Monstroid 2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme Template Review 2020

Setting up your WordPress website can be hellish. Programmers, developers, and designers need to be included in the process which can make the job not only challenging but overwhelming at times. 

However, using a multi-purpose WordPress theme such as Monstroid 2 saves a lot of your precious time and allows you to focus on other, more important aspects of your business.

This doesn’t mean you’re not giving your website the attention it deserves. Quite the contrary.

You can fully customize your website to fit your business’ persona and make it appealing for your audience without spending countless hours on it. 

Today we will review this multipurpose theme to reveal the different elements it comes with, the benefits of using it, and what it does better than the previous Monstroid theme.

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What is Monstroid 2?

Monstroid 2 is a newer and updated version of the previously known Monstroid WordPress theme.

It’s a revolutionized theme that features a lot more elements and options than its predecessor.

It can be used on a variety of business websites: construction websites, creative businesses, design, restaurants, and many more. 

Monstroid 2 features a lot of predesigned website designs, customizable page layouts, theme skins, guides, and demos, so anyone can personalize their website and make it representative of their unique business. 

Why use a multipurpose WordPress Theme?

Monstroid 2 gives you an array of customization options and unlike many other WordPress themes out there, it doesn’t bind you with one design on all pages.

You can instead customize each one, add your preferred options, and even customize the size of each website element. It requires no programming knowledge, so anyone can use it easily. 

One of the biggest advantages of using a multipurpose WordPress theme such as Monstroid 2 is that you can create and change your website as you like without having to rely on any designer or programmer.

There are preinstalled theme skins with plugins, demos, page layouts, customization options and a guide if you need help setting up. 

And, one of the best parts about it is that it’s copyrighted under a GPL3 license. This means that you can use it in several projects as you need it. 

The Evolution of Monstroid WordPress Theme

Monstroid was first introduced to the market back in the summer of 2015.

It featured a collection of templates mostly, as back then multipurpose website builders were barely being introduced to the market. 

Then, in 2016, it was updated to include the Elementor feature and allowed users to add or remove elements from their website.

As one of the first multipurpose WordPress themes, it instantly became a huge hit and many website owners started using it.  

Because the first one was a huge hit on the market, the excitement was high when the Monstroid 2 theme was released the following year, in 2017.

However, many people were surprised to see that the new theme had very little in common with its sibling other than sharing the same name.

It now included a Power Builder page builder along with more template themes, designs, and more. 

Then, Monstroid 2 was updated again in 2018, bringing a variety of improvements to the Power Builder option and the existing themes, as well as bringing an improved WooCommerce integration, better responsiveness and several other back end improvements. 

Theme Feature list

Once you purchase the Monstroid 2 WordPress theme, you will receive the following features:

  • Over 17 pre-built website designs that are constantly updated
  • 7 customizable header options
  • 4 customizable blog layout options
  • A wide range of powerful plugins
  • An intuitive page builder that will help you create custom layouts
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • WordPress live customizer for real-time changes
  • Easy-to-use documentation to guide
  • 24/7 friendly support from the developers

The theme received regular updates, so the features list may be different at the time when you’re reading this. 


Demo website templates

Monstroid 2 comes with several demo websites included.

Once you install Monstroid 2 on your WordPress website, you will see all 55 available demo designs and you can preview each of them.

They are ideal if you want to create corporate websites, creative websites, hotels, restaurants, shop sites, online media portals, blogs, and more.

Once you find a demo website you like, all you need to do is select it, click Start Install and it will be automatically added to your page. It’s that simple! 


Customisation options

There is a variety of customization options when you use the Monstroid 2 theme.

They allow you to select your prefered options on different elements on your website within the Monstroid 2 theme.

To find the customisation settings, go to your Dashboard and from the Appearance dropdown menu select Themes >Customize. This will open the main settings you can modify, including: 

  • Page layout – Here, you can pick the overall look of your website or how the header, content, footer. You can even choose the width of your website in the page layout section. To find this option, go to General site settings > Page layout and you will get all the options on the lest side of your screen. 
  • Social links – It’s a good idea to put links to your social media accounts across main pages on your website, and the customisation option allows you to do this. You can find this option in the General Site Settings > Social Links.
  • Colour schemes – Everyone has their favourite colour, so why wouldn’t you be able to customise your colour scheme too? 
  • Header – You can also add an extra header with a login section and social media icons
  • Ads Management – Another benefit of Monstroid 2 is that it has a separate panel where you can add Google ads links (or other ads) with copying and pasting it only.
  • 404-page setup – You can even customize your 404 error page within the customization menu. There are some premade 404 pages you can use, but you can always customise it to your preferences. 

Elementor Page builder Integration

Elementor is a simple solution for those who want to design their WordPress website without having to hire a developer.

It’s a drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress that is integrated within the Monstroid 2 theme. 

You don’t need any programming knowledge to use the Elementor page builder, so it’s pretty simple for anyone to use.

It works on the front end, which means that you can see what you put on your website right away.

The way you see it is the way your website visitors will see it, so you can have an insight into what they see.

The Elementor page builder has a few design features through which you can fully customize your visuals and graphics, including your font, background overlays, box shadows, headline effects, hover effects, even animations.

You also have over 100 templates you can use to build your designs. 



Monstroid 2 comes with a variety of Jet plugins, all designed to improve your overall user experience and make the theme more approachable and easy to use for every experience level. The main plugins in this section are: 

JetBlocks – a plugin that allows you to create functional and appealing headers and footers. You can add texts, logos, log in and sign up buttons, add navigation menus, search bars, or a shopping cart for easier and faster purchase. 

JetTricks – this plugin helps you add your visual effects such as sticky elements, Unfolding columns, and others.

JetWooBuilder – this plugin is great for online stores because it allows you to present your products in innovative ways you personally choose.

JetTabs – makes organizing your content an easy task. You can add images and albums to make them look more appealing and interesting for viewers.

JetParallax – a plugin that can be added to the background to create an illusion of space on your website.

JetReviews – you can add the option of having reviews and ratings on your website with this plugin. It also allows you to make the reviews visually appealing and more impactful. 

JetMenu – one of the most useful plugins on the website that offers you the option to create menus fast and easy. You can organize your website in different categories and subcategories so it looks cleaner and is simpler to use.

JetElements – features a lot of handy items that allow you to improve your website’s functionality and user experiences such as the Countdown Timer, Banner, Slider, Price List, Image Comparison, Timeline, and many more.

JetBlog – an interactive plugin you can use to add blog modules and arrange your blog content by using tiles, tickers, lists, and other useful options. There are also a lot of blog layouts you can use to make your blog more appealing. 


User Experience

In terms of the overall user experience, once you get the hang of what Monstroid 2 has to offer, it’s one of the best WordPress themes you can use.

To get you set up, the installation wizard and plugin installation wizard walk you through the installation setup, so you can install them easily without feeling confused or lost in the whole process. 

There are also demo themes that allow you to preview how the website would look if you use a specific theme so you wouldn’t have to install something to see it working.

This additionally improves the user experience and shortens the time it takes to set up your website. 

Other simplified features are offered through Elementor, making it extremely user-friendly and easy to use without needing advanced website knowledge. 

Installing Monstroid2 Theme Guide

You can download the theme on the company’s official website

You will receive a file on your PC which will need to be installed on your WordPress.


To do this, open your WordPress admin page and click on Appearance > Themes > Add new and then upload the Monstroid 2 theme you previously downloaded. And that’s it!


Now you have your very own Monstroid 2 theme on your website. 

The next step is installing some plugins, which is also a simple process.

If you pick a demo, the plugins required to run it will be automatically added but you can always add or remove some of them you think you won’t need. 

Customization of headers

You can customize your header from within the Elementor menu by dragging and dropping elements into the header section.

You can use custom images, content, files, icons or whatever you please. The choice is fully yours. 

When you click the Magic Button, you will see a range of premade header types you can choose from.

If you see some you like, you can install it and it will look the same as you saw it in the preview, but you can always customize and create one on your own. 

Theme options

Elementor also allows you to change and adapt your theme options.

You can add images, files, text, icons and other features by dragging and dropping those elements on the website. 

Customization of templates

You can also modify every page element on your website through the Elementor feature, WordPress live editor or the Monstroid 2 options.

Even if you’re using a specific template, you can update all fonts, images, colours and header and footers on it. 

Theme skins

As I mentioned in the beginning when you download Monstroid 2 you will receive 17+ premade website designs.

The designs range from colourful and cheery ones to the more corporate and neutral style, so they are great to use for all types of business. 

One of the major advantages is that the theme skins come with demos for a specific industry along with a set of plugins that are required to operate your chosen theme skin. 

Each theme can be installed in its lite version or full version. Choose this according to the hosting provider you’re using.

If you’re using shared hosting, the lite version will be a better option so you don’t overload your server, but if you have dedicated servers, premium shared hosting or VPS, you can get the full version. 


Page and Post Settings

The new Monstroid 2 theme relies on Templatemonster’s PowerBuilder modular page building tool that allows you to create sophisticated page layouts without having to do complex programming.

You can customize your pages, have different stacks of rows, columns, and sections and control them easily. 

Working with Elementor

The key thing Elementor provides is the option to choose whatever features you want for your website. You can add one, ten, or all, the choice is yours.

You can also add, remove, or modify all elements separately, so whenever you want to add a button, icon or a photo, all you need to do is drag and drop it to your website. 

Most of the plugins also work well with Elementor, allowing you to add that final zing that will set your website apart from other websites.


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What WordPress Plugins are included within Monstroid 2?

There is a variety of plugins included in the updated Monstroid 2 package: 

  • Appointment Plugin – this plugin allows your site visitors to book appointments directly from your website.
  • Power Builder
  • MotoPress Menu
  • Cherry Projects
  • MotoPress Hotel Booking
  • Cherry MegaMenu
  • The Events Calendar
  • MotoPress Schedule
  • TM WooCommerce Pack

Custom post types

By using Monstroid 2, you also have the option to create custom post types outside the regular posts.

This is particularly useful when presenting new projects, special offers, introducing new team members, products or sharing other points of interest.

WooCommerce integration

The integrated plugin JetWooBuilder is great for online store websites, as we mentioned above.

It allows you to create single product pages and monetise them from within Elementor with a few clicks.

Your website will look well organized and more appealing for your website visitors who are also potential buyers for your store. 

Support and documentation

The documentation feature provides you with a Google Sheets link that walks you through every step of the installation wizard, using the theme and customization process.

There are also some useful videos that explain the key features and how to make the best use of the theme. 

Another major fact that people have mentioned while using the Monstroid 2 theme is their 24/7 support.

Whenever you need help with anything, whether it is with your purchase, installation, or setting up your theme, you can always contact Monstroid 2’s support.

They reply pretty fast, so you will get an answer to your question in a matter of minutes. 

Monstroid vs Monstroid 2 


Monstroid and Monstroid 2 often get mixed up, but they are actually different in what they offer and how they are used.

Both are very popular themes on WordPress, but Monstroid 2 is an updated version with a lot more features and options.

I will compare them so you can get an idea of what each of them offers and which one would be a better pick for your business.


The main difference between the two is that they were built for different audiences and to meet different needs, so one if better than the other for different aspects. 

Monstroid is better for users who want to make websites for themselves, use premade themes and don’t want to use complex coding to build their website.

On the other hand, Monstroid 2 is great for web designers who work on web designs for clients, users who want to use pre-designed elements for their website and want to make a unique-looking website by using the Elementor page builder. 


When it comes to the installation, Monstroid 2 has a pretty fast installation wizard, faster than the Monstroid one according to users of both.

This is expected, as Monstroid 2 design is intended to be an improved version of Monstroid, so almost every feature and element has been upgraded.  


Both Monstroid and Monstroid 2 offer customisation options that allow you to change colours, shapes, fonts, animations, borders, and page structures.

The difference between the two is that Monstroid is falling slightly behind Monstroid 2 in terms of customisation options. 


Although both themes load pretty fast, according to a website called PageSpeed, Monstroid loads in 0.5 seconds, while Monstroid 2 in 1.2 seconds.

These times are very fast, but the delay in Monstroid 2 can be partially attributed to the added elements and features Monstroid doesn’t have. 


The major difference between the two are the plugins they offer to users.

While Monstroid has the JetElements, JetMenu, JetTricks plugins, it also has a Cherry plugin which the Monstroid 2 theme doesn’t have.

On the other hand, though, Monstroid 2 features a whole pack of Jet plugins for Elementor (including all future ones), which widens the number of available widgets and elements for the website. 


In the new Monstroid 2 theme, you have the option of saving a template for future usage, an option which is not included in Monstroid. 

Theme skins

Both themes have a ton of themes, skins and demos you can use. At this moment, Monstroid offers 23 theme skins you can use, while Monstroid 2 has 30.

However, Monstroid 2’s theme skins list gets constantly updated with new ones every month. 

Monstroid2 Theme PROs and CONs


  • Simple installation wizard
  • Fully customizable
  • Preset templates you can easily use
  • Top-rated JetPlugins included
  • MailChimp emailing option included
  • Easy to use page builder
  • Automatically installed plugins with theme skins
  • Premium plugins

  • Can be overwhelming at the start
  • Some elements load slower on your website
  • More pricey than other WordPress themes
  • Some template designs are outdated
  • The documentation feature can be confusing

Pricing and discounts or coupon codes

The current price of the Monstroid 2 is $75.

However, Templatemonster sometimes offers promotions and discounts, so you can often find it for a lower price of around $53.  

If there are any coupon codes you can use or active promotions,

I’ll post them here, so make sure to check back regularly if you want to take advantage of a discounted version of the Monstroid 2 theme. 



There have been a lot of satisfied users of the new Monstroid 2 theme. Here are some of their feedbacks: 

I just started designing with this theme and I absolutely LOVE it! Monstroid 2 makes it soooo easy for anyone to use it. Highly recommend! – Jarod Steffes

Template is amazing. I had some problems with navigating and such, because I didn’t use any template from them before. There was also little problem with displaying icons, but support helped me in like 5 minutes or so. – Anonymous

I have ZERO experience with WordPress. This template was easy to edit and the Elementor feature was easy to learn. I was able to publish a great website for my business using this template with not much of a learning curve. Took about a week from start to finish. Saved myself $1,000’s by doing it myself. Highly recommended. – Anne Aldridge

Awesome and complete. If you search for something that can be change at all the time, then this is the one. – Daniel Gomes 


There are several other WordPress themes that are as popular, or even more popular than the Monstroid 2 theme.

One of the better-known ones is called Avada, which is also a multipurpose WordPress theme you can install and use on your WordPress website. 



All in all, the new theme is much faster and versatile than its predecessor, the Monstroid.

There are more layout and customization options than before, as well as skins for different industries and business styles.

The theme also installs and loads faster, including the features that come with it. 

For the cost of $75, this WordPress theme goes beyond all expectations.

Not only do you receive an easy to use, fully customizable theme, but you also get all installation demos and all plugins you may need.

When you add in the Elementor to the package, it’s clear to see why Monstroid 2 is the WordPress theme everyone is talking about.

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