eCom Elites Review 2020: Is This Dropshipping Course Worth the Money?

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Ecom Elites is a dropshipping program created by Franklin Hatchett—an award-winning entrepreneur who has received multiple accolades over the years.

In the eCom Elites course, he teaches people how to build an online store from scratch-without the need to buy inventory. This business model is called dropshipping.

Today, I will dissect the course content and help you decide if this course is worth your time and money.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

franklin-hatchettFranklin Hatchett is an online marketing guru who not only specializes in dropshipping, but also in affiliate marketing.

His other course is Savage Affiliates, an online course where he teaches people how to succeed in the affiliate marketing business.

Franklin is known in the online community as someone who knows his stuff. Unlike other course builders, he walks the talk.

Before building his courses, he first succeeds in the industry he wants to teach, and then he creates courses so he can share his secrets to people who want to follow his footsteps.

His teaching methodology is hands-on—his video courses contain a lot of walk-through about how you should set up your tools.

Franklin is a credible teacher that he has more than 100,000 followers in his YouTube account.

You may also notice how good he is at using re-targeting, Once you open any of his videos, you will find out that his ads will follow you—a technique in marketing that he will share with you in his courses.

Apart from building an e-commerce course, Franklin also created the eCom Turbo theme that you can use for your Shopify store.

It is a fast theme that allows you to build a Shopify store without the need to use so many plug-ins. More importantly, the eCom Turbo theme delivers a fast load speed to help you boost your conversion rate.

The eCome Elites course is made of 9 modules, which we will discuss in detail in this review. These modules are:

  • Module 1: Creating Your Store
  • Module 2: Sourcing Products
  • Module 3: Facebook Traffic
  • Module 4: Instagram Traffic
  • Module 5: Organic Google Traffic
  • Module 6: Email Marketing
  • Module 7: Top Secret Videos
  • Module 8: Business Lessons
  • Module 9: Updates


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In this eCom Elites review, I will walk you through each of the modules to help you understand what you will learn.

I have to tell you early on that this course is long, and that you have to prepare your notebook to ensure that you capture the important elements of the course.

Before you get stated with the training. Franklin has an introduction. In this video, he talks about the business model of dropshipping. In this course, he also sets up clear expectations—that the course is not for experts. Instead, the course is for beginners.

Now let us talk about the modules.


Module 1: Creating Your Store


This module teaches students how to create a store in Shopify.

Those who have set-up their stores in Shopify before can still make use of this, as Franklin also goes through the most common errors that a person can make during the store set-up process.

The content of this course is basic to those who have already set-up a Shopify store.

But if you are a beginner, this is a godsend because he teaches you how to build or store from scratch.

In this module, he teaches the following things:

  • Choosing between a niche store and a general store
  • How to set-up Shopify
  • Choosing a theme
  • Adding products
  • Creating your checkout pages; adding payment methods
  • How to set up shipping regions
  • How to reduce cart abandonment
  • How to create coupons
  • How to do cross sell and up sell
  • How to create a sales funnel

Let us take a look at some of the important aspects of store-building that this module covers.

Choosing between a niche store and a general store – you must decide what you want to build. A general store is a store where you sell practically almost everything you want; a niche store is dedicated to a particular industry. While a niche store has less market, it has targeted market comprised of people who are ready to buy.

How to set-up Shopify – Franklin walks you through the sign up process and the things that you need to set up your store, such as the cost, what plan or tier to take, the need for an email address, and so on.

Choosing a theme – there are different themes in the Shopify universe, and it can be a cumbersome task to select which one is the best. In this section of the training, Franklin teaches what you should look for a theme such as the speed and how it impacts your store’s performance.

Adding products – here, you will learn what buttons to click, how to add a product to your store, and how you can make sue of the product page’s SEO properties to boost your rankings

Creating your checkout pages; adding payment methods – learn how to add a payment method to your store so you customers can pay you.

How to create coupons – with Shopify, you can create discount codes that you can run to improve your conversion rate. You can set this coupons to run for a period only, and if you want a customer to use this coupon code only once.

The first module is a complete set of building your store. By the end of this module, you should have a store that is ready to sell—complete with processes that involve payments and sales funnels. Since you have not yet selected a product, you need to move on to module 2 to be able to choose your niche.

After watching module two, you can go back to this module to start building your store, and then move on to learning how to market your store and products on both Facebook and Instagram.

Module 2: Sourcing Products


Just how do you source products for dropshipping, and how do you even choose what products to sell?

One of the most confusing aspects of dropshipping is how to choose a supplier that you can rely on, and how to choose a winning product that has a market.

In this module, Franklin is going to teach you how to choose a product that sells, along with some secrets on properly choosing a supplier you can trust.

Here are the things that you will learn from this module:

  • How to source products
  • How to find the best products
  • Effective research methods
  • How to look for reliable suppliers
  • How to spy on competitors
  • How to set the prices of your products

Read on to see the detailed content of this module.

How to source products – this part tells about the different methods how you can find suppliers, and what dropship tools you can use to do this task; you can use AliExpress or Oberlo, and some other tools that Franklin is going to reveal throughout the course.

How to find the best products – learn what metrics to use to find a product that has a market such as sales volume, viral effect, and what apps to use to know what customers are looking for

How to look for reliable suppliers – since the most common supplier of products in dropshipping is AliExpress, Franklin shows you how you can search for a supplier that is reliable—suppliers who do not miss out on shipping, and suppliers who provide high-quality products.

How to spy on competitors – on this module, you will learn how to find your competitors on your niche, and you will also learn what their best-selling products are. If you know what is making your competitors successful, you will also find out how they are doing it, and you can pick up best practices from them.

How to set the prices of your products – in this section, Franklin shows you the appropriate way to price your products so you do not lose money.

Your product choice can make or break your business. If there is no one searching for your product, no one is going to find your store and no one is going to buy.

For example, you cannot sell fidget spinners because no one is interested in that anymore.

If possible, watch this module twice. There may be some aspects of the training that skipped you, so make sure that you capture everything.

Apart from the ones I mentioned earlier, Franklin also discloses his secrets on how you can use Facebook to search for products, along with the top 5 broad niches that he recommends where there is money to be made.

These are the niches where Franklin actually made money as a dropshipper before deciding share his secrets to this students.

Furthermore, he also discusses how you can use a niche software to find winning products.

This software allows you to find winning products not only in the Shopify universe but also in Amazon, eBay, and social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Module 3: Facebook Traffic


On this module, you will be diving deep inside the capabilities of Facebook to help you make sales. This is where Franklin shows the secrets to getting not just traffic from Facebook but also how to convert this traffic into paying customers.

The course content is shown below:

  • Setting up your ad account on FB
  • How to choose the right ad model
  • How to target your audience
  • Facebook pixel
  • A/B testing
  • How to make bids on FB
  • Data analysis for your campaigns
  • How to scale up your campaign
  • Advertising KPIs
  • How to use videos and images

As you can see, Franklin does not miss any aspect of how you can use Facebook to make sales. Let us take a closer look at each lesson to learn more.

Setting up your ad account on FB – how to add your credit card on FB and set up an account that allows you to advertise

How to choose the right ad model – should pay per click or impression? Should you buy likes or direct your buyers to your store? There are many ways to run a Facebook ad campaign, and Franklin teaches you what to choose

How to target your audience – Facebook has what is called Audience Insights and you will learn more of that in this lesson. Also, this lesson shows you how to launch an ad that specifically reaches only your target people, not some random individuals who do not have interest in your product

Facebook pixel – what is a pixel? Here, you will learn how to use this code and make your ads follow your prospect customers. As an online entrepreneur, you must know that it takes several touchpoints before a person decides to buy what you are selling

A/B testing – this is a process where you create two versions of an ad to test what works; you can test and then see which one performs better, and then you can scale that advertisement campaign.

Data analysis for your campaigns – after launching your ad, you have to know how to analyze your data. Here, you will learn what to make out of the charts and graphs of your campaign and then scale them up or tweak them.

Advertising KPIs – these are metrics that you need to use to help you understand how your ad performed, such as ad impression, clicks, and conversions.

After this module, you should be armed with the appropriate knowledge on how you can use Facebook to market your store.

This part of the training is great as it is a complete recipe for Facebook marketing. This module in itself is a course that can cost your thousands of dollars from other sellers.

Again, you need to go back to this course time and time again, most especially so if it is your first time marketing in Facebook.

There is too much important information here that you may miss something as you create your first campaign.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic


If you are dropshipping, then it means you are selling physical products. In this case, Instagram is one of your best traffic sources, and Franklin touches on this subject to help you master Instagram.

In this module, Franklin discusses how you can actually make Instagram work for you.

This module discusses not only how you can build Instagram followers, but also how you can engage them, and how you can find Instagram influencers who will market your business for you.

Generally, speaking, the contents of this module are:

  • How to use Instagram to get traffic
  • How to find Instagram influencers
  • How to run Instagram ads
  • How to automate your posts in Instagram

Let us take a closer look at each one.

How to use Instagram to get traffic – the first two videos of this module focus on how you should properly use Instagram. Here, you will also get Franklin’s blueprint on how you can get the most out of your shout outs. Basically, you have to target your audiences and sell to them as it is cheaper to market to them compared to others.

How to find Instagram influencers – in this lesson, you will learn how to find influencers in your niche. These influencers are people who have already amassed many followers so you do not have to build your own. Here, you will learn how to find Instagram pages and how you can contact the owners of these pages.

How to run Instagram ads – if your niche is a great pick for Instagram, then you should definitely run ads on the platform, not just on Facebook. This is a great part of the module because it is a little confusing how to run ads on Instagram, considering that Facebook owns it.

How to automate your posts in Instagram – it is on this lesson where you get to learn how you can automate your posts on the platform. You will find out what cloud-based platform you can use so you can schedule your Instagram posts. This way, you do not have to go back to your Instagram account daily to post your merchandise.

Overall, this module covers a lot of bases about Instagram advertising.

It is a module that not a lot of educators online cover, but Franklin does a great job in sharing his knowledge about the platform.

It is good to note the eCom Elites dropshipping course does not only focus in Facebook.

In this course, he will show you how he reached out to influencers to make $1,000 in sales in just a week. If you follow his techniques, you should be able to replicate his success.

Franklin is honest about building a following in Instagram. In this module, he talks about how long it can take to build a following.

However, he also stresses that social media channels are free advertising for you, so be patient and wait until your posts get traction.

Module 5: Organic Google Traffic


In this module, you will learn how to improve your traffic with search engine optimization. This is a critical aspect of the training because you do not want to rely heavily on ads. If you do, you will spend a lot of money on advertising, which can severely impact your traffic potential.

In this module, Franklin focuses on three aspects of organic ranking. These are:

  • Keyword research
  • Page optimization
  • Backlinks

He will teach you how to search for keywords that rank, what you have to do to optimize your website pages and blog post, plus how you can work on getting backlinks to your website.

Let us break down the contents of this module.

Keyword research – learn how to find the right keywords that will give you a fighting chance to rank on Google. Here, you will learn what tools you can use to be able to detect keywords with high volume research. Now, there are many keyword tools out there, so you better do your own research before buying what Franklin recommends.

Ranking and Selling – here, you will be surprised that you should not be creating backlinks to your products. Instead, you must lead the reader to a part of your Shopify store, preferably on your blog. It is on your blog that you have to use anchor texts that will lead the customer to your product page.

Backlinks – in this lesson, you will learn the importance of backlinks and how you can use it to your advantage. You will find out that a backlink is important to Google, and this is why you have to build backlinks. You can do this by creating fantastic content, or by joining forums like Quora and Reddit where you can lead readers to your site with subtlety.

White Hat Backlinks – there is a black hat backlink methodology where you use somewhat questionable or unethical methods to build links to your website. In this lesson, Franklin teaches you how to build backlinks that have a clean profile. What this means is that Google is not going to penalize you.

This module is a tough one to crack. Getting free traffic from Google is one of the best things that can happen to a website.

Make sure you listen carefully, and come back to this course from time to time to get better at this.

This part of the course is one of the most important things that you will learn.

Building a store is easy, but marketing and getting traffic is one of the hardest things that can happen in dropshipping.

At the first part of the video, you will get introduced to SEO, and how search engines work.

Now that you understand how search engines work, you will be able to understand the purpose of the steps that he teaches you in the module.

The great thing about this is that you will learn how to build a system that generates free traffic to your website.

In essence, Franklin not only teaches you to get traffic via paid means, but also via free methods.

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Module 6: Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your products. In this area, you will learn how to set up your marketing campaign based on your email list. Franklin will also teach you how to set it up what tools to use, and how to attract leads to give you their email address.

Here is the coverage of this module:

  • Landing page design
  • How to generate leads
  • What is a lead magnet?
  • Create an email marketing in auto-pilot
  • Product launch formula

Email marketing, to put it in simplistic terms, is about sending emails to your potential customers. The most common problem is this: how do you convince someone to give you his email address?

Let us take a look at the module content:

Landing page design – here, Franklin shows how you can build-opt-in and “thank you” pages. He will also discuss what software he uses to build this page, and how you can automate this process.

How to generate leads – lead generation is a common problem that online entrepreneurs make. In this lesson, you will learn how to collect leads with the use of coupons, or how you can get leads from your abandoned carts.

What is a lead magnet? – here, you will learn the meaning of a lead magnet, and how to create one. The most common lead magnet is an eBook, which you can give away free to your subscribers. On top of an eBook, Franklin makes recommendations about other lead magnets you can use to grow your subscriber list.

Create an email marketing sequence in auto-pilot – now, you will learn how to build email sequences, and what kind of emails to send to your customers after they sign up for your subscription. It is on this phase of this module where you will find out how to create email messages that you do only once, but send in the right order to each new subscriber.

Email marketing is tough. In this module, Franklin dissects how you can build a massive email list that will help you market your products.

Apart from just creating a list, he also shows how you can create a process where your email auto-responder will send many emails to the same person in intervals that you select.

This process is part of building a funnel, which he discusses in the first part of the course.

Module 7: Top Secret Videos


In this module, Franklin shares the secret to finding your competitors. He also discusses how you can improve your sales by using various methods.

The topics in this module are:

  • Warranties
  • Coupons
  • Reviews and social proof
  • Building fan pages

By the end of this module, your knowledge about marketing would have significantly expanded. While many of the techniques here are things that we see every day on TV and other media, we seem to fail to remember them and use them on our own businesses.

Let us review some of the sections found in the module.

Warranties – learn how to offer warranties and refunds for your products; offer them so customers have a reason to buy your products with confidence. It is in this section where Franklin tells us that if a customer asks for a refund, it is pointless to argue—he recommends that you just have to go on and issue a refund or send a replacement, and then just move one with your business

Coupons – there are many ways to build coupons and how you can use it to increase your average order value. But what are the most effective ways to do it? Here, you will learn how to use coupons to automatically target those who abandoned your cart. You can give these coupons at a limited time so they are forced to buy your products.

Reviews and social proof – here, you will learn how to set up your own blog and write reviews about your ow products; you can also use these reviews as social proof so you can convince other people to buy from you.

Building fan pages – this is where you will learn how to keep yourself engaged with people who react to your posts in any social media. This is also how he teaches you how you can offer free gifts to people who respond to your posts.

The last tip that Franklin shares is spying on your competitors.

Here, you will learn how to find what your competitors are doing, what their best-sellers are, and how you can improve your own store to have the same success as they do.

There are many tricks up his sleeve that you will learn, so you need to watch this again so you can absorb all the techniques laid down in this module.

Module 8: Business Lessons


It is on this module where Franklin talks about taxes and what you must do to be compliant about your business. In this module, he covers a number of topics about running a business. This part of the course is important, as this is where a lot of people experience failure.

Here are some of the topics covered in this module:

  • Increase your sales
  • Work with Virtual Assistants
  • Tax and business registration
  • Business goals

Let us explore each section and see what you will learn.

Increase your sales – here, you will learn a little more about his background, and how he started selling things at a young age. While he does not really elaborate in techniques, he shares a fundamental secret about marketing—you should not sell products but the experience.

Work with Virtual Assistants – Franklin uses the help of virtual assistants from all over the world to manage his business. In this section, he shows how you can hire people from freelance market places, how to give them instructions to do the work, and how much you should pay them. You will also learn how to train your VA and what kinds of tasks you should give to your virtual assistant to protect your business.

Tax and business registration – when it comes to legalities and taxes, Franklin can only share what he knows based on New Zealand laws. In this section, you will learn the process of how to register your business, or whether you should even register your business.

Here, you will get to learn more about the kind of business entity you can build—LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.

Business goals – in this section, Franklin takes you to creating the right mindset in building a business. Many people only want to build a business because they want money. In this case, these people are bound to fail.

In this module, you will understand how it is to set a goal.

This goal is going to serve as your motivating factor to keep you going. Many dropshippers start a business and fail because they did not set a goal.

Franklin says here that if your only business motive is to earn money, you may not succeed at all.

The lesson he imparts in this module is a mix of legalities and motivation.

He says that your goal must be specific. Do you want a car, a house, or to travel? If you do not make specific goals, you will not have a way to measure whether you have achieved that goal or not.

Without a goal, you are just floating with no clear idea what you want to achieve.

It is also in this section where you will learn why it is important to get a tax accountant, and why you need professional advice once you start making money online.

Module 9: Updates


This is the last module and this is where you will get updates. As you know, times change and what is effective online today may no longer work next year. Franklin makes sure that he updates his courses and this is where you will find these updates.

For example, Facebook always updates its algorithm, or how you can create a page or an ad account. As such, you need to know that if this change happens, you have to make changes or adjustments to your marketing approach.

This part of the course is where you also get bonuses. Apart from what is already there, Franklin loads some extra videos from time to time. You need to consistently visit this page if you want to stay abreast about new trends and new technologies like updates about Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Here are some examples of what you can learn here:

Facebook Insights – FB has an Audience Insights tool where you can find out what kind of audience you should be advertising to. If you know the right audience, you can build a marketing strategy around these audiences and expect a better yield or better conversion rate.

Data analysis – here, Franklin shows us how to read and analyze data so you have insights as to what is happening to your business. The data that he teaches you to analyze is Facebook data from your ads, especially if you are already starting to earn.

Email Marketing – this is a refresher course that takes you back to understanding the importance of building an email list. In this section, you will be reminded to build an email list from abandoned shopping carts—you can build an automated email sequence for abandoned carts to make your customers come back.

Overall, this section contains updates and new techniques that Franklin discovers as he moves along the world of online marketing.

If he finds new tools that you can use to improve your dropshipping business, you will find it here.

There are 15 videos here, and more than half is about email marketing.

What I recommend that you do is to watch all of these videos, and then come back to your strategy in building an email list, creating email sequences, and then giving enough focus on your cart abandonment.

Also, it is in this course where you will further understand how a sales funnel works.

Many experts online talk about a sales funnel, and yet they fail to fully explain what it is, what it does, and how to build one. Here, you will learn everything there is and also learn how to build one that will improve your conversion rate.

eCom Elites Pricing

How much does the course cost? The course has two price points, and these are called the Standard and the Ultimate.

Standard – costs $197 one-time payment
Ultimate – $297 one-time payment

For the Standard package, you will get:

  • Training on how to set up your store
  • Tips in researching for products
  • How to use Facebook and Instagram to market your products
  • Search Engine optimization
  • ChatBot Academy
  • Weekly videos to supplement your marketing knowledge
  • Inner circle with other members
  • Access to lifetime updates on the course

For the Ultimate package, you will get all the content from the Standard package plus some bonuses. These bonuses are:

  • A step by step tutorial on how you can create a sales funnel
  • A complete course on creating an ad in Google Shopping
  • A free funnel
  • Two books: My Top Selling 6 Figure Products and My Top Selling Niches of All Time

My recommendation is that you take the second course.

For a price difference of $100, you can get two more extra courses that you would have paid for $200 each.

If you are an online entrepreneur, you need to be able to create sales funnels that will take your leads from being a site visitor to a paying customer.


Franklin Hatchett, the creator of eCom Elites and Savage Affiliates, is the real deal.

I have taken this course and I strongly recommend it to anybody who wants to learn how to build an online store from start to finish.

Unlike other courses, Franklin does not rip you off.

The content of this course will not only help you build a store, but will also help you become a successful e-commerce operator.

For a price of $197, this is a steal if compared to other courses that cost $1,000!

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