How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping in 2019

Have you just started a Shopify store but have no idea on what to sell? I know many who can relate to this. 

When I started my first Shopify store, I had no clue about what products I should be selling.

There are hundreds and thousands of products for you to choose from.

But not to worry, over time you will become better and quicker at finding these products.

If you want to know how you can easily find the right products to test on your store, keep reading…

The 3 Points of Profit

When you’re researching products for your e-commerce business, it is important to remember the 3 Points of Profit.

These are three points which I look for when finding those products which have a higher chance of selling. 

A winning product should be:

  • In High Demand: It must already be selling. It is a bit more tricky to sell something with no proof there is a demand for it.
  • It solves a problem: How can it solve people’s pain points? What products do you use to solve your day to day problems?
  • Passionate Audience: The more niche the better. People are more interested in products which they can relate to.

When selling your products online, it’s important to price them correctly so that you can maximize your profits!

Keep in mind for products which grabs your attention or exclusive to the market. This will make creating video ads much easier since these products will have a higher chance of engagement.

Who are you as a drop shipper?

There are two types of drop shippers.

The first is the aggressive tester.

The aggressive tester likes to test multiple products from different niches to see what works and what doesn’t. 

They spend more money on advertising when testing multiple adsets to find that winning product.

A winning product is a product which has been proven to be profitable which can be scaled up more.

The second type of drop shipper is the researcher.

The researcher takes a bit more time with finding the right product to test.

They are more steady with advertising costs and only experiment with 1 to 2 at a time.

As you can see, this can slow down your progress when finding that winning product to scale. 

So depending on who you are, it is important to remember your budget and costs when testing products, making sure you price them correctly to gain maximum profits.

You would rather sell 3 items for $100 compared to 50 items at $6 each. Your time is very valuable.

Bonus tip: Facebook loves engagement! The more engagement on your ads, Facebook will reduce the cost per purchase (CPP).

Engagement can be seen as likes, comments, and shares which gives Facebook a signal that your ad is perfect for the targeted audience!

You also do not have to reinvent the wheel unless you go down the “exclusivity” path with your product research.

Just stick to the stuff that is already working out there when you’re first starting out.

4 Methods to Finding Winning Products

  1. Facebook
  2. Aliexpress
  3. Old School
  4. Fast

Before I do my product research I like to visit sites like and for niche ideas and inspiration.

Stumble upon has a great list of interests and hobbies which you can have a look at for niche ideas. 

You can also browse website for more product ideas. Have a look at their categories and website layout. It’s very simple and clean which is what you want to achieve with your store too. 

Facebook Product Research

Now let’s start off with the Facebook. All you have to do is enter a niche keyword in the search bar at the top and enter.

Click on the Pages tab.

What I like to do is find other pages which I know who is dropshipping. For example this page, Super Gadget Store.

When I find these pages I click on the Info and Ads Tab. This will show you the ads and products this store is selling. 

I also recommend installing Facebook Pixel and Turbo Ad Finder on your Chrome browser. These two extensions will help you find products that are already selling.

Once you have installed these extensions, hit the refresh button. You should now see more ads on your Facebook timeline. Pay close attention to the engagement these ads have. Likes, shares and comments is a good indicator the product is selling. 

Can you also see a pattern? Most of these ads are videos. Videos grab people’s attention quickly when they’re scrolling through Facebook.

Remember at the start how I mentioned when researching products which can be used in a video? Now you see why. 

Bonus tip: When finding potential products on Facebook, it’s always a good idea to save these videos for later reference.


The next method is Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a huge e-commerce website many people who are dropshipping source their products from.

For example, we found this product with some potential.

Now we head over to Aliexpress to find a similar product which we can add to our own store to sell.

When looking for suppliers, pay close attention to their feedback and store details.

The great thing about finding a good supplier is you can browse their store and find other related products which you can also test, such as adding upsells or bulk purchases to your store.

It is also possible to build out your own profitable online store by using just a few suppliers from Aliexpress.

Also, check product images to see if they are high quality and not pixelated. Try your best to find images that do not have watermarks of the supplier store.

It’s also a good idea to ask the supplier if its ok to use their images on your store. Most of the time they shouldn’t mind. You are getting them sales so I guess its fair.

Some stores also provide short videos of their product which you can use in creating your facebook video ads.

You can also have a look at the Aliexpress Dropshipping Centre for more product inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to look for products by going back a few pages. A way you can validate if these products are trending is by going to google trends.

For example, if we type back posture corrector into Google Trends, we can see that it is increasing in the chart. This is a good indicator of what is currently trending in the market so it might be a good idea to invest in testing these products on your store while the product is in demand.

Other webistes like and are great for product inspiration as well.

Just keep it simple. It is easy to lose track of time and end up going down the rabbit hole. I can spend hours looking at products on Aliexpress which I want for myself!

Remember the three points of profit I mentioned at the start when product researching. Do not always go for products with high orders. This can be an indicator a product is very saturated.

Oldschool Method

The third method I like to use is very simple. All you have to do is search for any of the keywords below into Facebook:

  • 50% off
  • 30% off
  • Order here
  • Get it now
  • On sale
  • Get yours
  • Click here
  • Order link
  • Shop here
  • Buy it here

You can also add your niche keyword combined with one of the keywords above.

If we hop over to Google, you can try searching these terms: Shopify “niche keyword”.

This will tell Google to show us other niche related shopify stores. As an example, we will go with

Open up some of the links on the first page. I like to look for their social accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

Again, we can head over to their Info and Ads tab and spy on their product ads! Another great thing about finding each stores social accounts is it allows facebook to show more related ads on your timeline in the future.


Intelligynce and Ali Inspector Software

For the final method, I like to use a very powerful tool known as Intelligyence.

Intelligynce is a great software for drop shippers. You are able to find key store information of your competitors, estimated sales volume of their best sellers, analyze their social accounts, spying on their installed apps which you can replicate for maximum conversions as well as spy on their paid Google ads and keywords.

When you purchase Intelligynce, it also comes with Ali Inspector as a bonus! Ali Inspector is a 3 in 1 Aliexpress product research software which allows you to find best selling products, download product images from suppliers and also product reviews which you can use on your own store to create more trust with your customers.

This tool has saved me alot of time when I am adding multiple products to my own store. It can become very messy when you have hundreds of images to find and upload.

Customer service is also very responsive over at Intelligynce HQ. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have!


To succeed with product researching, all you need is time and to keep things really simple. Follow the points above and take massive action. 

Just remember the three points of profit when you’re finding products to test. 2019 can be your year of success!

If you’re interested on learning how to build a profitable online business, you can click here to see my review on eCom Elites dropshipping course 

Let me know what your research strategies are in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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