How to Improve Conversion Rates and Increase Sales in 2019

There is a lot that goes into building an online business.

The first piece of the puzzle is deciding on the products you want to sell. Then sourcing your products, setting up your store and sending traffic with some paid ads.

With an increasingly competitive digital market, where companies are trying to grab your attention.

There are things you should do when you’re persuading customers to purchase your products whether they are physical or digital.

However, conversions don’t just happen on their own. You could be sending hundreds of visitors to your store.

But if your website looks untrustworthy or difficult to navigate, you’re not going to make any sales.

In today’s post, I will share with you some quick tips you can use to optimize your e-commerce store for improving your conversions and make more sales.

Branding Your Products

If you’re a drop shipper, most of your products will have generic names coming from the supplier. Have a look at these two examples.


You can find a similar blendjet portable blender from Aliexpress. If you were to put them side by side, which one would you buy, knowing one is branded and the other one is not.

Branding will also set you apart from your competitors. In short, a brand is how a customer perceives your business. 

You can include packing slips with your logo or custom packaging to make your business more memorable.

Keep it Simple with Apps

Apps make our lives so much easier when it comes to e-commerce. They save us time by automating important tasks which generate us money.

They can also save us money from hiring a developer to code a feature we need.

However, installing a lot of apps on your website can do more harm than good.

The more apps you have, the more time it will take for your website to load. A slow website is very dangerous.

People these days have a short attention span. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, they will hit that back button and you not likely to see them again.

Also using a lot of scarcity apps and pop ups can make your website look very scammy and unprofessional.

There’s a lot going on here!

I have seen a handful of drop shippers who have way too many pop ups all over their website.

  • Just keep it simple. It can also help you save money on some paid apps.
  • Delete Unnecessary apps
  • Remove unrelated products. The more products you import into your store, the more work you have to do. E.g product descriptions, editing images, branding…
  • Hire a developer. If you’re unsure about something, you can always hire a professional.
  • Compress your images using a website like Big sized images will slow down your website loading speed.

You can also use a website like x,y,z to check your website loading speed. This gives you a good indicator of what you can optimize on your store for a faster website.

Create Your Own Product Videos

While most drop shippers will use the same images and videos from their supplier, you can stand out and have a competitive edge by creating your own product videos.

These videos can also be used for testing products with ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Since you will most be driving traffic to a single product, you can use your own footage to demonstrate how the product works as part of the product page.

Customers can’t physically touch the product so they must rely on the product information you provide.

Here is a quick tip for finding content for your videos.

Head over to Youtube and enter a keyword related to your product. For this example, I will use the pocket fishing rod.


After searching for your keyword:

Click on FILTER > FEATURES and click Creative Commons. This will filter out all the content we have permission to edit and reuse for own videos.


Have a look to see if there are any videos related to your product. Have a bit of a scroll to see which video has potential which you can download.


I later found this video and double checked if it is under Creative Commons. All good to go!


If you do plan on making your own product videos, I suggest you try and find a similar product from Amazon since shipping will be faster compared to making a purchase on Aliexpress which can take over two weeks to be delivered to you.

You can also find an Instagram influencer and send out the product to them to test. This can work out great if they are able to make a shoutout for your product on their own Instagram page.

It can be a quick marketing investment with a high ROI. is also a great place to find freelancers who can create a demonstration video about your product.

Answer Questions Related to Your Product

Shopping online is a different experience compared to walking into a retail store.

You can’t physically touch the product so you have to rely on the information provided on the product page.

If your customers become hesitant about making a purchase or they can’t find the information they are looking for, they will most like hit the back button or open and new tab and shop at a competitors store.

A quick way of finding specific questions for your product is to head over to Amazon and have a read of the FAQ and customer reviews.


If you notice a pattern with the questions and reviews left by other people, you should rewrite these questions and answers and add them to your product descriptions.

You can also use an app to add an extra FAQ’s tab to your product page.


Having Reviews on Your Product Pages

Displaying reviews is a must if you want to succeed with e-commerce. Reviews create social proof and trust.

It also persuades your visitors to buy from your store since people are more likely to make a purchase if it is recommended by another person.

You can use an app like LOOX Reviews to display reviews on your product pages and website.

LOOX can also help you import reviews from Aliepxress.

Just make sure it does not have broken English. You only want the best.

Private Labeling Your Products

This is more of a longer-term investment if you have found a winning product and it is consistently making you sales.

You can purchase the product in bulk and get the supplier to print your own branding on the product.

They can also manufacture custom packaging to suit your business’ branding.

It’s always a good idea to ask them to supply you with high-quality photos of your product.

This saves you time from taking your own photos without worrying about needing fancy equipment.


Optimize for User Experience

With more people using smartphones, it is important to make sure your website is optimized for multiple devices.

Since you’re most likely going to use Facebook Ads for your traffic, your potential customers are most likely going to see your ad on their mobile device.

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, your customer will have a poor shopping experience and most likely will not return to your store.

For example, if your website takes too long to load or navigating around your website gets too confusing, your customer will most likely leave your store and shop at a competitors store.

You want to create a smooth user journey from finding a product to completing their purchase at the checkout page.

Small details makes huge differences.

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