Flatsome Theme Review: Best Selling Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Using WordPress is easy for everyone and not only for the tech wizards, meaning you only need some basic computer skills.

The power of WordPress is that fully functional websites can be created with just a few clicks.

There are so many themes out there you can use to create a running website and one of those themes is The Flatsome theme.

Flatsome Theme is an e-commerce WordPress theme with an integrated page builder and more than 400 themes to choose from.

You can find multiple styling options that can suit your desires and needs when you create a new eCommerce website.

Flatsome stands out from the crowd due to its customizable options which keep it getting 5-star reviews all the time.

The Flatsome theme is designed by the UX Theme and ranked as a  #1 selling theme for WooCommerce, boasting more than 70,000 sales and more than 4000 5-star ratings.

You can also check out this full video tutorial here on how to use the flatsome theme.

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Flatsome Developer

flatsome-developerFlatsome, which is a WooCommerce responsive theme, is inspired by modern online business designs that offer a fast mobile approach.

The template was created by an author of UX themes back in 2013 when it got sold more than 90,000 times on Themeforest while also earning a 4.8 rating.

If you are interested in running WordPress 4.8 or 4.9 and Woocommerce 3.4 and 3.5, you can use the latest version of the template easily.

The goal was to create a theme that will be highly functional and will offer easily customizable options.

This is why Flatsome allows users to choose from pre-made layouts that are modern and unique.

There is also live search for products, “wishlists” and unlimited forms with sticky headers for easy navigation, enhanced shopping functionality, and more.

To ensure that purchases from Mobile and Desktop are done unobstructedly, Flatsome provides full responsive features.

Even the smallest details of the template are taken care of, making it the perfect theme for your online shop, online businesses, or even an agency. 

Flatsome looks clean and elegant while being easy to navigate at the same time.

Same as other themes, Flatsome has some DIY features with practically endless options, allowing you to create and add features without having high-level skills in coding.

It also offers extensive plugin compatibility with all tools that are required to create an extremely fast website with an amazing user experience.

Flatsome Main Features

Flatsome is a theme that comes with a plethora of features. When you start using it, it’s very easy to find a product with the Live Search option.

This way, visitors can see all results when searching for a product, easily go to the details of it and learn more about the product.

Most e-commerce templates offer a standardized layout for product pages while Flatsome allows the users to customize every product page in their own way.

Flatsome also has 3 types of layouts available where you can see the showcase of the Grid View, Masonry View, and ListView.


Regarding the checkout page, the theme ensures the highest level of security to keep the customer’s information private.

Flatsome offers different designs for the checkout page so if you want the customers to see only the products, you can enable a catalog mode that will allow you to show or hide the prices or simply add a custom HTLM as a replacement for the Add to Cart button.

With other themes, most users have to resize the product image to make it into the standard size but with Flatsome, there is no problem with that.

All you have to do is to define the standard size for products and to resize the images at the time.

You can also allow customers to view product details and prices without going through every individual product page.

This will save your customers their precious time which will make them want to come back to the website.

  1. Live Search

Flatsome makes it easy for the customers to easily find the product they want.

Thanks to the Live Search option, they can see the results and click on the product that will catch their eye instantly.

  1. Customizable Product Pages

Most themes out there offer a standardized layout when it comes to individual product pages.

Flatsome shines in this category as it allows you to customize how the product pages will look.

You can choose from multiple layouts, customize the image dimensions, and add product upsells.

  1. Customizable Checkout Pages

The checkout page is one of the most important pages on the site which is where the customers finally convert into buyers or will leave your website, meaning you lost a sale.

Flatsome theme gives complete control over the look of the checkout page.

You can either choose between three different styles and change the settings further as you like, but the theme is also GDPR-compliant which means you can easily add checkboxes and links to your privacy policy page.

  1. Catalog Mode

If you want your products to only be visible to your customers, you can enable a catalog mode that comes in handy if your products are hand-made or unique.

This option also allows you to show or hide the prices.

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Other Notable Features

Flatsome can also be used for other types of websites as well. There are several demos that you can import which are related to business websites.

  1. Responsive design

The Flatsome theme is fully responsive which means it will adjust to the visitor’s screen no matter which device they are using.

It will also increase conversions and make it possible for buyers to buy your services or book them on the go.

  1. Header and Footer Builder

Flatsome comes with a built-in header and footer builder you can customize to better suit the type of website you are building.

You can choose from different layouts or even create new ones from scratch by using the premade blocks and elements.

  1. UX Page Builder

The Flatsome theme ships with its own UX Page Builder which is easier to use rather than the Visual Composer.

Using this builder, you can conveniently add sections, columns, rows, and other blocks to your posts.

WooCommerce Integration

Flatsome relies on WooCommerce for most of its e-commerce features.

This plugin is one of the best and most popular for online store websites which makes managing online stores easier and with an intuitive product submission form.

WooCommerce allows easy options for inventory management and interesting features for shipping and tax management.

The WooCommerce documentation feature is quite insightful and offers step by step instructions on how you can add products on the website using different plugins and features.

The process to add more products with WooCommerce remains the same no matter the theme you’re using.


Therefore, these guides will help you manage different aspects of online stores such as shipping and product management.

WooCommerce allows you to sell physical products and downloadable ones at the same time.

Once you fill-up the product information, make sure you use attractive and clear product images and set a proper price.

Just a few simple steps and you can start selling online with the Flatsome theme.

The main advantage of using WooCommerce themes to create an online store is the flexibility and ease of use and management.

Flatsome is extremely compatible with all WooCommerce versions as it gives an engaging interface and multiple elements to your shop.

Who can use this theme?

Whether you are a trader or a retailer that tries to create a website for yourself or your businesses, Flatsome eCommerce theme is perfect for you.

When buying the Flatsome theme, you will get access to the theme documentation and videos.

The documentation includes a theme user guide and access to other documents that will help you create a website on your own.

It contains explanations of all theme options as well as a briefing on how you can change the website and how it works.

Even if you are an expert in WordPress, you will require some help with the theme while it is still new.

The theme is constantly updated with more features that will help you create your own website easily.

You also get access to theme support so if you need professional help setting up the website, you can easily reach out to the UX theme support and find your answer.

Customization and page building with Flatsome

The Flatsome multipurpose eCommerce theme comes with an already built-in page builder that will let you create beautiful pages in just a few minutes.

You don’t have to look for an external page builder which will eliminate the requirements of testing and spending money on an additional page builder.

With an already built page builder, you don’t have to worry about either.

This inbuilt builder comprises of a few elements starting from basic texts in sections, banners, and countdown.

You can create any kind of design by using these elements and customizing them as you wish.

The header of the website is one of the most important part of the website.

Most WordPress themes come with a static header and a few options to customize it but Faltsome takes it to a different level.


With the e-Commerce team, you will get different header styles to choose from and get the drag and drop header builder to create the perfect header for your website.

With these WordPress themes, you will use inbuilt banners and sliders by replacing images and the text on it.

If you want banners and sliders, you will use different plugins like revolution slider and more.

With Flatsome theme, there is an inbuilt feature that will let you create sliders and banners without having to pay more for a separate slider plugin.

These features are supported by the UX Builder with unique elements to let you create an amazing slider with drag and drop options.

The problem with backend editing is that you cannot see the effects in an instant.

The live customization experience Flatsome brings you is what makes the theme ideal for non-designers.

If you want to try different options and combinations for eCommerce websites, you will want to see a live preview of the changes you made.

Flatsome comes with live customization options that are easy to preview and follow.

This will allow you to see the changes that you will make on your site before publishing them.

How to create a website with the Flatsome theme?

When it comes to building eCommerce with Flatsome WooCommerce theme, you can do it easily and in a few minutes.

Additionally, there are hundreds of website elements in the Flatsome theme that are categorized under site elements.

To use the builder, you will have to create a blank page with a name and once the page is created, the page builder can be accessed from page backend or frontend.

To enable the Flatsome Studio mode, click on the Add elements button from the left settings panel.

The Flatsome Studio button will appear on the top of the elements and you will have to press the button to enable studio mode and gain access to the studio.

If you get into element categories such as eCommerce, you will find the desired page element that comes with a Preview and Import button.

Pre-designed templates & options

If you choose backend editing, it means that you cannot see the effects instantly but the live customization experience with Flatsome theme is what makes the theme ideal for non-designers.

When you try different options and combinations for the WordPress eCommerce website, you will want to see a live preview of the changes that you make on the website.


The Flatsoem theme comes with easy live customization options and you can easily preview the changes that you make on the site before publishing them.

The Flatsome eCommerce theme is based on WooCommerce and is easily one of the best selling themes with more than 90,000 sales.

The theme is ideal for eCommerce as well as a business website because it comes with a  few business demo designs.

Flatsome is a feature-packed theme with modern designs and it is responsive for mobile devices as well.

Documentation & Support

If you are a retailer or a trader that wants to build a website for yourself, Flatsome eCommerce is the perfect option for you.

Once you buy the Flatsome theme, you will get access to the theme documentation and videos.


The documentation will include a user guide and other documents that will help you create a website on your own without using the help of any designer or programmer.

It usually contains all theme options with an explanation of how you can change the way your website looks and works as well.

Flatsome Theme Pricing

You can easily find the Flatsome Theme available for $59 including six months of theme support and future updates.


The deal will be packed with awesome deals, building options, and a lot of flexibility. You can easily find it on the ThemeForest marketplace.

Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of Flatsome is that it is SEO-Optimized which makes it quite easy for the website to rank higher on Google search pages.

You can set up and install the Flatsome theme within two minutes and use it to make the perfect online shop without any need for coding.

The theme is made with a user-friendly interface customers can easily navigate through.

There is also 24/7 support along with documentation and support from the Flatsome team.

When it comes to the Cons, changing the theme in the future will be time-consuming as you will have to add multiple content pages and you will have to install the plugins that are compatible with this theme such as PDF, trackers, and shipment tracking.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, Flatsome is one amazing and powerful theme that will guarantee you a lot of useful features.

All of the customization options are paired with an amazing page builder with an array of pre-made demos that can optimize the Flatsome theme for online stores.

If you want to launch your online business now, or you want to refresh the look of your current store, try Flatsome, you won’t regret it.

Get Flastome WordPress Theme here.

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