5 Reasons for Failing at Dropshipping in 2020

Dropshipping and other online businesses got a bad rap, not because these are fake ways to make money, but mainly because of the people who failed and those who market it as an easy way to make an income.

Today you will learn the top five reasons for failing at dropshipping.

What I will focus on are not technical errors, as these can easily get fixed with the right guidance.

The five reasons that I want to emphasize are behavioral—things that lean towards a person’s attitude.

These reasons are:

  • You have false expectations
  • You do not think about your customers
  • You want a get-rich-quick way to make money
  • You do not know what you are doing
  • You have no patience and persistence

After all, business failures are mainly due to the ineptitude and impatience of the entrepreneurs.

Any business failure is the fault of the leader, not anyone else.

Unless you come to terms with this, you will never learn from your mistakes and grow.

So, let us get started at why people fail at dropshipping.

You have false expectations

Whenever we hear about making money online, for some reason, something at the back of our heads tells us that it is easy and that earning millions of dollars is going to occur naturally.

Today, we get bombarded with success stories—real-life entrepreneurs who made hundreds of thousands of dollars in as short as three months.

And because the business is online, people would naturally think that it is easy.

If a lot of people can make millions in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, vlogging and blogging, then so can you, right?


The harsh reality is that making millions of dollars is the exception, not the rule.

If you believe the other way around, just think of singers. A lot of people can sing, but not everyone is a superstar.

Dropshipping works in the same way.

One day, you can leave your job and earn money from dropshipping—enough to replace your day job.

But if you are expecting to make hundreds of thousands in a few months, you are living in a bubble that is going to burst.

You will quit before you even make a sale.

You do not think about your customers

The one thing that attracts people to online businesses like dropshipping is money. No surprise there.

But if your sole motivation is money, you will fail.

The only reason in this world why someone would hand over his money to you is this: you are solving a problem.

The more complex problems you solve, the more money you can charge.

The issue with dropshippers is that they just choose a niche, import products from AliExpress to their Shopify store, and then expect to make money.

The fundamental mistake here is that the dropshipper never even thought of what problems his potential customers are going to have.

If you do not know what problems your customers have, you do not know what solutions to offer.

Dropshippers fail because they do not add value.

Nobody buys their products because they have no credibility.

As a dropshipper, you are not Amazon. People do not come to you for your name’s sake.

As such, you need to dig deeper into your customer’s psychology.

Your product descriptions and the products you are selling must solve a customer’s pain points.

If you only copy-paste product photos from AliExpress, along with the product dimensions and features, you will not succeed.

You want a get-rich-quick way to make money

Why is this a reason for failure?

There are people in the dropshipping business who expect to make a sale in a week. Did not happen.

A month? Did not happen.

And as time goes by that these dropshippers do not earn, they eventually quit.

It is the mindset that dropshipping is a get-rich-quick scheme that makes these entrepreneurs quit.

They spend two months’ worth of Shopify subscription, and they call it quits.

Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you need months and even years to establish your online presence and credibility.

If you expect to make a big amount of money, you are in the wrong business.

Again, those who make millions in less than a year, or even a couple of years, are the exception, not the rule.

There are some people who failed at dropshipping claiming that those who earned millions are nothing more than fake marketing stories.

This is wrong. People who earned millions are those who failed and tried again.

But this time, they have learned their lessons.

To them, failure is just losing in a battle, but it is not the end of the war, which takes us to the next point.

You do not know what you are doing

So, you watched a few videos on YouTube, you saw how simple the business model is, and then you saw how easy it is to build a Shopify store.

Then what? You build a store, and you do not make a sale.

And then you give up, calling dropshipping a fool’s errand.

What you did not realize is that people who have successful dropshipping stores know what they are doing.

Dropshipping goes way beyond choosing a niche, finding suppliers, and building store.

You need to know consumer psychology, understand the drop shipping process, marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram, Pinterest, shipping timelines, customer service, and more importantly, managing a business.

Too many times, people choose a niche they do not understand.

Just because babies like toys doesn’t mean parents will come flocking to your store.

If you do not know how to make ads, or if you do not understand the trigger points of your customers to make them buy, you will not succeed.

Watching a few videos here and there never guarantee success.

Taking courses worth $10 will not even take you anywhere near success.

If you want to succeed, in dropshipping, you need to invest in your knowledge.

You have to take—a complete one—that will help you understand how it really works from the front end and the back end.

You have no patience and persistence

Dropshipping is just like any other business. It can be infuriating that you do not make a sale despite spending on ads.

You need to be patient, most especially with yourself. You need to learn how marketing works, do A/B testing, communicate with your customers, work with your suppliers, and many more.

Learning from your mistakes, being patient and waiting for your business to grow, and staying persistent in your action plans are the keys to succeeding.

Money does not grow on trees and success surely cannot happen overnight.

While we are inundated by success stories in the media, what they do not discuss is the many years of hard work, failure, and pain that these successful entrepreneurs had to go through before getting rich.

Be like a duck. It seems so at ease floating, but its feet are paddling like crazy underwater.

Stay cool on the outside and maintain a smiling face, but grind your way to success.


Failure is a part of life. True—it is painful. But most of the time, it is us who cause our own failure.

It makes no sense blaming others if we never succeeded in our business.

The right thing to do is to acknowledge our shortcomings, work on them, and continue fighting for our financial freedom.

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