7 Best FREE Shopify Themes for e-Commerce in 2020

What’s great about Shopify is that you only need to sign-up, choose a theme, and then upload your products.

Load your document pages and your logos.

Once you do all that, you are ready to launch your store. 

This is made possible because of themes. 

Whether you are just starting your online store journey or you are an old-timer, you must choose an appropriate theme for your online store—some are free, and some come at a cost.

You have to make sure that you only spend money where it is absolutely necessary.

And this is where free Shopify themes come in. Today, we will have a run-down of the seven free Shopify themes you can use to launch an online store. 

These are:

  1. Narrative
  2. Supply
  3. Simple
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Fleur de Lis
  6. Boundless
  7. Fashe

Let us get started!


Positive rating: 69%

Best suit: Single product store/ small-range inventories

Narrative Theme is a photo-centric yet clean-looking theme. It allows you to tell the story of your brand through product images. 


It has a wide-screen layout so you can use this as a marketing advantage by uploading attractive and high-resolution images.

You can also feature the qualities of your products to convince your customers to make a purchase.

Narrative offers four theme styles. Here are their unique elements:

  • Earthy – this style projects a modern look. With its wide header feature, you can display models of your business and emphasize your brand’s tagline. On the center, an icon of “Shop now” appears. Once your customers click this, it will lead them to the product page. 
  • Warm – this one makes navigation easy because of multiple menus on the slider. When a customer clicks on the menu, a modifiable icon will appear under it. 
  • Light – there are no top menus on this theme, but you can add a video on the slider, which will automatically play. On the center, you can add a button that will lead to a product page.  
  • Cold – identical to Light style, but what makes it different is the featured collections and the text size that is visible on the entire width of the screen.

This theme is top-notch if ease of navigation is what you want.

If you are just a new online seller with a few products, then you will find this ideal to use.


Positive rating: 62%

Best suit: Mid-high range inventories

Supply theme provides a straightforward look and a minimalist vibe suitable for your modern products.

It has a smooth interface that works well with these main features:

  • Prominent navigation
  • Multiple page collections
  • Sorting & filtering
  • Product reviews

Since the theme is appropriate for more than 50 products and five collections, the features above will make your page responsive and easy to explore.

The number of products you can load gives your store more opportunities to get shared. 


Moreover, Supply Theme offers two theme styles:

  • Blue – color scheme focuses on blue and white, which is compatible with many brand colors or images; it has a small image size for the featured product and slide show. Blue style is most useful for digital stores and furniture.
  • Light – this style allows you to add more than two photos on the featured product section, unlike with Blue. The image size for the slideshow is wider, and when your customers click this, it will lead them to a look-book that has a distinct tone of brown and white. Light style is best for apparels, accessories, and art crafts.

These two theme styles are mostly similar, but it still gives your store a distinct look that can accentuate your items for sale!  


Positive rating: 83%

Best suit: medium to large inventories

Simple theme is an organized layout that has no distracting elements.

This theme lets your online customers focus on the products, not the store design. As they say, simplicity is a beauty.


It also optimizes search engines for traffic, plus the theme is built for fast page loads. 

  • Image animations
  • Product recommendations
  • Product image zoom
  • Modifiable sections

If you do not want to customize, then just opt to use any of the three styles:

  • Light – this style does not have a header, as the focus is on the display of featured collections. It has the prominence of white, making the style versatile to any type of products. 
  • Beauty – its palette is a powerful red with a featured banner for images or video slideshow. This style is best for beauty products, fashion, and beauty essentials. 
  • Toy – most similar to Beauty, but its palette is yellow, white and green. It has a more prominent slideshow and best used for selling collectibles, toys, art and furniture. 

These are few of the theme’s many useful features, and you can capitalize on these by using compelling product contents and best-seller recommendations.

You can modify the sections by removing, adding or re-arranging them until it suits your preference.


Positive rating: 73%

Best suit: medium to large catalogues

Brooklyn is a vibrant theme, yet it offers a bold appearance. It is great for modern apparel shops and essential goods. This theme boosts your SEO and provides mobile-friendly design.

Most users note that by using this theme, they were able to increase their sales and get organic traffic.


Here is a snapshot of the features: 

  • Home page slideshow
  • Dynamic product grid
  • Customizable product pages

Aside from these features that can help you manage your store, you can choose from two styles:

  • Classic – this theme is perfect for displaying beauty products, fashion icons and models; it uses white background, so any image will look appropriate and emphasized. It has a top menu and a tag line on the top-center of the slideshow header. Additionally, you can add your logo on the top left. What makes it different is you can add a cart on the bottom-center part of the page.
  • Playful – this is effective for selling baked goods, skincare products, and plants. You can add your logo on the top left and display tag lines on the top-center. Unlike classic, you can add an appealing blog article on the end part of your page.

Fleur De Lis 

Positive rating: 90% 

Best suit: medium to large catalogues 

Fleur De Lis is a chic theme with pastel color scheme and a clean code.

This theme has highly modifiable elements, but if you do not want to customize then just use its built-in design and integrate it with your Shopify store.


Fleur De Lis does not offer multiple style options so you can just opt to use its’ standard look.

You can modify the typography and colour schemes to suit the type of store you have. 

This theme is best suited for the following stores:  

  • flowering & plants
  • gifts & collectibles
  • souvenirs
  • arts & crafts
  • beauty & fashion

With Fleur De Lis, it is not all about aesthetics because it is also highly optimized with these highlighted features: 

  • Six pre-built pages
  • Numerous currency display
  • Social media options
  • Admin panel

By using these features, you save yourself the pains of coding.

Its looks are visually appealing, so expect your online visitors to stay awhile and browse; consequently, you must upload attractive product images to convince them to purchase.


Positive rating: 54%

Best suit: medium to large inventories

Boundless is a minimal theme with a simple background. By using this theme, you can highlight your product contents.

Boundless also focuses on the product imagery and descriptions, so add compelling ones to drive impulse purchases.


Here are several of the theme’s features:

  • Optimized large images
  • Single product gallery
  • Slideshow with fading effect
  • Full-width collection images
  • Sticky navigation
  • Home page video

With these, you will be able to display your products their qualities.

You can also add a video, and use this as an opportunity to post your infomercials or commercials at your home page.

You can enjoy all these extra features—all of which are useful once you have set it up with your store.

There are two theme styles for Boundless:

  • Black & White – this style has a sophisticated look that amplifies the color of any product image. With this, you can make best-selling items pop out. 
  • Vibrant – vibrant involves a scheme of orange, which gives the advantage to convert a web visitor to a buyer because orange, in market psychology, can help initiate an impulse buy. 


Positive rating: 70% 

Best suit: medium to large inventories

Fashe is one of those free premium Shopify themes that looks expensive. It provides a slick look and interface that is lightweight despite its high range inventories.

However, its limitation includes not having numerous styles.


By using this theme, you can maximize features like:

  • Built-in Instagram feed
  • Top-quality page speed
  • Newsletter subscription
  • A countdown timer for sales
  • Seven pre-made pages
  • Built-in social options
  • Currency display

Some of these features are only available on premium themes, but with Fashe, you can them all for free.

The layout is very detailed, and this is best for apparel, arts and crafts, skin care products, and even accessories.

This is not to say that this theme is limited to these niches.

You can customize it and make it work for many other store types. 

Fashe’s store navigation is intuitive, and it has useful options for your customers.

The layout offers a great marketing advantage, as the overall look and feel of your store is in itself a come-on to make a purchase.

If you are looking for a theme that is free of charge but has premium functionalities, then you need to give Fashe visit or a try. 


When it comes to best Shopify themes, the convenience of transactions should be your top priority.

How customers navigate can affect how they behave on your store, much more so whether they will buy or not. 

Of course, you want them to positively respond and buy.

Given this, you must consider a theme that can help you drive your conversion rate in the right direction. 

Get your free Shopify themes download, try them out, and decide which one works best for you. 

A high-converting theme should not come at a cost.

There are many free themes out there that are just as powerful as the paid ones.

These free themes offer full optimization, minimalist looks, and high performance—best even for mobile devices. 

Whether you are on a budget, or you are trying to kickstart your business frugally, you want all of what I said without having to spend a dime.

If so, then consider these seven best free Shopify themes. 

With this, I hope I helped you save money. Instead of paying $180 for a theme, that money can go a long way in advertising your products.

Use it on FB, Instagram, or Google Ads. Or better yet, use the money you saved for apps that can help you market or manage your business.

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