Neve WordPress Theme Review 2020: Is this Theme Right for Your Business?

If you have been browsing the WordPress themes directory, you surely have seen Neve, which is on top of the popular list.

The theme is active on over 30,000 sites with almost perfect 5-star ratings.

Neve core theme is free to download, but there is also a Neve Pro Theme download option that tackles more than just functionality as we are about to see.

Neve had a new release recently, so even if you have checked out the theme in the past, you might want to consider it again because of the newly added features.

In general, Neve is customizable and has page builders such as Neve elementor, providing you with a performance-optimized foundation that will help your website load faster.

The theme brands itself as a “lightweight theme” specially built for speed. It comes with just 200 KB on a new WordPress install, and you will be instantly able to customize your site’s header, style, and layout, all thanks to the simple interface and live preview of your website.

Neve also offers multiple pre-built demo sites that are available with only a few clicks, and it integrates page builders such as Neve Elementor for improved design control.

Another great thing to mention at the start before we dig in further is to check out the latest mobile-first design.

Most of the WordPress themes are quite responsive, but Neve puts a bigger focus on mobile design as it supports Google AMP.

Get started with Neve today!

How do you customize Neve theme?

Neve offers a high level of customizability because you can use the well-known WordPress customizer to tweak the theme as you go.

But, have you ever wished that you can place your navigation bar, logo, and search box in a specific way that you want?

You’ll be surprised by the number of customization options Neve has to offer. Start with customizing the layout options and choose a default page type that you can edit in full width or contained version.

Then, you can design the layout of the blog archive and single-post pages. You have a lot of options once you start designing the layout of the single-post pages, but don’t worry- you don’t have to learn to code. It’s as simple as dragging the metadata onto the empty canvas.

All of the site’s typography is 100% customizable as well, so you can choose default font option, size, letter spacing, line height, and more, just head to Customizer Typography -> Headings and you can also set the size of <h> tags.

Then, choose the colors for the site elements by going to Customizer -> Colors -> Backgrounds and set the buttons’ design by going to Customizer -> Buttons.

You can also check out this Neve theme tutorial.

Custom Header & Footer

Another unique Neve feature is the opportunity to have a custom header and footer. All you have to do is go to Customizer -> Header/Footer as with any other theme.

Once you did that, you can place different items such as menu icons, buttons, HTML, or search boxes on the header or the footer by using the builders.

This approach will give you a lot more freedom in personalizing the header and footer.

With Neve, you can also arrange your header and footer position in almost any order by simply dragging and dropping.

Everything happens within the WordPress Customizer, meaning building a website is extremely simple and fast!

For the header, you can arrange the primary navigation on your website, the secondary navigation, search box position, and site identity. In addition to these, you can add a custom HTML element.

At the bottom of the site, the Footer part allows you to arrange menus or widgets in two rows – Footer Top and Footer Bottom.

Although the Neve PRO theme download will get more options for the header and footer elements, Neve’s attention to detail is on a high note in the regular versions.

Layout Options

With Neve, there are many layout options not only limited to the sidebar positions or content width.

For example, if you wish to have a multi-column position of your blogs and archive pages, you can easily do that with the grid layout option.

You can also adjust each post snipped by choosing which content will be visible and in what order, and of course, you can easily do that by dragging and dropping.

With the Custom Layout option, you can easily create a custom header and footer and add custom codes in various hook locations.

This is an incredibly innovative feature which can help you a lot if you start creating professional designs for your businesses.

Lightweight Base Theme

Although this theme comes with thousands of options to customize every part of the site, It doesn’t sacrifice its performance.

Neve’s frontend is lightweight because it keeps the size and number of requests to a bare minimum.

The shortest way to describe Neve is to say that it is multi-purpose, but that wouldn’t be enough because it offers much more.

Neve’s lightweight base theme was created to provide speed and focus on being compatible with page builders.

All users love the integration of Neve with standard page builder blocks while also being ready for the new Gutenberg editor.

If you run an e-commerce platform, you will love how Neve guarantees fast loading times that keep visitors on the side while at the same time giving more freedom to create more functionality on your website at the same.

You can even translate Neve in a few different languages, which means your site can be multilingual.

If you are looking to build a portfolio or run an agency, Neve’s animations will take your website on another level.

Its simple design will help you add more personal elements to your website, and you will easily integrate page builder blocks into the web design.

Ready to use Sites Library

If you want to use Neve on an already created blog, you are not obliged to use a demo site. While creating a website from scratch, you don’t have content to start with.

Demo sites, therefore, save time in providing you design with straightforward, short content. That way, all you have to do is modify it and make it more of your version.

That’s why Neve offers 14 different demo websites for launching your WordPress website.

For a lightweight theme, you could say that it provides limited functionality, but its developers worked hard to provide you with dozens of demo pages and prove the theme’s multi-purpose elements.

By purchasing a premium add-on, you will get access to even more templates!

Compatible with popular page builders

Neve is compatible with most of the major builders, so you don’t have to give up on your favorite one.

The premium add-ons include Neve Elementor Booster, which adds a lot of fun widgets such as the Social share button, Review Box, Flip card, and Typed Headline.

In addition to demo sites, Neve is built to be compatible with all WordPress page builders. What makes it “compatible”?

Basically, Neve gives you options to control the page builder canvas for every detail on your site.

You are free to change whether to use a sidebar and where to place it, the content width, and the container width. You can also disable elements such as footer, header, featured images, and titles.

Support for AMP

If you are not aware already, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP aims to provide a faster web experience for mobile users by helping them in times of slow network connection and provide excellent browsing experience.

However, to be compatible with AMP, there are some conditions.

For example, you cannot enter script tags in the HTML of an AMP page, while CSS should be less than 50 KB.

Today, most WordPress themes aim to be friendly with the AMP suggestions, and Neve is not going to do anything differently.

This means that you still need an AMP plugin to implement it on your website, but a compatible theme will reduce the number of errors.

How to Install Neve theme

Getting the free version of Neve means you only have to go into the WordPress theme directory and search for Neve in the dashboard and click install.

The premium license comes as an add-on plugin, but the base of the theme is the same.

After installing, you can go two ways:

  • Continue customizing theme if you already have an existing site
  • Import a demo site for a new website

We discussed the customization options, so now, let’s see how to create a site. Start by choosing one from a list of niches:

  • Restaurant
  • Charity
  • Freelancer
  • Travel agency
  • Business
  • and many more…

Once you activate it, you will see a new menu item Neve Options, in the right Appearance section.

You can see multiple tabs here, and you can view all demo sites by going to the Start Sites tab at the end.

Hover over one of the options to preview or to import. After previewing, click on Import and start importing.

It will download dummy content and a few widgets while for Elementor-compatible demos, you will instantly get Elementor page builder.

Additionally, you can choose to install the Orbit Fox, a plugin from ThemeIsle that will get you extra functionalities such as Social Sharing.

Once you stop importing, it is time to start editing the content. Don’t forget to tune the layout and other settings with the Customizer.

How Neve Performs

Neve’s performance test results seem to show that the overall size of the page stands under 55KB with 11 requests.

One important thing that keeps Neve lightweight is its non-dependence on JQuery Library.

Testing a demo site will give you a more realistic result on how Neve performs.

This means that once you import a demo site designed for a  freelancer,  for example, it will only take up to 55kb in space and 1.5 seconds in loading time but there are examples when the loading time can double especially when using the Elementor plugin.

Free vs. Pro

Downloading a free version is usually enough for the beginning.

You can consider Neve PRO theme download if you want to have access to features such as Scroll to top button, While Labelling, header and blog Boosters, elementor booster, and WooCommerce booster.

There’s also a tab showing a comparison between the two versions.

Is Neve theme free?

The core Neve theme is free, and you can download it from

Compared to other themes such as the Astra theme, Neve has better pricing options, which we are going to discuss shortly, making a Neve VS Astra comparison in prices.

How can I install Neve pro?

To get the Pro version, you will have to upgrade and install the plugin by going to Appereance->Neve Options->Neve Pro Addon. You will see all the premium options here.

How to get the Pro license?

Go to Neve’s pricing section on and buy yourself a plan.

After you’ve done that, download the Neve Pro Addon plugin with your license key that you purchased from the store.

Comeback to WordPress and install the plugin in a Zip file form.

After activating the plugin, you will have to enter a license key at the bottom of the Settings->General page.

Enter the key and validate it to unlock all pro features.


As we said above, let’s make a Neve VS Astra comparison in terms of pricing. Astra theme offers three premium versions, and you can get all features for $41 with a year of support.

Its Agency Bundle offers all advanced features, including a pre-built library, but it comes for a stunning $249.

On the other hand, Neve’s lowest price option provides you with a year of support, customer layouts, updates, and more for $49 per year.

You can acquire WooCommerce boosters for $59 per year while the highest tier costs $99, offering you a “white label” theme designed for agencies and freelancers.


Support Options

All support options can be seen on Themeisle as it provides vast documentation that is comprehensive.

All registered customers can ask for email support and use the Live Chat option, which is only available once you purchase the Business or Agency license.

Pros & Cons

Neve offers plenty of advantages, as you have already learned. Its Lightweight core theme is one of the first advantages that this theme has to offer.

Being highly customizable and allowing you to have your hands free to decide how your site will look is also one of Neve’s preferred options.

Neve is much cheaper than other multi-purpose themes, such as the Astra theme, as we mentioned above in the Neve vs. Astra comparison.

However, did we talk about the disadvantages, and are there any?

Although the starter sites do look fantastic and extremely simple to use, the designs could get a little more diverse.

Also, improved built-in support for schema markup is nowhere to be found. This way, Neve can become even more SEO-friendly.


Neve gives its users to create a well-designed site with flexibility to adapt to future trends in both web-development and WordPress.

The page builder compatibility makes it much easier to build a beautiful website without having to pay a lot of money or learn to code.

There’s also a growing range of starter sites, a perfect option for beginners that want to learn how to build a website.

Neve puts you in a strong position and takes advantage of growing mobile use by combining responsiveness and AMP-readiness, making it one of the most popular themes on the market.

Besides having amazing content, it’s also essential to have a lot of theme options.

With Neve, you can certainly have both and create one powerful website. As tested, all features are fascinating mainly because of their simplicity and speed.

On top of that, Neve’s theme works seamlessly with the popular page builder plugin making it convenient for users.

Without a doubt, Neve is a handy and exciting theme. The big question remaining is, do you need the premium add-ons?

We suggest you test the free theme first when creating your website to see if it meets your standards.

It surely deserves a test of its features by allowing you to add a personal touch to the theme, and if you decide in the future to have more features, you can easily upgrade at any time. 

Get started with Neve today!

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