How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping in 2019

Have you just started a Shopify store but have no idea on what to sell? I know many who can relate to this. 

When I started my first Shopify store, I had no clue about what products I should be selling. There are hundreds and thousands of products for you to choose from.

But not to worry, over time you will become better and quicker at finding these products.

If you want to know how you can easily find the right products to test on your store, keep reading…

The 3 Points of Profit

When you’re researching products for your e-commerce business, it is important to remember the 3 Points of Profit.

These are three points which I look for when finding those products which have a higher chance of selling. 

A winning product should be:

  • In High Demand: It must already be selling. It is a bit more tricky to sell something with no proof there is a demand for it.
  • It solves a problem: How can it solve people’s pain points? What products do you use to solve your day to day problems?
  • Passionate Audience: The more niche the better. People are more interested in products which they can relate to.

When selling your products online, it’s important to price them correctly so that you can maximize your profits!

Keep in mind for products which grabs your attention or exclusive to the market. This will make creating video ads much easier since these products will have a higher chance of engagement.

Who are you as a drop shipper?

There are two types of drop shippers. The first is the aggressive tester. The aggressive tester likes to test multiple products from different niches to see what works and what doesn’t. 

They spend more money on advertising when testing multiple adsets to find that winning product. A winning product is a product which has been proven to be profitable which can be scaled up more.

The second type of drop shipper is the researcher. The researcher takes a bit more time with finding the right product to test. They are more steady with advertising costs and only experiment with 1 to 2 at a time. As you can see, this can slow down your progress when finding that winning product to scale. 

So depending on who you are, it is important to remember your budget and costs when testing products, making sure you price them correctly to gain maximum profits. You would rather sell 3 items for $100 compared to 50 items at $6 each. Your time is very valuable.

Bonus tip: Facebook loves engagement! The more engagement on your ads, Facebook will reduce the cost per purchase (CPP). Engagement can be seen as likes, comments, and shares which gives Facebook a signal that your ad is perfect for the targeted audience!

You also do not have to reinvent the wheel unless you go down the “exclusivity” path with your product research. Just stick to the stuff that is already working out there when you’re first starting out.

4 Methods to Finding Winning Products

  1. Facebook
  2. Aliexpress
  3. Old School
  4. Fast

Before I do my product research I like to visit sites like and for niche ideas and inspiration.

Stumble upon has a great list of interests and hobbies which you can have a look at for niche ideas. 

You can also browse website for more product ideas. Have a look at their categories and website layout. It’s very simple and clean which is what you want to achieve with your store too. 


Facebook Product Research

Now let’s start off with the Facebook. All you have to do is enter a niche keyword in the search bar at the top and enter.

Click on the Pages tab.

What I like to do is find other pages which I know who is dropshipping. For example this page, Super Gadget Store.

When I find these pages I click on the Info and Ads Tab. This will show you the ads and products this store is selling. 

I also recommend installing Facebook Pixel and Turbo Ad Finder on your Chrome browser. These two extensions will help you find products that are already selling.

Once you have installed these extensions, hit the refresh button. You should now see more ads on your Facebook timeline. Pay close attention to the engagement these ads have. Likes, shares and comments is a good indicator the product is selling. 

Can you also see a pattern? Most of these ads are videos. Videos grab people’s attention quickly when they’re scrolling through Facebook.

Remember at the start how I mentioned when researching products which can be used in a video? Now you see why. 

Bonus tip: When finding potential products on Facebook, it’s always a good idea to save these videos for later reference.


The next method is Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a huge e-commerce website many people who are dropshipping source their products from.

For example, we found this product with some potential.

Now we head over to Aliexpress to find a similar product which we can add to our own store to sell.

When looking for suppliers, pay close attention to their feedback and store details.

The great thing about finding a good supplier is you can browse their store and find other related products which you can also test, such as adding upsells or bulk purchases to your store.

It is also possible to build out your own profitable online store by using just a few suppliers from Aliexpress.

Also, check product images to see if they are high quality and not pixelated. Try your best to find images that do not have watermarks of the supplier store.

It’s also a good idea to ask the supplier if its ok to use their images on your store. Most of the time they shouldn’t mind. You are getting them sales so I guess its fair.

Some stores also provide short videos of their product which you can use in creating your facebook video ads.

You can also have a look at the Aliexpress Dropshipping Centre for more product inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to look for products by going back a few pages. A way you can validate if these products are trending is by going to google trends.

For example, if we type back posture corrector into Google Trends, we can see that it is increasing in the chart. This is a good indicator of what is currently trending in the market so it might be a good idea to invest in testing these products on your store while the product is in demand.

Other webistes like and are great for product inspiration as well.

Just keep it simple. It is easy to lose track of time and end up going down the rabbit hole. I can spend hours looking at products on Aliexpress which I want for myself!

Remember the three points of profit I mentioned at the start when product researching. Do not always go for products with high orders. This can be an indicator a product is very saturated.

Oldschool Method

The third method I like to use is very simple. All you have to do is search for any of the keywords below into Facebook:

50% off

30% off

Order here

Get it now

On sale

Get yours

Click here

Order link

Shop here

Buy it here

You can also add your niche keyword combined with one of the keywords above.

If we hop over to Google, you can try searching these terms: Shopify “niche keyword”.

This will tell Google to show us other niche related shopify stores. As an example, we will go with

Open up some of the links on the first page. I like to look for their social accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

Again, we can head over to their Info and Ads tab and spy on their product ads! Another great thing about finding each stores social accounts is it allows facebook to show more related ads on your timeline in the future.


Intelligynce and Ali Inspector Software

For the final method, I like to use a very powerful tool known as Intelligyence.

Intelligynce is a great software for drop shippers. You are able to find key store information of your competitors, estimated sales volume of their best sellers, analyze their social accounts, spying on their installed apps which you can replicate for maximum conversions as well as spy on their paid Google ads and keywords.

When you purchase Intelligynce, it also comes with Ali Inspector as a bonus! Ali Inspector is a 3 in 1 Aliexpress product research software which allows you to find best selling products, download product images from suppliers and also product reviews which you can use on your own store to create more trust with your customers.

This tool has saved me alot of time when I am adding multiple products to my own store. It can become very messy when you have hundreds of images to find and upload.

Customer service is also very responsive over at Intelligynce HQ. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have!


To succeed with product researching, all you need is time and to keep things really simple. Follow the points above and take massive action. 

Just remember the three points of profit when you’re finding products to test. 2019 can be your year of success!

If you’re interested on learning how to build a profitable online business, you can click here to see my review on eCom Elites dropshipping course 

Let me know what your research strategies are in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Savage Affiliates Review: Getting Started with Passive Income with Franklin Hatchett


If you’re thinking about buying Frank Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates program you might want to read my review first…

Hi, it’s Darren here!

You’re probably a member of any number of Facebook groups.

I know I am. I’m in a group for a local garage sale in our area where people put up stuff for sale.

I’m in a musical group to keep up on the local bands performing throughout the area.

And I am also a member of Online Samurais.

No, it’s not some kind of online gaming group. Rather, it is the handiwork of Frank Hatchett, online marketing guru and author of Savage Affiliates.

This is my Savage Affiliates Review.

Lately I have been looking at starting my side hustle. For me, it is all about the peer pressure.

Everybody else had one, so I began to feel the squeeze. I really wanted in on this.

Problem is, my life goes in a hundred different directions every day. I needed a hustle that wouldn’t make me go crazy but still get me a few extra bucks.

Now, I had been a part of this Facebook group, Online Samurais, for a good while. I was a little afraid to get started, because I didn’t know how. I would make up all kinds of excuses.

Truth is, I think I was afraid to take a risk.

There was no need for me to be afraid, though. And so, I’d like to tell you about this great affiliate marketing course for beginners I took, that way you can get started with a good foundation of knowledge.

You don’t have to feel like a baby deer walking on a patch of ice! Rather, you can feel comfortable treading in these new and unfamiliar waters.

After all, there’s good money to be made if you just work hard enough.

Before we go on, the affiliate marketing definition is where you help product creators sell their stuff by marketing them for those creators.

You get a cut of each sale or lead you provide the seller. It sounds easy, but you need a guru…moving on.

This is where Frank Hatchett come into play. He’s a really cool guy-he’s made a six-figure income working right out of his home doing affiliate marketing.

He’s also open to sharing the wealth-that is, he will teach you the basics so you can get started making your own money.

He gives his advice away for free on YouTube, which I think is really great.

So, after watching those videos, I decided to take things a step further and go for that course I mentioned a little earlier.

This course is not some dinky PowerPoint presentation some student working to boost his resume put together.

This is the real deal and loaded with heaps of good information about how to become an affiliate marketer and how you can start affiliate market training.

Click here to check out Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett <

What Do You Learn?

I will go ahead and fill you in on what you’re going to learn when you take this course.

First, don’t get discouraged if you have no experience in affiliate marketing. He will take you by the hand and get you started.

He gives you all the tools you need-it will be up to you to use them.

Think of it as a friendly affiliate marketing for dummies course.

You will learn how to identify the niches that contain the most profit and most up and coming products, so you can make money ASAP.

You will also learn how to master the flow of traffic, so you make the max number of conversions…that means more dollars in your pocket!

You will learn how to make your website so appealing that it leads to a conversion each and every time.

It’s not too hard, we promise. You can also learn how to benefit from the Amazon Affiliate Program-and you will even see real-life examples. No scams or fairy tales here.

You will also learn how to make the most of ClickBank and ClickFunnel affiliate programs, win affiliate competitions like it’s your job, and how to rank on the first page of Google so you get SERIOUS traffic.

This affiliate marketing course for beginners will turn you into a seasoned vet.

In total, there are 9 modules, with just over 100 videos in the Savage Affiliates course.

Here is an overview of what you will learn:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Introduction
  • Module 2: Niches & Products
  • Module 3: Building Your Assets
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 6: SEO Traffic
  • Module 7: Paid Traffic Training
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training
  • Module 9: Email Marketing Training
  • Bonus: Funnel Training

Click here to check out Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett <

What Do You Get?

I am fully aware that before you make the investment on this course, you want to know what you will get.

Yeah, it’s just like buying a car…

…you wouldn’t just buy it without a test drive and review from a person who owns the vehicle.

Allow me to tell you all the great stuff you get!

You will take comfort in knowing that you get lifetime access to the complete Affiliate Marketing Course that will train you and teach you all the basics.

You will also get full access to Frank Hatchett’s lines of communication-yeah, you can ask the master anything you like about affiliate marketing! How handy is that.

Your affiliate marketing training does not end once the course does. You can participate in the live Q & A sessions to learn from others and share what you’ve learned.

And most important of all, if you don’t like what you’ve learned, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Every dollar will come back to you with no questions asked in case this doesn’t work out for you.

He also gives you 3 of his highest converting funnels…. now I know you may not understand what a funnel is, but believe me, you will, and you will be glad he gave it to you!

Plus, if you go ahead and pull the trigger on this purchase now, you can enjoy some sweet bonuses to enhance your step by step affiliate marketing training.

You get a template that will convert people at a lightning fast rate.

And if you want to get started on building an email marketing list, he also gives you a template that captures over half of your clicks-70% to be exact.

Lastly, a complete affiliate marketing funnel is included, too. It’s a great little stepping stone to help you start up and get moving into this exciting world.

And ladies and gents…I cannot stress enough that there is seriously no risk when you choose to buy this thing.

You can take comfort in the 100% money back guarantee that’s listed right on the website.

What Was Your Experience?

At this point, I’ve definitely given you a brief overlook of the course and how it shows how to become an affiliate marketer.

You are probably wondering about my particular experience with the program and how it worked out for me.

The course says you can learn how to make about $10K a month doing this affiliate marketing stuff using free and paid traffic techniques and ideas.

I will be honest with you-if you work hard enough, this could very well happen to you, but it is not likely. Not that I don’t hope the best for you- I just don’t want to set a false expectation.

I started by paying the price of $197. You might say, “What the heck. That’s way too much!” Yes, I agree that’s a load of cash.

But remember, this guy is the real deal. He already gives advice away on YouTube for free. This course is a genuine and real way of getting to know the greatest methods of affiliate marketing.

Your investment is not going to some shady teacher who will take your money and run. This is cheap compared to some of the other, lesser guys.

I chose affiliate marketing because it’s a way to earn passive income. You set everything up, make sure it’s working and then just set it and forget it. Then you watch the money come rolling in!

I am writing this a year after I actually did the course and I am telling you now that I am still getting commissions from recommendations I made on my blog nearly a year ago.

And it was for something so simple-just a special scrubby pad I enjoy using in my kitchen.

I was pleasantly overwhelmed to find that there were over a hundred videos included in the course.

Yes, it took a while to get through them all. But I watched them each and every day on lunch breaks and waiting at the doctor’s office, etc.

I was able to get through them with ease, and I was never not busy. I was always learning.

They worked especially well on my iPad, playing in 1080P. They’re all on Vimeo, of all places, so it’s easy to control and watch. Less traffic than YouTube means a bit faster load time, too!

Here are the modules I followed in the order they appear. I’ll tell you a little about each one.

Update: I finally made my first ClickBank sale by following what Franklin teaches in his course.

I did not login into my ClickBank account for a couple of weeks and just focused on creating content. I was too fixated on making money instead of helping others with my blog.

After weeks of ignoring it, I logged back in to check and noticed I made another sale, which shows affiliate marketing does work! I just have to be patient, focus on creating value for my audience and then the money will follow.

My second blog started making a few sales here and there. I made a commission of $100 in one day, which is my highest commission to date.

It’s a great feeling knowing the hard work you put in will be worth it in the end.

Click here to gain access to Savage Affiliates <

Savage Affiliates Review

1. Affiliate Introduction

This one is the welcome wagon of the course. You meet Franklin, who tells you what to expect. This part mostly focuses on “How We Do [insert course module here].”

E.G. “How We Do SEO.” There is another important video to watch that has how to do disclaimers, which is good for those of you in the USA. They also talk about just how important SEO is.

Topics covered in this module:

  • How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • The Results
  • How We Use Free Traffic
  • How We Use Paid Traffic
  • Quick Traffic SEO Video

2. Niches/Products

Next you will learn about what niches to use and how to find affiliate offers. Without a good offer, you’re out of luck, so this is one of the most valuable sections I encountered.

You will learn how to find products you can promote and then it goes into specific places with offers and products you can promote. I found videos dedicated to Clickbank, Amazon, Jvzoo, Health Market.

These are all pretty great. Clickbank is one to be aware of-people can and do request refunds. Clickbank certainly treats its people fairly and is open about their refund policy, but it can bite you.

Franklin comes back and shows you how you can take advantage of the many web hosting offers available.

Hosting affiliates can make up to $150 for just referring a paying customer. This part I really liked-there’s no filler here. It’s just 15 minutes of pure intelligent content that gets straight to the point.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Looking at Niches to Use
  • Find Affiliate Offers
  • Finding New Products
  • Using ClickBank
  • Using Amazon
  • Using Health Market
  • Web Hosting Offers
  • Using Share A Sale
  • CPA Networks

3. Asset Building

This helps you learn how to build a website using simple and easy to follow terms. You will watch a video about choosing a domain name, how to start the site using WordPress, and how to make your site easy to navigate and install the must-have plugins.

Even if you already know about WordPress, I’d still stay with this and watch the video. If anything, you will learn how to set up your site correctly along with web assets.

You will also learn how to create and start your email subscriber list. It shows you how to set up your email landing page to get those signups under your belt and your email list on fire.

Lastly, you will learn about chatbots and social media. It’s pretty new info, so take the time and learn about it. If you can master it, it can enhance your earning potential.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Building Assets Intro
  • Buying a Domain Name
  • Starting Your Website
  • Navigating Your Website
  • Must Have Plugins
  • Emails Assets (Platforms)
  • Creating Landing Pages & Forms
  • Facebook Chat Asset
  • Power of Social Accounts

4. Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

Clickbank is kind of a tough nut to crack. You get paid by NET30 Payments by default-this means you get paid 30 days after the previous month. This is annoying at first, but once you send them some serious traffic, you will get paid every 2 weeks.

The first few videos in this section show you how to set up your account and file tax forms. Then you learn about the way to choose the right products and services to sell and how to use the platform.

After all that, you will learn how to set up your own site for ClickBank marketing including how to set up your website correctly, mastering the 1:1 article structure, and installing themes and widgets.

You will also learn how to set up funnels and even look at real life examples where Franklin talks you through the setup process for actual marketplace products.

Topics covered in this module:

  • The W8-W9 Form
  • The Main Traffic We Use
  • You Can Sell Anything With The Right Structure
  • ClickBank Facts
  • What We Will Be Building (Examples)
  • Finding Keywords and Using Tool
  • Checking the Top 10
  • Buying Articles (If you don’t want to write them)
  • 1v1 Article Structure
  • Review Articles
  • Adding Article to Site
  • Installing Your Theme
  • Edit Sidebar
  • Edit Site Menus
  • Paid Google Traffic and Landing Page
  • Building A Simple Funnel
  • Module Recap

5. Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

You start big-that is, learning about an affiliation with a 30-million-dollar Amazon affiliate site. Granted we all know this is pretty lofty, but hey, hard work makes dreams come true right?

Franklin teaches you how to analyze the top 10 search results on Google and how you can outrank them. He then tells you how to set up your Amazon affiliate site using the proper article structure, site layout, best keywords, and whether you’d like to create a niche, authority or hybrid site.

You will learn from five real life examples where Franklin talks about the entire process for real products on Amazon.

You can find your own niche and make a killing on it, whether it’s doll clothes, snow blowers or anything in between.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Amazon Website Examples
  • 30 Million Dollar Amazon Site
  • Buyer Intent Keywords
  • Ideal Amazon Products
  • Amazon Niche Research
  • Aliexpress Niche Research
  • Fun Way To Find Product Ideas
  • Seasons and Trends
  • Using Flippa for Research
  • Analyze Top 10 Search Results
  • Niche vs Authority vs Hybrid Site
  • Structure Your Amazon Site
  • Website Basics and Creating Cool Stuff
  • Big Boy Keyword

6. Generating SEO Traffic

Over the course of 29 videos, Franklin will show you how to do SEO… from on-page SEO and how to properly structure your site and build links.

The link building stuff include Web 2.0, blog comments, questions on Quora, PBN Links and also Franklin’s hidden links. You can also learn how to set up analytics and keyword movement tracking.

I’d honestly have to argue that this small module was worth the price I paid alone.

Topics covered in this module:

  • How Googe Works (Think of Spiders)
  • Google Ranking Factors
  • Doing on Page SEO
  • On page SEO Factors
  • Website Speed
  • How Web 2.0’s Work
  • Analysis Competitor Anchor Texts
  • Buying Web 2.0’s
  • Create a Web 2.0
  • Power Up Web 2.0
  • Building Blog Comments
  • Find Blog Comments
  • Quora Backlinks
  • My Backlink Process
  • Relevant Outbound Links
  • Setup Google Webmasters
  • Website Sitemap
  • Click Through Rates & Engagement
  • Reverse Engineer Your Competitors
  • Buying PBN Links
  • Social Signals
  • Website Structure (Silo)
  • Skyscraper Technique for Backlinks
  • Fiverr Backlinks
  • How to Track Keywords

7. Paid Traffic Training

I learned that paid traffic is all good when you are drop shipping, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, I focus on the free and natural traffic. If this doesn’t work for you, Savage affiliates covers paid traffic with a ton of details.

You will watch 23 videos about paid traffic on Facebook, Google Adwords, and Solo Ads. These are all well and good, but I wished they would have covered some other platforms (LinkedIn for example, would have been cool).

The first ten videos are all about Facebook ads. You will learn about pixel setup and config, funnels, how to create eBook covers, and examples of ads and how to track profitable ad campaigns.

I find that the biggest problem with Facebook Ad pixels is the lack of ability to integrate with Clickbank or Amazon to keep track of sales.

In the Solo Ads part, you will learn how to find sellers and suitable sellers at that. Some people will just take your money and run.

In Adwords, you will learn how to setup everything including tracking, choosing your audience, and keywords to target. Then you will learn how to scale your videos.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Paid Advertising Intro
  • Who is Your Buyer?
  • Simple Affiliate Tracking (ClickBank)
  • Facebook Ads 1: Facebook Overview
  • Facebook Ads 2: Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Ads 3: Looking at Funnels
  • Facebook Ads 4: Buy eBook Cover
  • Facebook Ads 5: Installing Pixels
  • Facebook Ads 6: Advanced Link Tracking & Split Testing
  • Facebook Ads 7: Creating Facebook Lead Ad
  • Facebook Ads 8: What to Track on The Ads
  • Facebook Ads 9: Check Facebook Data
  • Facebook Ads 10: Scale Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads: Intro, Finding Sellers, Creating Tracking Links
  • Google Ads 1: Google AdWords
  • Google Ads 2: Google AdWords Pixel
  • Google Ads 3: Starting a Google Ad
  • Google Ads 4: Maximum Bid
  • Google Ads 5: Tracking on Google
  • Google Ads 6: Audience & Display Ads
  • Google Ads 7: Scale Your Google Ads

8. Free Traffic How To

If you can master the fine art of SEO and choose the most favorable products, you can make money hand over fist with little to no effort.

Heck, some people are traveling while the money piles up from their Amazon commissions, and it was easy to get started.

You will learn how to get leads from capture forms, YouTube traffic and forum traffic.

The YouTube videos number 10 in total, and they will show you how you can get started, set up the right thumbnail, and find keywords. You will also learn setup retargeting and how to rank them correctly.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Free Traffic Intro
  • Collecting Free Traffic Leads
  • Forum Traffic 1: Growth Hacking
  • Forum Traffic 2: How I Get Forum Traffic
  • Youtube: How to Get Started
  • Youtube: Best Youtube Keywords
  • Youtube: Ranking Factors
  • Youtube: How to Rank Your Video
  • Youtube: Retargeting

9. Email Marketing: A Primer

This final module is all about email marketing. It’s at the end, which was weird to me, but oh well. Make sure you have a list first, otherwise this module is not of any use.

You will learn how to get started, get your campaigns optimized, and automated your campaigns.

You can also create and setup newsletters. You can figure out how to get higher opening rates. You will learn how to integrate with Clickfunnels and eCommerce.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Intro to Email Marketing
  • Creating Email Automation
  • Creating and Send Newsletters
  • Email Open Rates
  • Contact Flow Walkthrough
  • ClickFunnels Automation Funnel
  • eCom Automation Funnel

10. Bonus: Funnel Training

Franklin will teach you how to use funnels on your affiliate websites to make you more money in the backend. Franklin keeps his tutorials very simple and easy to understand.

He even shows you funnel examples and how you can implement these funnels for different types of businesses.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Funnel Intro
  • Funnel Bait
  • Building Funnel
  • Building eCom Funnel
  • Email Blueprint
  • Getting Traffic

Access to Savage Affiliates Private Facebook Group

Signing up to the Savage Affiliates course will give you instant access to the private Facebook Group. You will gain new knowledge from Franklin’s latest strategies and feedback from other members of the group. As a member of the group, you can ask questions and interact with other like-minded students. It’s a great place to fall back on when you need help.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not many courses will offer their students a money back guarantee. However, if you are unsatisfied with the course, you can request for a full refund, no questions asked.

Is Savage Affiliates a Scam?

This is a training course created by a genuine individual. This is not an overpriced course made by a 17-year-old millionaire from YouTube.

The 30-day money back guarantee is proof this is not a scam.

Is there a discount coupon for Savage Affiliates?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or coupons for this training course. The price is fixed at $197.

Do not believe the fake discount codes from other sites.

My Final Thoughts on Savage Affiliates Training Course

Overall, I am glad I got this course. First and foremost, I liked that I could buy with ease as there was a 30-day money back guarantee.

I would have liked a discount code, but I guess all the good info that Franklin gives away for free online is more than any discount code.

The content, price, level of support, and features of the course were all top notch. I’d rate them all ten out of ten, would take the course again.

Heck, I get access for life, so I will go back and review it from time to time.

I think this course is just great for anybody who is looking to get started in affiliate marketing.

Yeah, there are plenty of other ways to make money online but think about the passive nature of affiliate marketing.

You work just once, and then the money comes in years afterward if you are lucky. In this respect, shelling out the one-time course fee is a deal.

Plus, I can’t tell you enough how much I respect Franklin Hatchett. I mean, the dude clearly makes enough money to live a life of luxury (um, he has a Maserati) but is kind enough to share how he did it on YouTube and even put it in the form of this great course.

He has many happy followers and satisfied students.

Heck, go take a look at the main website and you can see his whole story- he was once just one of us. Now he’s a success story and we can be too through the right affiliate marketing program for beginners.

I think it’s important to note that this isn’t Franklin’s first rodeo. This guru even wrote a course for those of you that want to do drop shipping above all else-that is, he created the eCom Elites course which is hailed as one of the best courses to learn from in that particular business.

All in all, don’t sleep on this. Take my Savage Affiliates Review to heart and go look up some other satisfied students’ reviews.

Naturally, before I even bought this course, I did the same thing and was pleased to find out that just about everybody who tried this course had something favorable to say about it.

I don’t recall seeing one poor review for this course on how to make money affiliate marketing.

Sure, your results will vary and everybody’s going to have varying degrees of success. But just give it a try, you just might amaze yourself!

Thank you so much for reading my Savage Affiliates review.

I hope this post helped you in making your decision on whether or not to join this affiliate marketing course.

If you have any questions, do feel free to leave me a comment below.

Click here to gain access to Savage Affiliates <


ClickFunnels Review – A Smart Way to Save & Earn More

How’d you like to learn about a tool that makes easier for you to run your online business and save $1000 a month at least?

Better yet, what if I told you that this tool not only saves you money but also improves your sales substantially?

Would you be interested?

Hell, I surely was. Just like you, I used to spend a hefty amount every month on tools to run my online business.

You know the usual stuff such as Email Autoresponder, membership site, site builder, site hosting, shopping cart, and affiliate program, among others.

And just like you, I wasn’t happy about spending so much money on these tools.

But I did (and so do you, right?).

Because, let’s face it, without these tools, you simply can’t run an online business.

However, even after spending a nice amount on these tools one thing constantly worried me: Am I attracting the right traffic?

Perhaps, you think about this, too. After all this is very important. Right traffic = better sales conversion.

And we all want better conversion, earn more money. That’s why we work so hard, isn’t so?

Fortunately, a friend told me about a great tool that saves money on the aforementioned essential tools and also helps attract the right kind of traffic and improve sales conversions.

And I was all ears.

I’m sure this is something you’ll also be interested in.

The tool is called ClickFunnels. It makes running an online business easier and more profitable.

In this ClickFunnels review, I’ll share important details about it, so that you can decide for yourself if it is for you.

What is ClickFunnels?

As an online marketer, you might have come across the words “Sales Funnel”. Or perhaps you even tried creating one for your business and found it tough going.

A sales funnel refers to a website having several sequentially-placed pages that visitors need to browse through to buy a service or product.

Such websites have proven to be mighty effective in improving sales conversion.

However, there’s a problem.

Building a sales funnel on your own from ground up is tough and time-consuming. You can do it, but you’ll end up spending several hours on it.

This is where ClickFunnels comes into the picture.

A funnel builder par excellence, ClickFunnels help you build a customized sales funnel in an hour, if not less.

This online sales funnel builder helps online businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online more easily.

By providing you with funnel options which are built-in for a specific service, product, or business, it simplifies the way you run your online business.

Is ClickFunnels Right for You?

At this point in time, you might be thinking “All that is great, but is ClickFunnels right for my online business?

Click Funnels is right for you if you run…

  • e-commerce shop
  • insurance business
  • coaching business
  • real estate business
  • network marketing/digital marketing business

As a matter of fact, I believe if you are selling anything online ClickFunnels is right for you.

Why not just use WordPress?

Using WordPress to creating a sales funnel is like climbing the Mt. Everest without a supplemental oxygen tank. It can be done, but it is very tough.

On the other hand, using ClickFunnels is like getting dropped on the top of the Mt. Everest by a chopper.

You take your seat, wear the seat belt, and plug into your favourite music, and a few songs later, viola, you’re at the top of the world!

With WordPress you can do everything that ClickFunnels does. But on WordPress you’ll have to sweat it out—a lot.

You will have to rake your brains over coding and different plug-ins. And there’ll be a lot of hit and trial, too.

Whereas, ClickFunnels is an automated sales funnel creator—and a top one at that. Everything you need is prebuilt.

A little understand of ClickFunnels and a few clicks are all that it demands of you.

To put it plainly, if you want to spend as much time as possible on running your business, getting more clients, and increasing sales, ClickFunnels is the way to go.

Does ClickFunnels Work?

Yes, it does—every time and for every business.

That’s the beauty of ClickFunnels. It is right for all online businesses.

ClickFunnels has helped me save money on running my online business and improve my conversion rates.

I don’t see any reason why you can’t get the same benefits from this amazing marketing funnel builder.

Click here to start your 14 Day Trial. <<

ClickFunnels Pros & Cons

Now, it’s time we get into meat of the matter and check out the pros and cons of this automated funnel builder.


  • Super easy to use

Is ClickFunnels easy to use? This is one question I get asked a lot.

The answer is YES!

Its theme editor is all click-based. Simply click and drag your favourite modules to create your theme.

Plus there are a good number of pre-made templates, which makes things all the more easier.

This entire sales funnel software is really easy to use and user-friendly. Anyone can use it to build professional sales funnel quickly. A wide selection of ready-made themes allows you to use a theme as it is, without any editing, if that is what you want.

  • Creates landing pages quickly

Do you find creating landing pages a difficult and time-consuming task?

Well, with ClickFunnels, you can say goodbye to this problem. If you use ClickFunnels, you’ll be able to create impressive landing pages within minutes.

  • No coding required

The best thing about this marketing funnel builder is that it allows you to make a sales funnel that’s suitable for your online business without you having to learn any coding.

  • You get a 14-day free trial

ClickFunnels is not a free software tool. So it is a nice thing that they offer a 14-day free trial.

You can test it, check out what it offers and see if this funnel builder answers your needs.

What’s more, start collecting leads from the day one of the trial period by creating a few sales funnels!

  • Impressive third-party integrations

This is another impressive thing about ClickFunnels.

With it, you’ll have no trouble connecting a host of 3rd party services with your sales funnels, like MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, Paypal, Mad Mini, and ClickBank, among others.

  • A built-in shopping cart

When you use ClickFunnels, you wouldn’t have to integrate any other shopping cart into your online business.

ClickFunnels comes with a built-in shopping cart, which is just as good as any other in the market.

  • Reduces operation costs

Want to cut down the operational costs? ClickFunnels can prove to be a life-saver!

It has nearly every tool which you require to sell your service or product online from…

  • building an opt-in page
  • capturing leads
  • exit pop up
  • up sell, down sell, and thank-you pages
  • a shopping cart
  • email follow up series
  • an effective affiliate marketing platform for those who want to become an affiliate

When you use ClickFunnels, you don’t have to pay membership fees on several important business tools that your need, as it has everything you need, and some more.

You can easily save a $1000, if not more, by using ClickFunnels.

  • Better conversation rates

Lastly, by helping you attract the right kind of traffic and customers, ClickFunnels helps you boost your conversion.


  • Sometimes detailed settings can prove tricky

Initially, the advanced features may take some time getting used to.

ith that said, support is available to help you figure out things if you get stuck.

  • There’re some bugs and glitches

ClickFunnels is a great sales funnel software tool. But it is not perfect. Because this tool is relatively new, you might encounter some bugs and glitches.

However, as said before, support is available, so there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Email automation is good but not the best you can get

In-built email automation feature is pretty good, but there are some even better ones available in the market.

However, good news is that you’ll no longer have to pay separately for using email automation.

How Much is ClickFunnels

Many people want to know how much is ClickFunnels. Well, the basic package is for $97 per month while the Elite package costs $297 per month.

Click here to start your 14 Day Trial. <<


Easy to use and effective as ClickFunnels is, it would be better if you consider a few things before signing-up for it.

For example, check what all files you’re going to require for your sales funnel and, more importantly, create those files before you register.

This will help you save not only time but also money.

Let’s say you’re selling an eBook. So in this case, pen down the eBook before signing up.

Additionally, it would be best if you also decide beforehand about the kind of sales funnel you want.

To put it simply, you should figure out how you would like to market your services or products before using ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels is an amazing tool. It helps you save the cost of running an online business.

When you use it, you no longer need to a separate subscription fee for each of the many marketing tools that you use.

As it is a top-class sales funnel software tool, you can create the sales funnel that’s right for your business within a few minutes.

And the best part is that it helps you get the right traffic and customers, improving your sales conversions handsomely.

If you’re looking for a tool that saves you time and helps you earn more from your online business, ClickFunnels is exactly what you need.

Check out ClickFunnels here. <<

5 Ways to Spy On Shopify Stores For Free – Find Stuff That Sells

When utlillzing dropshipping as a business, it is important to research and analyze what is currently working well for your competitors. In this short guide, I will list some of the FREE tools you can use to spy on your competitors today.

Your goal as a dropshipper is to make sales FAST. It will be a bit confusing at the strat but as you progress, it will become very easy!

It is important to keep the folloinh ppints in mind when you are implementing competitor research:

  • Who are your competitors
  • what products are currently trending/selling
  • how are they pricing their products
  • whats their marketing strategy
  • what shipfiy apps do they use
  • what are their strengsth and what can they improve on

This website allows you yo ind hosting companies by IP address.

You can search for Shopify stores through this IP address: or select Shopify, Inc from the drop down under IP Owner/Parent IP Owner/ Hosting.

Here, you will have access to hundreds of Shopify stores which you can analyaze. I like to start from around page 500 and look for other dropshipping stores.

You can also copy and paste the website URL and head over to



This website can help spy on your competitors traffic sources and SEO keywords that is currently generating them orgsnic tarffic.



2. Shopify Exchange is a great site to find Shopify stores for sale. You cna choose from a wide range of niches and monthly revenue. Find stores related to your niche and see what they have implemented on their store.

Are you missing out on any certain products or plugins? Also pay attention to their site layout, deisgn and colors. You could use these stores as inspiration for your own business.




3. Google Search

Head over to Google and enter: “niche keyword here”

Quotation marks helps Google to only display related sites related to your niche keyword which includes “” in the URL.


It’s not a common thing to have “” in the stores URL. Many dropshippers still have it since they havent paid for a custom domain. Keep in mind having “” in your URL does make your store look unrpofessional and less credible for potential customers. I recommend brandinf your store to have a competitive edge over other dropshipping stores.


4. Facebook Search

Simlar to Google search, type in “” and “niche keyword”.



Try  these keywords too!

  • Get yours now
  • Get yours here
  • Just pay shipping
  • Only pay shipping
  • Tag a friend
  • Tag someone
  • Like and share
  • Claim yours here
  • Claim yours now
  • Limited supply
  • Giving away 50 free
  • Giving away 100 free
  • 10% OFF
  • 25% OFF
  • 50% OFF
  • 80% OFF
  • Free shipping
  • Buy here
  • Buy this
  • Get it here

If you know who your competitors are, check out their Facebook Page and have a look at their Info and ads.


5. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms where you can find some very interesting ideas. Type in your product and niche keywords to find other ecommerce stores. It is important to analyze the ecommerce market as a whole and not focusing just on Shopify stores.


Here is a quick tip, add this to the end of any competitor you find: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling. This will aloow you to quickly see what the best selling items of the store.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep it simple! Don’t over complicate things too much. Make a short list of the competitors you wish to research and pay attention to the different elements which make up their store.

17 Free Trust Badges To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

When shopping online, a high level of trust has to be built in order to successfully convert a shopper into a paying customer. More conversions = More profit!

With trust badges, a customer would be more confident to purchase form your business, having peace of mind knowing they are interacting with a legitiment business.

The idea is to keep it simple and not to over do it with these trust badges. I have seen multiple stores add too many to their product pages, resulting in clutter and makes their business look very unprofessional.

So how do you know which badges to use?

This post will outline what you need to know when choosing trust badges for your online store.

Read more17 Free Trust Badges To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

7 Ways to Find Trending Products to Drop Ship on Shopify

So you have your Shopify store set up and ready to go…but you have no products to start marketing? What do you do?!

When looking for products, I have a criteria which I follow to see if the product is worth selling.

Does it solve a problem? Are people passionate about this niche? Is there a demand for it?

Today I will show you a few of my methods which I use to find products for my drop shipping business.

Read more7 Ways to Find Trending Products to Drop Ship on Shopify

Thrive Themes Review 2018 – Incraese Converisons and Generate More Leads

We all want our websites to get results.

We all want viewers to spend more time on our sites and become paying customers.

But how can we get the kind of results we want?

One way is by using Thrive Themes, designed to help you make your content look good and improve conversions.

A Thrive Theme membership gives you access to multiple themes and plug-ins. You can use them to build your site from scratch or integrate them into your existing site and get better conversions. Think of it as a ClickFunnels alternative for self-hosted sites—and a cheaper one at that.

Continue reading my detailed Thrive Themes review to learn all that Thrive Themes has to offer.


Read moreThrive Themes Review 2018 – Incraese Converisons and Generate More Leads

eCom Turbo Review: The Only Shopify Theme You’ll Ever Need

Hey, Darren here!

Are you looking for a high converting and easy to use Shopify theme? Then you came to the right place.

Read on for my review on the best Shopify dropshipping theme: eCom Turbo.

Dropshipping and Shopify

Source: Oberlo

Drop shipping is the process of selling products you will never get in contact with to your Shopify store customers.

This can be done with easy-to-use automated tools that send any orders that come in your store automatically to the supplier.

The supplier ships the products to the customer. As a Shopify owner, your main role is to get the traffic and make it convert.

When setting up a Shopify online store and choosing a theme it is vital to pick a theme that looks great on a PC and desktop, is customizable to suit your brand and has the technical aspects like built in sliders and pop ups.

One of the main reasons a lot of Shopify drop ship owners are struggling to make sales even with thousands and thousands of visitors is because their layout looks awful, they don’t have clear call to actions, the theme isn’t mobile friendly or they are not subtle and persuasive enough.

What is the eCom Turbo premium theme?

eCom Turbo is a completely customizable Shopify theme which allows you to develop your eCom store without having any programming or coding knowledge.

By using this premium theme, you will be able to add gadgets and widgets to boost your sales.

eCom Turbo creator, Frank Hatchett is a successful, New Zealand born, online marketer who made his fortune with dropshipping and eCommerce by running several online stores.

Now he is training others in making their online store successful through his eCom Elites online course.

As he is an expert in dropshopping and running a Shopify store, he was able to develop his own theme eCom Turbo to help others convert their traffic into paying customers.

The premium theme allows the users to customize their shop in great detail by adding pop-ups, special coupon codes, discounts which will boost the conversion rate.

Check out eCom Turbo Theme Here >

What are the special features of eCom Turbo?

The premium theme has an abundance of features which are aimed at improving conversions. Below is a list of the main features which make this premium theme stand out.

Fast Loading Time

Franklin has created this theme to load up your store super fast. This is important since more people are using their smartphones for shopping online.

People these days have a very short attention span. If your store takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load, your customers will hit the back button, costing you sales.

When you start adding apps to your Shopify store, it will have to load external URL’s and domains in order for them to work each time a customer comes to your store.

However, Franklin has already added these apps as standard features to eCom Turbo.

This will save you a tonne of cash each month compared to the monthly fees you would have to pay for these apps individually.

With the extra money saved, you can reinvest it to your store, perhaps outsource more tasks to free up your time or spend more on marketing for more traffic.


Customizable pop ups that present special discounts, refund information and coupons which could turn into potential leads.

You can change the compositions, shades, colors and letter types to match your brand.


Clocks and countdowns makes the products look exclusive and limited, which makes customers more likely to buy as the offer is temporarily.

Pre Check Out Boosting Upsell

A session just before checkout which highlights the different products and benefits of the products.

This is a massive conversion booster as visitors are more likely to buy a product right after the cart and just before checkout.

This could increase your profit by 25%. You can get really specific with the products you offer.

Customizable Footer

Most other Shopify themes do not offer footers that are customizable but eCom Turbo allows you to add a professionally looking footer.

You’ll have the option of including badges like satisfaction guarantees, free shipping, guarantee boxes and social media icons.

Call To Action Buttons

You’ll could add all sorts of call to action buttons across your whole Shopify store. The clear and simple looking call to action buttons on the homepage create better conversion.

Offer Discounts

Offer an extra discount to clients who purchase a certain amount of products or spend a pre-set minimum amount of money. This will encourage clients to purchase more products than initially intended.

Cart Buttons

Decide the shading of your buttons and call to actions in your online store. You will also have the option to add a second button above the cart that can be toggled on or off.

Landing Page

Choose how your landing page will look like by playing around with the contents positions and arrangements.

You can change the colors of everything on the homepage and the product pages. It is vital that all your layouts match with your brand identity.

Related Items

Suggest related items to the products in the clients shopping basket. This inspires and reminds the clients about other products they might need increasing average order value.

Just Purchased

Add a pop up to a product page that lets the visitors know if someone just purchased that same product. This builds up trust with your audience, as they feel a certain reassurance.

Trust Badges

There are a wide arrange of trust badges you can choose from to add to your store and implement them the way you want.

Increased Instagram Profits

The theme is designed for crispy Instagram profits with a sticky add to cart button and to boost Instagram promotions.

 Get Started with eCom Turbo Here >

Franklin has thought of everything you will ever need, so you don’t have to worry anymore about purchasing all sorts of plugins to boost your sales.

Other Shopify themes available for purchase are not even half as good as the eCom Turbo.

Once the theme is installed you’ll be able to alter anything including text, colours, fonts, sizes, arrangements, add a custom header and footer, change your logo, add different currencies, a currency converter and many other features.

Who Should Use This Theme and Why you Should Buy it?

Most of the free Shopify themes are horrible. Other premium themes can go up to $180 and don’t even have that many benefits as a lot of them look great of a laptop but awful on a mobile phone.

eCom Turbo only costs $97 which is very affordable compared to other themes like Shoptimized, Shopify Booster and Jetpack.

If you would purchase all the different plugins separately the cost could go up to $900 a year.

This is the theme to go for if you need to boost your conversions and want a theme that is straightforward to use.

Pros of eCom Turbo Shopify Theme

  • It is a one off purchase which includes all sorts of ready made plugins as listed above.
  • If you’re looking to buy several of these plugins separately it can go up to costing you $60 a month. Which would be on top of using the Shopify platform.
  • The theme is unique as there are no other similar themes out there that offer as many options.
  • The eCom Turbo plugins and apps are integrated in such a way to reduce the loading time which your customers will appreciate!

Cons of eCom Turbo Shopify Theme

  • When updating any Shopify theme you will need to update the entire webstore again.
  • This is no different for the eCom Turbo Theme. Be aware of this before doing an update.

 Get Instant Access to eCom Turbo Here >

The eCom Turbo Customer Support

eCom Turbo has an impressive support service which can offer email and ticket support.

Franklin also runs a Facebook group where you could ask questions which will be answered by Franklin, one of his employees or the other eCom Turbo users.

On top of that, they offer a full online video training on how to use the theme effectively.

The Price Of The eCom Turbo Theme

eCom Turbo is available to purchase at a fair price of $97 for a one site license or at $127 for a multi site license allowing you to install the theme all across your Shopify sites.

After payment, you can immediately download the eCom Trubo .zip files and upload them on to your Shopify store. Even if you’ve never installed a new theme, it is easy and can get you starting within a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve installed the theme you’ll be able to make immediate changes across your site.

If you have purchased the eCom Turbo theme and are not happy with it you can receive a 100% refund within 14 days of purchasing.

Final Thoughts On eCom Turbo

The theme is everything you’ll ever need! It will allow you to change anything you want and have it look exactly the way you want it.

It is intuitive and straightforward, no need to know coding or programming.

As the theme is created in function of having a better conversion, you’ll quickly see the difference in sales once the theme is successfully installed and implemented.

For all the customization options included, for the ease of use and for it being a great conversion booster, I award the eCom Turbo Shopify Theme by Franklin Hatchett a well deserved 4.6 rating out of 5.

 Get Instant Access to eCom Turbo Here >

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here >.

Thank you so much for reading my eCom Turbo Shopify Theme review.

I hope this post helped you in deciding if the theme is suitable for your Shopify eCommerce store or not.

If you have any questions, please do let me know in the comment section below.


eCom Elites Review: Is it Really Worth $197? (Version 2.0) – Standard & Ultimate Packages

Hi, Darren here!

If you’re planning on purchasing the eCom Elites Drop shipping course, you might want to read my review first…

Here are my honest thoughts and opinions on Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites Drop shipping Course.

What is the eCom Elites Drop shipping Course?

eCom Elites is an affordable online mentoring course by Franklin Hatchett which focuses on teaching e-commerce dropshipping using Shopify.

The training consists of 11 modules with each module covering many topics with hours of tutorials.

You will also have access to a private Facebook Group, weekly live Q&A sessions and an extra secret module withs tips and tricks to help you make more sales.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

He is an online marketer from New Zealand with a couple of successful niche sites.

In 2015 he made his success in drop shipping and eCommerce by running several stores and promoting them through Facebook ads.

He then moved on to training others in creating their own success by creating eCom Elites drop shipping course.

He also developed eCom Turbo, which is the perfect Shopify theme that comes with a wide variety of styling customization features and built-in plugins at no extra cost, saving you more money while increasing your profits!

You can check out eCom Elites here. < 

Update: Franklin has also released his affiliate marketing course, Savage Affiliates. You can check out my review here. I finally made my first affiliate commission!

eCom Elites Modules Overview

this is an image of franklin hatchett ecom elites review

Franklin uses Zaxaa as a platform to handle payments. You can pay using either PayPal or Stripe.

Most courses I have come across only use Stripe which can be problematic for those who only use PayPal.

Once you have made a payment for the course, you will receive your login details via email which takes you to the members portal.

Franklin uses as a platform for his course compared to most courses who like to use

Navigating through the course is very easy and straight forward.

The user interface is also responsive on mobile which I found quite useful. It looks great on both desktop and mobile.

When you login into the course for the first time, you will see the course dashboard.

The first video you see on the page is an introduction to the course and a quick overview of what to expect.

On the left hand side of the dashboard, I noticed the list of modules, so I had a quick look one by one.

I was amazed at the amount of videos included in each module.

The Facebook Ads module alone is worth more than the asking price for the entire course.

Franklin makes sure to keep this module updated since Facebook is constantly changing.

Not only are you getting a blueprint for creating an online business, but also intensive Facebook Ads training which are valuable skills for digital marketing.

Franklin uses Vimeo videos which provides different video qualities. It ranges from 360p to 1080p and depends on your internet connection.


I tested each setting and was impressed to see the lowest setting still compatible on desktop and mobile.

The responsiveness of the dashboard on mobile devices is also a plus.

When I’m catching the train, I like to keep my mind stimulated instead of staring outside the window.

The videos look great on mobile and the user experience is not compromised on smaller screens.

However, you will need an internet connection to access the course and videos.

There is no offline viewing and you can not download the videos.

On the right hand side of the dashboard, you will see three different banners. These banners take you to:

  • Exclusive eCom Elites members Facebook page
  • eCom Turbo Theme
  • Discount to Shopify Membership


The first module is a welcome and introduction to the eCom Elites Course, the other 10 modules are training videos, an extra bonus section and weekly live Q&A sessions.

Update 2.0: Franklin has recently updated his course (late November 2018). The course now includes over 170 videos and a private Facebook mastermind group.

Module 1: Setting Up Your Shopify Store


Since the release of version 2.0, Franklin has updated this module with a new videos covering a wide range of topics.

You will learn about the differences between starting a general and niche store as well as setting up your first Shopify store from scratch.

Franklin also mentions about his eCom Turbo theme which many of his students have found success with. I use eCom Turbo on my own store since the theme has been optimized for conversions.

The features included in this theme has saved me hundreds of dollars each month compared to other themes which require extra apps.

Other videos in this module include:

  • Setting up payments and taxes for students located in and outside of the United States.
    Franklin makes sure all his students from around the world are covered on this topic.
  • Setting up store coupons and promotions.
  • Setting up upsells for more profit.
  • Linking your own custom domain to your Shopify Store.
  • Recommended Apps

Franklin also teaches you how to import products to your store using Oberlo.

Oberlo is a tool which fulfils orders automatically and can help automate your online business.

The more tasks you can automate in your business, the more time you have to focus on marketing and driving more traffic to your store.

Franklin also gives an overview on store funnels and why they are necessary for your success online. He goes into detail about each step of a funnel and shows you how you can optimize your store for more sales.

In total, there are 19 videos to help you set up your first Shopify store as a beginner.

Module 2: Sourcing Products


In the previous version of the course, this module was module 1. Franklin has now made this module 2 which makes more sense for the overall course structure.

In this module, Franklin goes into detail about finding the right products for your Shopify store.

One of the common issues I have noticed with other drop shipping courses is the lack of information when it comes to sourcing products. This isn’t very helpful for a drop shipping beginner.

However, with Frank’s course, he goes into great detail when it comes to finding the right products and suppliers to work with.

He also goes in depth with selecting a niche and how to find product inspiration when you’re first starting out.

Other videos in this module include:

  • Spying on other Sopify stores.
  • Facebook Product Research
  • Faster Product Research Method
  • Pricing Your Products
  • Selling a Fresh Product
  • Top 5 Broad Niches

There are also four bonus videos including a case study which proves what Franklin teaches works.

In total there are 22 videos with over 2 hours of watchable content.

Update 2.0: New videos are added to keep the course up to date. This includes new methods and tools for finding products.

Module 3: Facebook Traffic


This module has the most information and I highly recommend taking notes as you go along each video since there are hours upon hours of content.

Like most drop shipping courses, Facebook will be one of your main traffic sources. It can be difficult for a beginner to understand how to use Facebook to make them money.

Thats why I think this part of the course is worth more than the current $197 for the entire course.

Franklin goes into detail with setting up your Facebook Ads account, installing a Facebook Pixel, data mining, setting up ads, look a like audiences, retargeting  and much more.

Franklin also includes bonus videos about advanced targeting and his $100k blueprint.

Some of the Facebook training videos include:

  • $5 Facebook Method
  • Blog Post Method
  • PPE Method
  • Profit Multiplayer Method
  • Finding Your Audience
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How to Create Advert Images
  • How to Create Videos
  • Advert Copy
  • Reading Data
  • Retargeting Structure

eCom Elites is one of the courses which shows you how to scale your business with Facebook correctly.

In total there are 32 videos, covering every aspect of Facebook marketing to get you started with making your first sale.

Franklin has made it easy to digest all the information with his over the shoulder teaching style.

Update 2.0: Facebook is constantly changing. Franklin makes sure his content is kept up to date.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic


Not as intense as the previous module, Franklin teaches you how to setup your Instagram account and how to find influencers which you can pay to market your product to their audience.

Franklin also shows you how to negotiate how much you should be paying for Instagram shoutout and marketing services.

Franklin also includes videos on:

  • Instagram Retargeting Blueprint
  • Finding Instagram Influencers with Google
  • Pricing Influencer Posts
  • How to run Instagram Adverts the Right Way
  • Setting up Instagram Ads

In total there are 9 videos packed with information to get you started with Instagram marketing.

Module 5: Email Marketing


In this module, Franklin will teach you how to set up your email campaigns and explains the importance of implementing email marketing on your own store.

Your email list is an asset that makes you money on the backend of your business.

Research shows a customer needs to be shown the same ad up to seven times before they take action on the offer. This is where email marketing comes into play.

Franklin also shares his unique method of setting up your autoresponder to maximise your results. He does an amazing job at explaining how to setup your business backend so that you can double your profits.

Other videos in this module include:

  • Collecting and sending emails
  • Advanced email marketing
  • Installing Contact Flow Pixel
  • Sending Out Newsletter
  • Warming Up Leads
  • Get Better Open Rates
  • MailChimp Alternative

In total there are 14 videos which provides you with all the steps you need to set up your first email campaign.

Module 6: ChatBot Profits


This is a new module included in the version 2.0 update. I haven’t seen many courses talk about this topic and its great to see Franklin has made a whole module about Chat Bots.

In this module Franklin teaches you how to setup these Chat Bots and how to get these chat bots to send out messages to answer your customers questions, collect new leads and increase engagement on your website.

Videos in this module include:

  • Basic Chatbot Setup
  • Installing ChatBot
  • Setting up Default Reply
  • Setting up ChatBot Comments
  • Chatbot Popup Box
  • Running ChatBot Ads
  • Setting up ChatBot Menu
  • Extra ChatBot Tools

In total there are 12 videos which cover everything you need to know about ChatBot.

Like Franklin’s says, if you’re not using ChatBot on your store, you are leaving money on the table.

Module 7: Building Sales Funnels


In this module, Franklin teaches you how to create your own sales funnel. But if you’re a beginner with e-commerce and drop shipping, you can revisit this module when you start to make consistent sales.

Implementing a funnel on your store allows you to upsell more products with just a few clicks.

The tool Franklin uses to create these sales funnels is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a bit expensive especially if you’re just starting out.

Videos in this module include:

  • ClickFunnels Overview
  • eCommerce Share Funnel
  • Editing Your Funnel
  • Integrating Shopify
  • Connect Stripe and Paypal
  • Installing a Pixel into the Funnel
  • Adding Products to ClickFunnels

There are 15 videos in total for this module. Franklin shows you exactly how to use ClickFunnels to maximise your profits.

Module 8: Google Ads


This is another new module Franklin has added in the version 2.0 update.

In this module, Franklin will teach you how to connect the Google Shopping App to your store, setting up Google Ads, how to do keyword research as well as setting up the layout and structure of your ads.

He also goes into detail about the pros and cons of using Google Ads compared to Facebook Ads.

I personally prefer Google Ads since you do not need to worry about designing any ad banners or videos.

However, you can use both platforms to increase your profits just like Franklin.

Videos in this module include:

  • Google Ads vs Facebook Ads
  • Setting Up Google Account
  • Installing Google Pixel
  • Creating An Audience
  • How Google Bidding Works
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating a Google Text Ad
  • Google Retargeting
  • Optimizing and Scaling Ads

Franklin also teaches you how to use YouTube to display your ads under related videos based on the keywords people are searching for.

In total there are 17 videos packed with value. Franklin has gone in depth with Google and Facebook Ads training which is worth way more than his asking price for the entire course.

Module 9: Organic Google Traffic


In this module, Franklin will teach you how to rank your store in the search engines and where to find backlinks so that you can get free traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

If your store is brand new, I would recommend publishing blog content if your theme supports the Blog feature, grow your social media profiles and focus on creating Web 2.0’s.

You don’t need to use the backlink service Franklin recommends if you’re starting with a fresh website.

However, I have used the service he mentions and they do provide quality products. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re into affiliate marketing.

Franklin loves fast results so most of his training will be based around using paid ads since it is a faster way to drive more traffic to your store.

If you’re a beginner with SEO, this module will provide you with the foundation of building your store for organic traffic.

SEO is a great way to get free traffic to your store but it does take some time and patience to see sustainable results.

You will have to do further research if you want to go more in depth with SEO techniques.

Videos in this module include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Researching The Top 10 Competitors
  • Ranking Structure
  • Building Backlinks
  • White Hat Backlinks
  • SEO Tips and Tricks

In total there are 8 videos which provides you with some basic SEO knowledge.

Bonus – Increase Sales & Secret Videos

In the last module, Franklin shares some of his secret tips to help you increase your profits.

I really enjoyed learning about Coupon Site and Warranty Upsell trick. Implement these two tricks on your store and you can make easy money.

Many courses out there become outdated after a year. The authors are either too lazy to update it or out there trying to sell another overpriced course.

Digital marketing is constantly changing, Franklin makes sure to keep his course up to date so that his students are always aware of any new marketing strategies.

You can tell Franklin wants you to succeed when you sign up to his course. All you have to do is take action and you will see results.

Bonus videos included:

  • Increasing Average Order Value
  • Upscale with Virtual Assistants
  • Building Facebook Pages
  • Review Site Sale Trick
  • Coupon Site Trick
  • Warranty Upsell Trick

These videos are quite interesting with a few tricks I have never heard of. Hats off to Franklin for sharing these clever tips to help you make more profit with drop shipping.

Bonus Content

Since the update of version 2.0, the course now has a bonus section which includes:

  • Top Niche Book
  • Top Product Book
  • Doing Custom Conversions
  • Looking at Ad Copy
  • Spying on Flippa Sites
  • Diving Deeper into Data

Again, Franklin over delivers with his content and the value he provides for his students.

Bonus Q&A


In this section of the course, Franklin has added past live streams where he answers questions from his audience. In total there are 6 videos, each video is about an hour long.

I quite like these Q&A videos because you often find some gold nuggets that you might have missed throughout the course.

Private Facebook Mastermind Group


Signing up to Franklin’s eCom Elites membership will give you access to the Facebook mastermind group.

This group is still active today with over 4,400 members. Franklin is active in the group and can be seen answering questions.

If you’re unsure about something, you can use the Facebook group as a resource to ask questions. You will be surrounded by link minded individuals who are willing to lend you guidance  when you need it.

I’ve joined multiple Facebook groups and Franklin’s one is by far the most supportive and a place for inspiration.

You can check out eCom Elites here. < 

Who Is eCom Elites For?

The Benefits From This eCom Elites

The eCom Elites course by Franklin is both for beginners, intermediate and advanced drop ship users. For people who need a coach, like Franklin, to guide them in the right direction and gets them to the next level.

All the modules are instantly accessible when purchasing, which allows the users to go at their own pace.

Beginners will be guided through the process of setting up their own Shopify store using a free theme recommended by Franklin. He will also recommend eCom Turbo, which is a paid premium theme which he created.

After going through the course you’ll know the basics of the drop shipping model and are ready to implement everything you learned and even move on to more intermediate and advanced classes.

You will also learn basic email marketing, Facebook and Instagram training which will help you drive traffic to your store.

Intermediate and advanced users will benefit from the advanced Facebook, SEO and email marketing courses. In the Instagram module, you’ll learn how to successfully work with the right influences to grow your business.

The final module, Business & Sales, will help you set realistic goals to grow your business and advice on when and how to hire a good virtual assistant.

Finance and taxes is something that both beginners, intermediate and advanced users can benefit from.

What Makes eCom Elites so Special?

eCom Elites is the perfect mentorship program for drop ship users that are looking to start and grow their own Shopify eCommerce store.

You’ll receive instant access to all the content which allows you to go through the beginner and intermediate courses at your own pace.

As it’s a mentorship program you’ll be supported via the private Facebook group and live Q&A sessions from start to finish.

At any time you can ask questions inside the private Facebook group which will be answered by Franklin, one of his employees or other members.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about starting your own store, picking the right product, targeting the right audience through organic traffic (SEO, Instagram, Facebook and email marketing) and paid traffic (Facebook and influencers), setting business goals, taxes and growing your business.

eCom Elites Price: How Much Does It Cost?

This dropshipping course is valued at over $7000, as you’ll have access to a ton of informative videos and a mentor who you can turn to for all your questions at any time of the day!

The price of the course is currently $197, which is a one-time payment that gives you instant access to all the modules and video content.

This is a fair price for this superb course and it is much cheaper than most of the online drop shipping courses out there.

If you’re not convinced yet, you can start by watching Franklin’s free videos on YouTube which will give you a taste of what you could learn in the eCom Elites course.

Joined the course and you’re not satisfied? Franklin will give you a 30 days money back guaranteed.

Check out eCom Elites here. < 

Check Out My Results

After a few weeks of consistent effort and testing products, I finally made my first sale!

This was possible from following Franklin’s proven strategies in his eCom Elites dropshipping course.

The feeling of seeing these sales popping up on my screen became very addicting. How cool would it be if you’re making sales everywhere you go!

You can be chilling out with your mates at the bar and still be making money while being away from your computer.

How about making money while you sleep? Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have cash going into your bank account!

Franklin has also taught me the importance of Chatbots, how to find Instagram influencers and creating high converting sales funnels with ClickFunnels.

By joining eCom Elites, you will be part of a growing Facebook community with like-minded people always helping each other out.

Franklin himself is also active in the group and continues to produce value-packed Youtube videos to help you succeed online.

If you don’t like to read, you can check out my video review below.

Sorry for the bad audio, its my first video I have ever recorded for YouTube.


eCom Elites is perfect for the entrepreneurs-at-heart that are looking for a mentoring course, which is filled with hours of video content.

It is offered at a very reasonable price and recommended for beginners.

If you are serious about dropshipping and starting your own eCommerce Shopify store which could earn you 6 figures a year then you will not be disappointed by Franklin Hatchett.

The positive aspects of this course are: the hours of step-by-step videos, access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions anytime and weekly Q&A videos.

For all the content delivered and everything I have learned from this course , I give eCom Elites a fair 4.7 rating out 5.

Click here to gain access to eCom Elites. <

Thank you so much for reading my eCom Elites review and I hope this post helped you in making your decision on whether or not to join this superb drop shipping course.

If you have any questions, do feel free to leave me a comment below.

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here. <