Shopify Debut Theme Review: Is This the Best Free Theme for Drop Shipping Beginners?

Drop shipping has risen in popularity as a method of making money online.

But first, you will need to setup a website as the foundation for your business.

This is where the Shopify ecommerce platform comes into play.

Shopify has made it easy for beginners to set up their online store quickly.

All you have to do is sign up, pick a theme, upload the theme and you’re done.

However, with so many themes currently available, which one do you choose?

In today’s post, we will review the Debut theme and take a look at its features and benefit to see if this is the right theme for you.

This theme comes in two simple and elegant styles making your website look professional without the extra costs of hiring a developer.

What is the Shopify Debut Theme?


Debut is a free Shopify theme suitable for most store owners regardless of your inventory size.

You can setup your store quickly and start selling your products in no time. The Debut theme will make your website look professional without the high costs of hiring a developer to create from scratch.

Just a reminder, if you do decide to change your theme in the future, you will have to build and re-upload all your products, images, titles and descriptions again.

Your new theme will not be automatically updated with your current products.

The Debut theme comes in two styles, Default and Light.

Both theme styles utilise a widescreen slideshow where you can upload multiple images to showcase your products and brand personality.

You can also adjust the height of the slideshow, how often the slides change, add text and buttons, and choose where you want to direct your customers when they interact with the banners.

Default Theme Style

Default Style

The Default theme style is much more masculine compared to the Light style.

The theme style color palette is very simple, putting more emphasis on the images. It also uses a combination of font styles which makes reading information on your store effortless.

The Default theme does not include a banner above the header. This banner can come in handy when you have sales, promotional events or coupons you want customers to see when they visit your store.

The header is made up of a three column layout. On the left side, you can add your brand logo, in the middle is where your customers can navigate your store.

On the right hand side is the Search function and Cart where customers can view the products they want to purchase.

Under the slideshow, you can display product images or content to create engagement with your brand.


A nice feature I like is the ability to zoom in on the featured product images, similar to a product page.

You can also display customer reviews to create social proof and increase trust with your customers.


Below that, you can display featured collections to highlight your store’s products.

Light Theme Style

Light Style

The Light theme style uses an elegant color scheme and simple font styles.

The first difference you will notice is the promotional banner in the header of the theme. You can use this banner to let your customers know about special offers, such as Free Shipping or discounts codes.


Below the slideshow, you can display specific collections to highlight new products or products on sale.


The Light style also includes a secondary slideshow you can use to showcase your products potential.

For example, if you have a home decor store, displaying lifestyle photos of your products helps create the perceived value of high quality product. It also builds authority for your brand and store.

Further down, you can also embed a video from your YouTube or Vimeo account. Video content is an easy way to engage and connect with your customers.


Below the video, you can display product collections so your customers have a clear understanding of the products your store sells.

Debut Theme Features


Besides the layout, let take a look at the features which turns this free theme into a professional one.

Product Filtering: Your customers can filter products by price, type and best sellers when the are browsing for products in your collections. This helps your customers find the right item quickly leading to more purchases.

Multi Level Menu: You can create easy navigation on your store by using drop-down menus.

Drop down menus are used to organised your products which makes it easier for your customers to find the right category. Drop-down menus are great for store’s with large inventories.

For example, a customer can click on Catalog and then select from the Organise or Protect category.


Customer Testimonials: Customer testimonials can be displayed on specific pages on your store.

You will have to type up these testimonials manually in the settings. I noticed this feature is not available in most free themes.

Customer feedback can be collected from your social media profiles and is a great way of creating social proof and trust for new customers.


Promotional Banner:  The promotional banner is used to grab the customers attention to let them know about special promotions, events and discounts. Promotional banners when used correctly can increase your sales.

You can adjust the colour and text of the banner to match your branding.


What are the benefits of using the Debut theme

Here’s a list of benefits from using this theme:

Image Zoom: As mentioned earlier, you can feature a product on the home page. Customers can zoom in on the image when they hover their mouse cursor on top.


This feature is great for store owners who are selling products with small details like hand made jewellery.

Responsive Design: The contents on your website will adapt to the size of the screen it is currently being viewed on.

This is important because you want to provide your customers with the best user experience regardless of the device they are using.


Social Media Icons: Link your social media profiles to your store. Visitors who click on these social icons will be directed to your social media accounts.

Social media platforms are a great way for customers to share your content and attract new visitors to your business.

You can connect Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter profiles by adding your links to the theme settings. The theme will then automatically update these links when your website goes live.


Blog: On the homepage, you can display your featured blog posts and stories. Having a blog on your website allows you to share content with your audience.

Your blog posts can also be a tutorial or helpful information to provide them guidance when they are shopping on your. It also creates authority and trust for your brand.

Blog posts can also be found by search engines and is a good source of free traffic to your business.


Map: If you have a physical location for your business you can display a map on your home page. This feature is great for brick-and-mortar businesses so customers to easily find your store.


What are users saying about this theme


Taking a look at the feedback from previous users, it seems as though the theme has issues when it’s viewed on mobile devices.

Images on the website will not automatically adjust itself to fit the screen. This means your customers will only see a small area of the photo. Your customers will have to do a bit of scrolling to see the rest of the photo.

This is a big problem, especially if the majority of your traffic comes from mobile.


Overall, I would rate this Shopify theme 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Debut does have many great features and does make your website look professional.

Whats more impressive is the cost of the theme. Debut is completely free to use and is made by Shopify themselves.

However, the one key issue which makes this theme fall short is the “Mobile-friendly design”.

Many users have reported the theme not performing as well on mobile devices. Sure it looks great on desktop, however can be problematic on certain mobile devices.

Images appearing cropped and elements on the page overlapping each other. This leaves your website looking cluttered and unprofessional.

With more customers using their smartphones for online shopping, you would want to steer away from the Debut theme until Shopify fixes these issues.

Hope this review has helped you with deciding if you should use this theme or not.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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