to save them more money.

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