How to Make Dropshipping Video Ads with Content Samurai in 2019


Content Samurai has recently released an update to their video creating software.

You can now create Viral Style videos with just a few clicks!

In today’s post, I will show you how to create viral style dropshipping videos using Content Samurai.

If you have been testing products on Facebook with just images and not seeing much success, you should definitely keep on reading this post.

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How to Create Viral Style Videos with Content Samurai

Step 1

Collect all the images and videos you need for your video. Place them in a folder so it makes finding and uploading your files easier later on.

You can screenshot the product images from the supplier. Make sure the images are high quality and not pixelated.

Do a quick search on YouTube for your product.

Sometimes I can find videos already made for the product that I am going to test with Facebook Ads. 


Click on filters and check Creative Commons.


You can reuse and edit videos under Creative Commons without getting into trouble for any copyright.

For this tutorial, I will use the pocket fishing rod. Make sure you see Creative Commons before you download the YouTube video.

Copy and paste the YouTube URL and head over to a website that converts your video to MP4. Just do a quick Google search and you will see a whole list of them. 


Download your video and save it in the same folder with your images.

Step 2

Login Content Samurai and click Create A New Video.


Now you should see the Template interface.

You can also create videos for your blog posts, sales videos, videos for your online course and property listing videos. 

For today’s tutorial, we will stick with the Video for social media.

You can preview a template by clicking on the thumbnail. Click the play button and it should start the demo video of the template.

I will choose the Blue Bars template for this tutorial. Click Use This Template to get started.


Step 3

Next, type or copy and paste your script.

Content Samurai will automatically create scenes for each sentence. 

Just make sure each new sentence is on a separate line.

Click Edit Your Scenes when you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Step 4

In this section of Content Samurai, you can edit each scene of your video.

You can also upload your own images and video clips easily by clicking on Uploads tab. 

Just make sure you check the Clips or Images before uploading.



So right now I have a total of three scenes. 

I will show you how to add new scenes. Just click on the Add new scene above the scene previewer.


From my image library, I can add different images of the product.

I can also change the text above and below the video. Just double click on the bar and it will allow you to start typing.


You can also adjust the background image by clicking Adjust background image. Drag the side to zoom into the image.


Make sure your Transition effects are consistent. You can check by clicking Transitions.



This will display all the different effects you can apply to your scene.

Clicking on the Style tab will give you more options for adjusting the text style.


Once you have finished editing each scene, click Add Voice Track To Your Video.

Step 5

With this next step, you can add a music track, automated voice, record or upload your own voice track.

Depending on your budget, you can hire someone from Fiverr to record a voice-over which you can use for your dropshipping ad videos.


For this tutorial, I will download a separate music track and upload it to Content Samurai.

Click Preview Your Video and it will take you to the next step.


Step 6

In the Preview section of Content Samurai, you can make the final adjustments to the video before rendering.

Since I used my own video clip, I will have to manually adjust the timing for the scene so that it doesn’t cut off abruptly. 

Click Manually Adjust Timing and it will expose the timeline. All you have to do is drag the green line to move each scene. 


Next to the green line is the timing for each scene.

Since the video of the fishing rod demonstration is around 14 seconds long, all I have to do was drag the green line 14 seconds to the right. 

It was a bit confusing for me at first but it is really easy once you get the hang of it. 

You can do this for each scene. Click Hide Timing when you’re done.

Now I will show you how to upload your own music track. Click on My Music and Upload Music.



Once your music track has uploaded successfully, check the tick on the left to apply it to your video.

If the music track is playing too loud, you can manually adjust the volume by dragging the Music Volume slider.

Before we finish up, I will show you how you can add a watermark to your video for more branding. 

You want your videos to be consistent with your store’s branding to create more trust and perceived value for your products. 

It’s also a great way to protect your videos from other lazy dropshipper’s who steal other people’s videos!

Click on Watermark > Create New Watermark.

I quickly created a logo for this demonstration to show you how easy it is to add your business logo as a watermark.


You can also adjust the Scale and Opacity so that the watermark is not too distracting.


You can move the watermark by using your mouse and dragging it the position you like.

If you would like to edit any scene, just click on Scenes on your left-hand side and it will take you back to each individual screen.

Once you’re satisfied and ready to render your video, click Looks Good, Continue…


You will see a Generate Your Video button appear. Click that button and Content Samurai will start working its magic.


When that is done, click Download Your Video and you are all done!


Now, you might be thinking, “do I have to start all over again if I want to use a different template

The answer is…no!

One of the cool features I love about Content Samurai is the ability to duplicate my video without having to start from the beginning again. I will show you how to do this.

When you’re back at the My Videos dashboard, find the video you would like to reuse. 

Hover your mouse over the thumbnail to expose the Clone option. 


All you have to do now is click Template and choose a different template you would like to use.

However keep in mind, you may have to resize your images again so that it sits nicely in a square format. 

Here’s a mockup of what the video would look like on a Facebook newsfeed.


I’ve also added the exported ad video for you to check out.


Creating videos is a must if you want to succeed with dropshipping, especially if you’re relying on Facebook Ads.

Content Samurai is an easy tool to use to create these videos quickly without a steep learning curve compared to other programs.

If you want to increase your sales and profits, creating videos ads will be much more engaging compared to images.

Using these viral style video ads is a perfect way to grab the customers attention when they are scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed.

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How to Create Simple Videos for Local Businesses Using Content Samurai in 2019

I have been using Content Samurai for quite some time now. 

It’s an awesome tool that has helped me turn my blog posts into videos. 

I can upload these videos onto YouTube and other video sharing sites to create more backlinks for my blogs.

However, you can also use Content Samurai to create videos for other people and their businesses. 

In today’s post, I will show you how you can use Content Samurai to create videos for local businesses and make yourself some extra money.

If you keep reading till the end, I have also included the demo video just to prove to you how cool Content Samurai is.

Let’s dive in.

How to Create Simple Videos Using Content Samurai

Step 1

In this example, I will use a real estate business as part of the demonstration.

The first step is to head over to Google, type in real estate and “your location”.

For this tutorial, I will be using Sydney as my location. 

Here is a quick tip, I like to skip the first page and focus on the second page onwards

The reason why I like to start like this is that most of the businesses on the second page of Google are not really optimized for the real estate keyword, or they simply do not have an online marketing strategy in place.

This is also an opportunity for you to upsell your own digital marketing services for more money.

Step 2

Analyze their website and social media profiles (if any).

Having a quick look at their Facebook profile, I noticed that they don’t have any video content for their real estate listings.

Instead, they only share the URL directly on their newsfeed.

We can see that a static image is not very engaging combined with all that text.

Step 3

Now head back to the business website, and choose one property listing to use with Content Samurai.

Save all the images onto your desktop. You will use these images for each scene of the video.

Step 4

Login Content Samurai, once you are in the dashboard, click Create A New Video.

Now you should see the Template interface.

On your left-hand side, you will see the different types of templates we can use to create our video.

For this tutorial, we will focus on Property Listing Square 1 video. 

Click on the tab with the house icon and it will display all the templates we can use for our property listing video.

If you would like to see what each template can do, just click on the thumbnail and it will expose the demo video.

Click Use This Template and the fun is about to begin!

Step 5

Now you should be in the script area of your video.

In this section, you will copy and paste the text from the property listing.

You can be selective with the amount of text you want to be displayed throughout the video.

Make sure the script matches up with the images. You don’t want to confuse the audience.

Here’s a quick tip, you can start each sentence or phrase on a new line.

This tells Content Samurai to start a new scene to keep the text legible and not cluttered.

Click Create Scenes when you’re done with the script.

Step 6

Remember the images we saved earlier? 

In this next step, you will have to upload them onto Content Samurai. 

If you don’t, Content Samurai will add it’s own default stock content.

Click the Uploads Tab, check Images and click Upload Image

Depending on how big your images are, it will take a few seconds. 

Step 7

Once the images have finished uploading, you can edit and make adjustments for each scene.

You can change the text location by clicking the grid icon

On the left side panel, you can also adjust the text color, text weight and the text highlight color and weight.

As you can see the text for this scene is covering the image in the background.

You can easily adjust the image by clicking Adjust background image. 

Now you can zoom in and also manually adjust the image by dragging with the mouse.

I could have aligned the text towards the top, however I will be adding the business logo in the corner as a watermark. 

Don’t worry, I will also show you how you can easily add a watermark to your video.

When you’re happy with each scene, hit the Add Voice Track To Video to move onto the next step.

Step 8

Now you should see the Voice Track Options interface.

You can choose to use a music track, an automated voice or even record your own voice track for the video.


For this tutorial, I’ll stick to using a music track. 

Click Preview Your Video and it will take you to the next step.

Step 9

You’re almost done!

Before we finish up with this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily create a watermark to add more branding to your videos.

Click on the Watermark tab next to Music.


Hopefully, the logo you are using is a PNG file without a background.

I had to remove the white background in Photoshop before adding it into the video.


Next, click Create New Watermark 



You can adjust the position, size and opacity of the watermark. Click Save Watermark when you’re ready.



I like to reduce the opacity so that the logo is not too distracting. We want the audience to focus on our content.

Step 10

We’re almost done.

Click on the Music tab next to the Watermark.

In this section, you can choose a music track to suit the video. You can also preview the track by clicking the play button.

If each scene is playing too fast or too slow, you can manually adjust the timing. 

You can also adjust the music volume by dragging the Music Volume slider.

Click Looks Good, Continue… when you’re satisfied with the settings.

Step 11

Now you should able to see a Generate Your Video button. 

Click that button and Content Samurai will start to render your video within a few minutes.

Once the video has finished rendering, you can download your video onto your desktop.

All done!

Here’s a quick preview of the final video.


You can use the Content Samurai app to create as many videos as you like within the 7-day free trial.

You can offer these videos to florists, physiotherapists, dentists and coffee shops. It doesn’t have to be just real estate agents.

The amount you can potentially earn will depend on the length of each video and how much you are charging.

When you find potential businesses that might be interested in your service, offer them a free video to demonstrate what you can do for them.

This is a great way to get your foot through the door and it also leaves a good first impression since you’re providing them with value first.

I would also recommend selling your videos as a bundle for their social media or YouTube channels.

If you have any questions about Content Samurai, leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

⇒ If you’re interested in Content Samurai, you can check out my in depth review here.

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How to Make a Real Estate Listing Video Using Content Samurai

Hey, its Darren.

Google is always updating their algorithms which makes SEO more difficult to gain traction especially if you’re new to digital marketing space.

However, there are other methods of generating more traffic. This can be accomplished by video marketing.

In today’s post, I will show you how you can Content Samurai to create your own real estate listing videos quickly.

If you’re a real estate agent, you can use these videos to promote your business and market your listings on your social media profiles.

Video is becoming more popular and it’s a quick way to grab your audience’s attention when they’re scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Let’s dive in!

How to Create a Real Estate Listing Video using Content Samurai

Step 1

Find a real estate listing to use for your video. 


Most real estate listings will include images and copy which you can easily add to Content Samurai.

Step 2

Login Content Samurai.

From the dashboard, click Create A New Video.

On the left side panel, click Property listing video.

You will now see all the templates you can use on the right side of your screen.

You can also choose between the standard landscape template or squared template for social media platforms.

Clicking on a template thumbnail will show you a demo video.

For this demonstration, I will use the square template.

Just click on the template and then hit the Use This Template button to get started.

Step 3

Now, from the property listing, just highlight the copy and paste it into the text field in Content Samurai.


You can also enter a title for your video.


Tip: Make sure each sentence is on a new line. This will tell the app to start a new slide.

Once you’re done, click Edit Scenes.

Step 4

Content Samurai will automatically add their own media files. We don’t want to use this so we will upload our own content. 

Head back to the property listing and save the images directly onto your desktop.

In Content Samurai, click on the Uploads tab > Images. 

You can click Upload Image or drag them into the Drop Images Here.

Step 5

Now it’s the fun part. 

Once the images have finished uploading, you can select which images you would like to use in each scene.

You can also adjust the color and position of the text.


Clicking the Grid will show you the position of the text. 


For this example, I changed the text highlight color by simply using the color picker tool.


You can also edit the Transition effect by clicking the checkered icon.


Once you have finished, click Add Voice Track To Your Video.

Step 6

This next step is optional.

You can add a music clip to the video and also an automated voice to read the text of each slide.

If you don’t like how the automated voice sounds, you can record your own voice over as long as you have a high-quality microphone. 

For this demonstration, I’ll just add music only. 

Hit Preview Your Video when you’re done. 

Step 7

If you have a business logo, you can upload it and it will automatically display on each scene.

For this demo, I made a quick logo to show you how easy it is to add a watermark to your video.


You can also adjust the scale and opacity of the watermark.

Positioning is very easy by simply dragging the logo with the mouse. 

Hit Save Watermark when you’re happy with the settings.

If you find each scene are playing too slow, you can adjust the scene timer.


You can also use our own music track by clicking on the My Music tab and Upload Music from your desktop.

For this video demo, I will stick to the default music tracks supplied by Content Samurai.

While previewing, if you noticed there’s an error on one of the scenes, you can hit the Scenes tab on the left side panel. 

This will allow you to edit each scene directly without adjusting the script again.

Once you’re happy with everything, click Looks Good, Continue…

Step 8

Now you should see a Generate Your Video button.

Click that button and the Content Samurai app will start rendering your video.

This may take a few minutes. 

Sometimes the app may freeze, just hit refresh on your browser and it should restart the rendering process again, but this time it won’t freeze. 

Step 9

Once the video has finished rendering, you will see Download Your Video button.

Click that button and save your video.

Now you’re all done! How easy was that? Within a few minutes, we have video content that we can use to promote on our social media profiles.


So what do you think about Content Samurai? Pretty cool right?

Within a few minutes, we have made a professional real estate listing video.

I have uploaded the demo video for you to check out just to prove that this app works.

You can even make these videos for other local businesses in your area such as coffee shops, hairdressers, child care centers etc…

It’s a great side hustle to make some extra money which you can use to invest back into your affiliate marketing or dropshipping business.

⇒ If you’re interested in Content Samurai, you can check out my in depth review here.

⇒ You can also sign up to a 7-day free trial here.

Content Samurai Review: Your Video Content Savior

Videos are an integral part of our communication and marketing culture. However, they can be difficult to make.

Content Samurai is a comprehensive online video creator that simplifies video production. And our Content Samurai review will show you the benefits of Content Samurai.

It goes without saying that videos have become a pervasive part of our culture. They are clearly a powerful tool of persuasion and education that more and more people want to use.

However, it is not an easy feat to just create engaging, high-quality video. There truly is more to it than just pointing and hitting record.

Thankfully, there are great video creation tools out there, like Content Samurai, to help you out.

Check out our detailed review below to see how easy it is to now make videos.

Value of Videos & Content Samurai

Video was once only a part of marketing strategies. Now, videos are central to outreach, social and campaign efforts. This means if you are not creating videos now, you are probably falling behind.

Videos are sources of authentic content and they are becoming cheaper to make. You do not need a special 4k cinema camera to shoot high-quality videos. Smartphones now can shoot 4k with no problem.

Despite it being easier to shoot a video now, people still have yet to get on board. Why is that? Believe it or not, some people find the editing process intimidating and arduous.

I cannot blame them at all. Editing with software like Adobe Premier Pro or even iMovie requires a bit of a learning curve. The time it takes to learn the programs can make it difficult to efficiently create engaging content.

Fortunately, there are several video creation tools out there that simplify this process. Some of the programs out there are Clipman, Biteable, Animoto, and Instant Video Wizard. However, we are looking at Content Samurai today.

What Exactly Is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is an online video creator that simplifies the creation and editing process for you. Content Samurai takes your content and turns it into a professional grade video without the need for complex, technical knowledge.

With Content Samurai, you can create a stunning video with only a few clicks. What once took days of editing and research now only takes a few minutes.

It combines all the useful features of other video creators to make one awesome and accessible tool. What is even better is that it does not even need to be downloaded or installed.

Content Samurai is more than just a creative space. It is a comprehensive library of video editing features. With Content Samurai, you can do so much more than just cut together a video.

It is a fun and intuitive space that churns out impressive results. This extensive and detailed review will show you exactly how they do it.

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Who Created Content Samurai?

market-samuraiContent Samurai is a product created by Noble Samurai, a marketing research organization. Noble Samurai created the more popular Market Samurai, a top-quality SEO marketing tool.

However, they do not stop there.

With years of internet marketing experience, Noble Samurai does not deliver ambiguous data or statistics. They have created their own market research program in order to give marketers the best, updated information.

They strive to improve all elements of the marketing process. Noble Samurai develops cutting edge applications that cut market research time and efficiently deliver useful marketing information.

They have also created other marketing tools, such as Domain Samurai, Question Samurai, Vidsy and more. They are equally very handy and helpful.

How Can You Use Content Samurai?

Content Samurai has a simple and easy to use workspace. Its interface guides you through each step of creating a video. From finding your video setup to adding text and images, Content Samurai provides clear instructions on how to do it.

The most work you will have to do is a few mouse clicks. As you will see, Content Samurai comes equipped with a template, image and audio libraries to minimize your editing period. It also closely analyzes your work to ensure you find the details that will show off your content best.

In essence, Content Samurai does quite a bit of the grunt work. Your primary means of use are through mouse clicks. It really does not get any easier than that.

Creating Videos with Content Samurai

First, you have to create an account or log in.

Afterward, there is an introductory video. However, you can skip it and click on Create A New Video.


To start, choose a template. Content Samurai comes with a variety of professional grade layouts. Play around with them and see which one fits you and your content the best.

Then, it is time to write or paste your script. Content Samurai reviews your script and divides it up throughout the template. There are several text options here, like bolding keywords, adding motions and animations, and selecting images.


Now, it is time to edit the slides and add images. Custom Samurai has a library of 112 million royalty-free stock images. Not only are they high-quality, but Custom Samurai actually analyzes your script to find images perfect for your video.

You can also add audio to the video. You have a choice between music only, recording your own voice track, or uploading a voice track.


You can even specialize your background music. You can select a tune from their library or upload your own tracks.

You can preview your video and go back to make changes. Otherwise, you are all set to publish!

Other Content Samurai Features of Interest

Content Samurai does not only create videos for a laptop or desktop setting. It can also create square videos. This is ideal for our current social media driven society.


Majority of people find and watch video content through apps like Facebook and Instagram. Those platforms are much smaller than desktops and require videos that engaging on a smaller scale. Content Samurai ensures your content is accessible on smaller video platforms.

Another great feature is Content Samurai allows video uploads. This means, in addition to their library of beautiful stock photos, you can overlay your own videos. This just adds an extra degree of depth and personal quality to your videos.


Content Samurai has also added a feature called Energy Boost. This feature brings a little life to your voice tracks. It does this by increasing the vocal speed without changing the voice track’s pitch.

This helps increase conversion rates and boost engagement. If you think about it, people are more engaged by people with dynamic narrative styles. Not to mention, people are more likely to return to people who entertain and engage them.

Content Samurai Pricing

Content Samurai is not free to use. However, they offer a few reasonable pricing options for you to choose from.

Content Samurai intially started at a hefty $97. That has changed.

The most popular plan is the $47 montly plan. With it, you get pretty much the entirety of Content Samurai’s library of features.

The second available plan is the $397 annual plan. You are paying $33 per month, which is a little less than the monthly plan. In addition to the monthly plan features, the annual plan has a few more bonuses you can find online.


If you are new to this, you do not have to commit to a full plan just yet. There are still cheaper options for you.

Your first option is to take Content Samurai’s free 7-day trial plan. For 7-days, you can try all the features of the monthly plan without any risk or payment.

So, go ahead and test out if it is easy for you. If it turns out you do not like it, then just cancel it. No money lost whatsoever. To see how Content Samurai measures up against other video platforms, feel free to check out this article.

Click here to get your Content Samurai 7 Day Free Trial.

Who Is Content Samurai Really For?

Content Samurai is a vital tool for any type of business or if you have an online presence. Content Samurai can help you create consistent, high-quality content that keeps people coming back to your business.

On the other hand, if you lack an online presence, Content Samurai can help you find one. It is a great tool to ease your way into the world of online marketing. With it, offline business owners can access more clients than ever before.

Content Samurai is perfect for internet marketer, YouTube marketers, SEO specialists, and small business owners. If you are not a business or marketing professional, Content Samurai can still be for you.

Non-Business Content Samurai Users

If you are starting a YouTube channel, Content Samurai can help you with the basics of video creation. If you need to create a stunning presentation, Content Samurai can help you there too. If you have something important to say, Content Samurai can help you in a multitude of ways.

Don’t believe me? Well, Fridge Magazine has been using Content Samurai since 2016 to create video content. It only takes them 15-20 minutes to create a video. As a result, they have drawn in a whole new audience.

Another example of who Content Marketing has helped is Aaron Morton. He turned his article, “The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence is…” into an engaging video with Content Samurai.

If you are a teacher, you can even create videos for classroom settings. Videos can actually stimulate critical thinking and help keep students engaged. Instead of assigning reading, maybe try sharing an educational and engaging video you made yourself.

Regardless of your professional background, if you have a voice Content Samurai can help you share it. You might know something no one else does and that warrants sharing it with the world. Video is a great avenue for that.

Why Do You Need Content Samurai to Grow Your Business?

More and more people are looking to videos for their daily news and information. According to Cisco, online videos will make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2022. As such, videos are becoming an integral part of marketing strategies.

MarketingSherpa discovered that videos attract 300% more internet traffic and nurture leads. That being said, creating content videos is crucial to keep up with competition and succeed online.

Specifically, Content Samurai can help your videos stand out in the saturated world of online videos.

First, Content Samurai helps you create videos faster. Since Content Samurai streamlines the whole editing process for you, you can get videos out faster. That means you will have more and more content for people to see, which turns out more leads.

Second, Content Samurai helps you create more videos. The more videos you have, it is more likely people will find your content.

Lastly, Content Samurai helps you create engaging video content. Move beyond promotional content and create videos that inform and have value.

Content Samurai also provides thousands of ways for you to be creative with your videos. Whether it is the layout or high-quality stock photos, Content Samurai ensures your brand stands out.

Content Samurai Business Video Types

Content Samurai gives you the means to create the four types of videos that succeed in business. These types of videos are; videos to generate traffic, sales videos, trust-building videos, and course videos.

Content Samurai makes it easy to create videos for desktops and social media platforms. With its professional layouts, it can easily attract attention and generate more leads.

Content Samurai can help you create stimulating videos that encourage people to purchase your products.

Content Samurai makes it easy to communicate information to people. People can learn practical skills and tips from your videos. In turn, you build greater trust with your audience.

Lastly, Content Samurai can also be used to teach. Whether you are an educator or a business owner sharing your own tips, you can share your expertise.

Coming Up with Topics for Content Samurai Videos

As helpful as it is, there is one thing Content Samurai cannot do: come up with your video ideas. That is entirely up to you and your creativity.

Personally, I have come around to carrying a small journal or notebook with me at all times. Ideas can pop up just about anywhere and anytime. When that spark of inspiration comes, just jot it down in your notebook.

Then, it is important to expand on that idea. Break the idea down into its essential parts.

Another way to come up with topics is to simply conduct research. Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to look at successful videos that already exist. At the same time, it is also a good idea to look at videos that failed.

In both senses, you will see positive and negative techniques. You can see effective ways to frame your information. On top of that, you might find topics that you want to explore more with your own videos.

For more guidance on video topics, check out this Video Power Marketing article.

Make Viral Videos with Content Samurai

You might think that making a video go viral is a thing of luck. However, there are steps you can take to increase your chance of virality.

According to Forbes, there are six tactics that can help your viral success. They are; be short and simple, be upbeat, be timely, be involved, and be informative.

Content Samurai can help you achieve all these things. Content Samurai’s template designs help organize your information in a simple and straightforward way. It also has the added features of audio and animations that help with keeping audiences engaged.

And with how quick and easy it is to make videos with Content Samurai, you can get content out at a quick and timely manner. When special news breaks, you can be the first to put out a stunning video about it.

Used properly, Content Samurai can be essential to creating viral content. It can help you get a leg up on popular trends. It can even keep your content at the forefront of everyone’s online experience.

Be sure to read Neil Patel’s “A Simple Framework For Creating A Viral Video” for more.

Click here to get your Content Samurai 7 Day Free Trial.

Content Samurai Review Videos and Demos

If you are still a little doubtful about Content Samurai, here are some review video and demo links. They will show you just how useful Content Samurai is in real time.


Ryan Cruz is a co-founder of TRAFFICSALAD, a digital marketing blog. As videos grew popular, he wanted to see what tools were out there to help people transition to videos. He found that Content Samurai virtually eliminated the tech struggles of editing and helped create valuable video content.

Content Samurai Review & Demo | How It Works

AffiliateTube is a Youtube channel that teaches the art of affiliate marketing on YouTube. It is a marketing course that teaches you how to rank and make a profit from your YouTube Channel. He will take you through the layout of Content Marketing to show you how you can make professional videos.

How to Create a Killer YouTube Video in Minutes with Content Samurai [Review & Tutorial]

Anna Hoffman is the founder of Traffic Generation Cafe. You learn how to increase your profits and web traffic. She found Content Samurai a useful tool for creating professional videos with little effort.

Pros & Cons


  • Content Samurai is one of the most efficient video production tools. It takes a max of 20 minutes to create a high-quality video.
  • It has a smart-image feature that instantly finds images related to your content.
  • It also has an auto-script feature that analyzes your text and creates proper transitions for you.
  • It has added motion video background features.
  • There are loads of effects that you can add to your videos with the click of a button.
  • Content Samurai intends to integrate with YouTube, simplifying the uploading process.


  • You do have to make sure your keywords are properly targeted when inserting your text.
  • You also have to do a bit of proofreading of your own work. Some report that the program can misunderstand your script.
  • The software can only be accessed with an internet signal.

Content Samurai Review Overall Summary

With 270,000 Content Samurai users, it is easy to tell that it is a strong community. In the larger picture, Content Samurai is a top-quality video creation platform.

It is packed with quality features that help you make unique, stunning videos. Content Samurai takes care of all the effort of editing and cutting for you.

Not to mention, they are an all-around user-friendly platform. Everyone from your marketing director to your college student could use it.

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for anyone to ignore how powerful videos can be. Done right, video marketing can bring a world of amazing results. Content Samurai is an amazing tool that expands our ability to communicate with one another.

If you are stuck on the price, remember Content Samurai went from $97 a month to $47 a month. That is a drastic change! Also, the enormity of Content Samurai’s tools will pay off in larger sums than you could imagine.


Whether or not Content Samurai is for you is completely up to you. If you value video content and don’t like to waste your time, Content Samurai might be a great match for you. It is not only efficient, but it is sure to make your videos stand out.

My Content Samurai Review examined the many ways Content Samurai makes video production accessible to anyone.

With it, you have the freedom to share information in a high-quality video all from the click of a button. You can engage with people in a whole different level and contribute to our evolving world of communication.

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I hope my review was helpful to you.

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