5 Ways on How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is a business process where an affiliate promotes products to earn a commission, like products in ClickBank.

This business model is mostly known for its ability to generate passive income.

As such, there are literally thousands of affiliate marketers out there. 

However, a passive income does not necessarily mean the task is easy.

Also, it does not mean that profits are generated immediately.

Promoting a product of another company might seem easier than building your own business. But still, it requires a huge amount of effort and patience.

You have to do thorough research on how you can advertise the product, market your affiliate link, and reach a wider audience. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the different ways on how to promote your affiliate links

These methods include:

  • Launch a YouTube channel 
  • Create a blog
  • Launch paid ads
  • Social media forums
  • Email your target customers 

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to choose which approach to take to get more traffic and more sales. 

Launch a Youtube Channel

The first way on how to promote your affiliate links is by launching your own YouTube Channel.

Note that this is not only a platform designed for watching videos; this can also serve as a search engine.

One of the good things about this is that you can sign up for an account without paying for anything.

You can upload videos about your product, whether it is a:

  • Commentary
  • Product Review
  • Unboxing; or
  • Tutorial

You can also make your own skits or films featuring the products you are offering.

You can make product comparisons, too. The truth is that your only limit is your imagination. 

To make the most out of YouTube, you have to continuously establish your follower count.

This ensures that the algorithm recognizes you as an authority.

Your followers will also know if you have uploaded a new video. 

To do this, you can promote your channel to different social media platforms, or market it personally to your family and friends.

For YouTube videos, you should put your affiliate links in the description box so the viewers can access it.

Some don’t read descriptions so you should consider making a note of that in the video itself.

Furthermore, you can also earn additional profit in this platform by monetizing your videos.

To apply for this, you must have:

  • At least 1,000 subscribers
  • At least 4,000 hours watching time within the last 12 months 

The downside of making videos is that it may take too much of your time, from filming to editing and publishing your videos online.

Also, it may also cost you a little money of you opt to use paid video editing applications.

This is not necessary, though, for there are a lot of free applications that you can use when you’re just starting out.


Create a Blog

Building a blog site is probably the most common marketing method used by affiliates to promote their products and/or services. 

Your blog site will serve as a place where you can publish your written articles online.

This is a good way to establish a wider reach among your target consumers, plus you are also building an asset over time. 

Your blog content may contain the same details as YouTube videos.

You can incorporate your affiliate link as you write.

Still, attracting readers may be a little tricky in this method, considering that you only have words as a weapon.

This is why making your site appealing, and all your articles are written with a good sense of search engine optimization or SEO.

One advantage of an affiliate is that your partner companies have marketing materials that you can use.

These are the banners, promotional images, social media contents, and many more. Use these materials on your blog posts. 

There are millions of bloggers out there with the same product you are advertising.

Taking this into account, you may encounter hindrances like:

Little to no traffic – if you’re just starting out, it may take a little time before you can generate traffic. The best thing you can do is to improve your blog’s SEO. You can also promote your site in your social media accounts.

Low credibility –credibility and trust rating are important things to build. They will make an impact on whether your readers can take your word for something. To establish this, you can start by making yourself recognized by answering questions in platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Tumblr.

Even so, you have to consider that starting a blog site, with the purpose of commercial use, is not free.

At the very least, you have to pay for hosting costs and purchasing your own domain which can total to a little under $50 yearly.

Launch Paid Ads

The third method will involve a comparative amount of money to be invested, but it can provide the quickest return of your investment.

You can launch advertisements by paying for ad spaces in blog sites and platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

This is not limited to the ones I mentioned. There are countless channels that accept paid advertisements.

However, you will still need to research which will work best for you in accordance with what your product type is. 

You also have to have knowledge about squeeze pages.

This is a type of landing page wherein you can get the email address of a potential customer who clicked your advertisement. 

Redirecting the market towards your affiliate link may result in warnings.

Your ad account may even be banned. Most affiliate programs and brands also do not like that type of marketing strategy.

Instead, you have to drive them towards them your page, get their email, and then re-direct them to the brand’s sales page. 

Your affiliate link can be sent through the emails that you got from the squeeze page, too. 

In addition, you can conduct a split test over two advertisement styles to figure out which will be more efficient in attracting the target market. This strategy is called A/B testing. 

In this tactic, you are to compare two advertisements for the same product with different features like headlines and images.

This might be costly, but it will help you figure out which style will be worth your money.

Although paying for advertising is considered the most effective in terms of sales conversion, you also have to note that this also involves the highest risk.

You have to put in a considerable financial amount before earning your commission.

Social Media Forums

You can build a better foundation of credibility and authority by using social media forums. And at the same time, you can also promote your partner brand.

Social media forums are channels wherein a community of users ask and answer questions.

They do this for everything under the sun. What you first need to do is to find questions that fit your product niche. After that, you can go on to answering the queries.

In the beginning, your answer must be formulated in a way that aims to help others.

Your answers should be helpful. People do not like marketers in these platforms. 

You must deliver value and information. At the closing part of your reply, you can insert your affiliate link of the product as a suggestion or recommendation to help the user with his or her issues.

You must also be wary and do this in moderation.

If you market your product too much without giving too much sense in solving a user’s worries, you can be reported, which can result in your answers being taken down.

The most used and known social media forums are:

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Digg

There are a lot of internet forums. Some are even classified according to their category.

The upside of using these kinds of platforms is that almost, if not all of them, won’t require you to pay for a monthly subscription or any service fee.

You have to take the time to compose your answers.

A rushed answer is never going to add value to your reader.

Understand what the person really wants to know and then give a concise and helpful answer. 

Email Your Target Consumers

The last technique that we are going to discuss is about email marketing.

Email marketing involves sending promotional messages to people.

The main challenge in this method on how to promote your affiliate links is where to find these emails. 

This is quite similar to paid advertisements; the only difference is that your advertisements are sent via emails. 

This involves a quite more complex process compared to the previous ones here, you have to be able to convince a site visitor to give you his email address. 

Or, you can use solo ads. Here, you will pay somebody who has an email list.

You send your message to this seller, and he will send it to his email list.

The typical cost is about $0.50 per email. 

This is probably the most expensive out of the five—and like any advertising, there is really no guarantee whether the email recipients will click on your affiliate link or not. 

If you don’t want to use solo ads, the only alternative is to build your own email list.

To do this, you need a lead magnet. You need to offer free digital products in exchange for their email. 

These products may be ebooks, audiobooks, training courses, challenge kits, and many more.

Just make sure that the products you offer are valuable—people will only swap their email address or something that is worth their time. 

When they give their email address to you, you can then proceed to send promotional resources that have your affiliate links. 

Another method that you can use is making negotiations with people that have large traffic on their website.

You can pay them to market your product and affiliate link to their list.


In conclusion, you have to get rid of the misconception that affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money.

It required a lot of hard work. While it is easy to build a site, marketing the products is difficult.

It can take months before you can even get a commission. 

It is also recommended that you try two methods when you are just starting out, not all of them.

You have to reach a certain level of expertise before moving on.

Make sure that you become a master of the selected methods—earn traffic and sales through them before you start marketing through other means. 

Lastly, do not give up. Affiliate marketing is good business.

However, you need to put your skin in the game. If you do not put in your effort, time, or money, you cannot expect to grow your business organically.

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