Avada WordPress Theme Review 2020: Is This Theme Worth Your Money?

When you first try to set up a WordPress website, you might find it a bit intimidating.

Designers, developers, and programmers all have to work together, which can make the job challenging at times.

However, using a WordPress theme such as Avada can make setting it up more straightforward and less time consuming, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are giving your website less attention than it deserves.

Avada allows you to fully customize the look of your website to match the identity of your business and to make it appealing for the audience.

Today, we will find out everything there is to know about this WordPress theme and all of the different options that come with it.

We will learn about the benefits of using it, and it compares to some other themes out there.

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What is the Avada theme?

Avada is the best-selling theme on the biggest WordPress theme marketplace – ThemeForest.

Since its launch back in 2012, Avada has generated more than 500,000 sales, making it one of the most popular themes on the market, ever.

The demos do an excellent job of selling the theme and the whole idea of becoming able to create a similar website without having to hire developers or learn any coding skills.

Keep in mind that using a product can often be very different from the promises in promotional materials.

However, having a flexible theme that can easily be modified to create any website without any coding knowledge makes the Avada theme a perfect fit for you.

Why Do Customers Love the Avada WordPress Template?

There are many reasons why someone can fall in love with this theme, but here we will discuss some of them.

  • Unlimited designs - Users usually demand multiple designs to give their website a unique look every time. With this need in mind, the possibilities are endless, and so are the design options. Avada has a simplified option panel that allows users to create any kind of design without having to buy or create multiple themes.
  • Responsive Theme - You can have access via a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop, one of the most vital elements of a web project.Avada allows for mobile responsive website developments and lets you play with the dimensions of the boxes and containers without having to ruin the initial layout.
  • Fusion Builder - Once the plugin was released, it started to outperform most other plugins. The interface includes elements such as the Fusion builder library, which has pre-built, free to use content by the users, as well as history, nested columns, and other changes that are simple and easy to use. The Fusion Builder API made using it a lot more developer-friendly and straightforward, allowing the developers to create their extensions.
  • Time-saving features - These features include pages designed around specific niches that allow the users to import them into the site, making the whole web-designing process easy. The pre-built templates can be used in their original form, or you can customize them as you prefer.
  • Fusion Core - By using this plugin, you are free to design your website by using all of the features available within the Avada template. The plugin includes a shortcode generator and Mega Menu, elements that can be inserted into the Fusion Builder layouts. With the Fusion Shortcodes, the users can select an element of their choice and add them to the content.
  • Easy customizations - Thanks to the Avada theme control panel, you can change the layout, customize the menu, select a header layout, and choose a color scheme. Users can also use the customizer interface and configure some of the changes. The idea is to empower the non-coders to create a website through a series of customization tools.
  • bbPress - With this template, the users can get a design integration and support for bbPress to help you build the forum. This plugin is free and comes loaded with multiple features.
  • Supports WooCommerce - WooCommerce websites gained popularity over the years and with the evolving demand, ThemeFusion started offering full support for the platform. The compatibility of Avada with WooCommerce offers a tool to incorporate landing pages, blogs, or any other content that users want to add. The support of the WooCommerce platform starts with the customizations and keeps on going with product pages, shop pages.

Is the Avada theme good for SEO?

Avada is quite a modern and often updated theme. It was carefully created by following the required SEO rules to provide users a multipurpose theme that is SEO friendly.

Avada allows integration of some of the best SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, which helps you check how SEO friendly your pages and posts are.

Another feature called Total Cache makes your website highly efficient by delivering results and improving the overall performance.

What's also great is that you don't have to load a Demo Template to use Avada.

You can start with a blank canvas and build up your page as you desire.

Experienced developers know that unused elements should be turned off to reduce the page size and increase loading speed, which is why Avada is made to be 100% responsive and built with a great SEO perspective.

If you combine Avada with Yoast CEO, you can get yourself an absolute powerhouse.

Even if you don't know much about the latest SEO practices or creating a website, the template can do the entire job for you.

It was created to allow search engines to index the website content without having to put any negative ranking issues.

The on-page SEO is a huge factor when it comes to ranking a website, so it's hardly possible for a theme to break the on-site SEO to such an extent that it makes a ranking difference.

Is Avada Theme Slow?

Even though Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme with multiple features, it got pretty optimized over the years.

If your WordPress website runs on good hosting, this theme will not prevent your website from having a decent loading time.

Nowadays, it's tough to find a website that cannot load at a decent time, unless you are using the old 56 kb/s Dial-up connection.

Some countries have a poor internet connection, but you are usually loading a 500 kb web page, so it shouldn't take long.

With a poor internet connection, most of the websites load slowly, not only the Word-press ones.

If WordPress was slow, then most of today's websites wouldn't choose to run their websites on it.

Most of the issues with slow loading are related to web hosts, plugins, and themes, but not WordPress itself.

When something goes wrong, people think that WordPress is to blame, when in reality, it’s not.

Of course, WordPress has had a few bugs in the past, but they were all sorted out.

The platform is just the Content Management System, which means that it’s a platform where you can easily add and manage content with themes, media, and plugins.

To do so, WordPress requires a web host – theme – plugins. Different developers create each of these in different ways.

How do I make my Avada theme faster?

Inadequate hosting

This type of hosting comes in different forms, from hosts that cram multiple WordPress sites on a low-end server to hosts that don't understand how to optimize their software.

If your site has a poor performance, consider migrating to another hosting plan that can offer your site with the needed resources.

Plugins / Themes

Installing many plugins doesn't make your WordPress site slow because it depends on how well they are coded.

The plugins that run many codes for every page to load can make some performance issues, so sometimes it's best to disable the plugins and choose a few essential ones to get the functionality you need.

Themes can be a problem if they inject a lot of render-blocking CSS and JavaScript in the front-end.

Remove what you don't need, and you’ll get the maximum performance. Caching is also a strategy for improving performance.

PHP Versions

PHP is a programming language, and WordPress is a PHP application.

WordPress runs faster on PHP 7, so changing it to a newer version could solve your problems.

Disable Avada Fusion Builder Elements That You Don't Need

You should consider disabling all features that you don't need or rarely use so that Avada can run smoothly.

Some animations don't work correctly on a mobile device anyway, so choose what you need to get the optimized performance.

If you don't use the CSS animations, you can disable them altogether.

Disable Avada scripts

You can also go to Avada – Theme Options – Advanced – Theme features and disable the scripts that you don't use.

APIs don't go hand in hand with speed, so the less you have, the better you the performance.

If you don't use Youtube, for example, disable their API scripts.

If you also don't implement a Google Map on your website, disable that as well.

Adjusting Images

If the post content area is 700 px in width, make sure not to update an image of 2000px in width.

Using photoshop is excellent for adjusting the size of the images.

You have the option "Save for Web," which will let you optimize the images before you save them.

You can also speed up the Avada WordPress theme by choosing Loading media-queries files asynchronously.

All you need to do is go to Avada > Theme Options > Performance > Dynamic CSS and JS > load media queries files asynchronously.

Make sure to enable JS Compiler, which should be enabled by default in Dynamic CSS and JS.

What is an Avada child theme?

Avada Child Theme is a copy of the parent theme where you efficiently perform any code customization that suits your needs.

By making these changes, you can start receiving new updates on the central theme without losing any previous customizations.

What is an Avada demo?

The demo is a fully-built niche website that is an integral part of the Avada theme package.

You can download and easily import demos so that you don't have to bother designing your website from scratch.

By using a demo, you can customize the content that suits your needs.


How do I install Avada themes/demos?

First off, you will have to register your theme by clicking on the Avada Registration Tab and follow the instructions there.

Next, make sure you check the Avada System Status tab to check if all server-side configuration issues are adjusted to the recommended threshold.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to import your Avada demos.


It’s best to import it on a fresh WordPress installation with no custom content.

Importing a demo will not replace the content that you already have on the website.

It will, however, import the site content set as the active demo menus.

To view all of the demos, click on the Avada demos tab. Hover over a demo, and you will see two options: import and preview.


Once you find the one you love, click on the import button to import it. When you click import, another window will pop up with several sections.


The top section shows you what plugins are required, and you can install or activate them directly from this window.

On the bottom, you will see the” import content” options where you can choose to import it all or leave out sections that you don't like.

Click import and another popup message will display informing you what will be imported.


Once the importing is done, you can check the front-end to confirm that the demo is imported.

If you want to import another demo, it's not recommended that you do it on top of the first one.

Make sure to first remove the first one on the same page where you chose it.

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Is Avada a good theme?

Avada is a great theme. It managed to sell more than 500,000 copies and has a 5-star average rating, which means users love it and are happy with it.

You won't be wrong to choose it for your site.

What is a Fusion builder?

Fusion Builder is a drag and drop page builder on WordPress which comes hand in hand with the theme.

You can use it to create a custom web page or customize the existing demos.


Built-In Plugins

The Fusion Builder is the custom-built page builder. It offers performance enhancement, and it's quite intuitive and user-friendly.

It plays a considerable role in the creation of the site, and it's a crucial part of the Avada ecosystem since it allows a quick and easy site creation.

With Fusion Builder Live you can choose your preferred way of building, front-end or back-end. It offers you the same features and settings but different interfaces.

Fusion Core is the other plugin, and it has to be installed along with the required Fusion Builder plugin for the Avada WordPress theme to operate smoothly.


How do I update my Avada theme?

You can simply update it by clicking on the update button in Appearance > Themes screen in WordPress.


Avada Performance

The exact performance results can vary depending on the specific demo that you are imported and currently using.

However, the Freelancer demo site is an excellent example of the elements that the "average" demo website includes.

The web page sizes of about 2 MB have a load time of 4-6 second, but with the WP Rocket, you can decrease this time by 3 seconds (depending on the page).

Avada Support and Documentation

To help users in difficult times, ThemeFusion offers a full support system to their clients.

The developer team provides support to the users from those who have even created the item. The products are also well documented.


You can get complete word document details of Avada's features with video instructions on how to use it.

Avada Backend Page Building

Many users prefer back-end page building, but some are willing to bridge the gap between the front-end and back-end.

This is why Avada has a built-in Wireframe mode, which provides the ability to utilize the Fusion Builder backend interface without ever having to leave the builder.

It also supports front-end and back-end styling for Gutenberg native blocks.

Avada Frontend Page Building

The Fusion Builder has two versions, one on the backend wireframe and the other on the Fusion Builder Live on the front-end.

If you go to the Pages or Posts section on the dashboard, you can go over the existing page and choose the editor you prefer.

If you want to edit, the page will open in the back-end, but if you select the Fusion Builder Live Link, it will open in the front-end builder. Creating pages this way is similar to the back-end method.

Avada Content & Layouts

Avada was created to help users create multipurpose themes packed with pre-built layouts, customization options, features, and third-party plugin integrations.

If you are looking for a flexible solution to build a functional website, then this is the one.

One of the main reasons why this a perfect template is that you can easily modify almost every aspect of it.

Thanks to the theme options panel, you can change the layout, customize the menu, choose a color scheme, and much more.

Once you open Avada, you will see a range of easy to use tools, and you will get the flexibility to add or import demo content.

Avada Other Features & Settings

Some of the most exciting features include:

  • Retina ready feature
  • Header designs
  • Translation Possibilities
  • Attractive Sliders
  • Advanced options And Extras
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Auto Theme Updater
  • Custom Widgets
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Touch Enabled
  • Easy Customization
  • Vector Icon Fonts
  • Full Font Support
  • Video Support
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media
  • WCAG 2.0 Compatibility

Pros & Cons

  • Unlimited design options for creating website layouts
  • 38 demos included and new one’s added over time
  • Drag and drop page Fusion Builder
  • Many premium plugins included
  • Integrated cookie notice for data protection
  • Integrated mega menu for more complex page navigation
  • Responsive support team
  • Requires fast web hosting to decrease “bloat”
  • More complex than other themes with steep learning curve
  • Can be expensive since its priced per site
  • Includes only 6 months of support - $80 per year per site
  • Licensing via token key can be inconvenient during setup

How much does Avada theme cost? 

You can download it in the ThemeForest marketplace.

With all of the fantastic features and demos, Avada costs only $60 and you will get 6-month support from ThemeFusion upon purchase, but you can get plus six months of theme support by paying $18 more.


Who should buy/not buy?

Avada is perfect if you are looking to have a WordPress theme that will provide you with maximum flexibility and options.

If you are an expert in technical problems, you will love the possibilities that come with custom CSS and code editing.

Avada is excellent for creative business owners, web designers, and agencies.

Avada Theme Coupon Discount

There are no theme coupon discounts for now but there are often sales and promotions that you should check.

If there are any coupon codes you can use or active promotions, I’ll post them here, so make sure to check back regularly if you want to take advantage of a discounted version of the Avada theme.

Avada Live Examples

Avada has been used by many individuals and companies, all expressing their gratitude for facilitating their work. Some of the satisfied clients include:

  • Mass Impressions is a web design company specializing in graphic design, SEO, and WordPress, and is one of the Avada proud users.



  • Purple Custard are pioneers in web design and offer solutions in house marketing and SEO expertise.



  • Squarebird is a leader in business philosophy that was bolstered by stats thanks to customer decisions on how they feel about a company.



  • Aventr created Happster with the help of Avada and now is a leading employee engagement platform designed to provide meaningful feedback based on positive psychology. Avada powers the website.



  • The University of Hawaii is also an Avada user. The university adapts to the evolving digital world of education, all while providing a user-friendly platform with compelling designs.



  • White Sulphur Springs is a conference center based in Philadelphia and is owned by the Officers' Christian Fellowship, which is a Christian ministry to military personnel. The website is based on Avada as well, and the owners love it!


Final Thoughts

Avada is a premium product for everyone that wants to have the freedom to create any kind of a website while still enjoying a selection of pre-built demos, layouts, and themes.

You can have complete control over your website through a user-friendly theme that is full of premium features and fully-customizable.

It's also great for everyone that wants to try WordPress page building or to get creative with their website.

You can quickly build a website in an hour, and you can manage it pretty quickly. By choosing Avada, you will not make a mistake!

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