Savage Affiliates Review- Getting Started with Passive Income with Franklin Hatchett

Savage Affiliates Review- Getting Started with Passive Income with Franklin Hatchett

If you’re thinking about buying Frank Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates program you might want to read my review first…

Hi, it’s Darren here!

You’re probably a member of any number of Facebook groups. I know I am. I’m in a group for a local garage sale in our area where people put up stuff for sale.

I’m in a musical group to keep up on the local bands performing throughout the area.

And I am also a member of Online Samurais.

No, it’s not some kind of online gaming group. Rather, it is the handiwork of Frank Hatchett, online marketing guru and author of Savage Affiliates.

This is my Savage Affiliates Review.

Lately I have been looking at starting my side hustle. For me, it is all about the peer pressure.

Everybody else had one, so I began to feel the squeeze. I really wanted in on this.

Problem is, my life goes in a hundred different directions every day. I needed a hustle that wouldn’t make me go crazy but still get me a few extra bucks.

Now, I had been a part of this Facebook group, Online Samurais, for a good while. I was a little afraid to get started, because I didn’t know how. I would make up all kinds of excuses.

Truth is, I think I was afraid to take a risk.

There was no need for me to be afraid, though. And so, I’d like to tell you about this great affiliate marketing course for beginners I took, that way you can get started with a good foundation of knowledge.

You don’t have to feel like a baby deer walking on a patch of ice! Rather, you can feel comfortable treading in these new and unfamiliar waters.

After all, there’s good money to be made if you just work hard enough.

Before we go on, the affiliate marketing definition is where you help product creators sell their stuff by marketing them for those creators.

You get a cut of each sale or lead you provide the seller. It sounds easy, but you need a guru…moving on.

This is where Frank Hatchett come into play. He’s a really cool guy-he’s made a six-figure income working right out of his home doing affiliate marketing.

He’s also open to sharing the wealth-that is, he will teach you the basics so you can get started making your own money.

He gives his advice away for free on YouTube, which I think is really great.

So, after watching those videos, I decided to take things a step further and go for that course I mentioned a little earlier.

This course is not some dinky PowerPoint presentation some student working to boost his resume put together.

This is the real deal and loaded with heaps of good information about how to become an affiliate marketer and how you can start affiliate market training.

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What Do You Learn?

I will go ahead and fill you in on what you’re going to learn when you take this course.

First, don’t get discouraged if you have no experience in affiliate marketing. He will take you by the hand and get you started.

He gives you all the tools you need-it will be up to you to use them.

Think of it as a friendly affiliate marketing for dummies course.

You will learn how to identify the niches that contain the most profit and most up and coming products, so you can make money ASAP.

You will also learn how to master the flow of traffic, so you make the max number of conversions…that means more dollars in your pocket!

You will learn how to make your website so appealing that it leads to a conversion each and every time.

It’s not too hard, we promise. You can also learn how to benefit from the Amazon Affiliate Program-and you will even see real life examples. No scams or fairy tales here.

You will also learn how to make the most of ClickBank and ClickFunnel affiliate programs, win affiliate competitions like it’s your job, and how to rank on the first page of Google so you get SERIOUS traffic.

This affiliate marketing course for beginners will turn you into a seasoned vet.

What Do You Get?

I am fully aware that before you make the investment on this course, you want to know what you will get.

Yeah, it’s just like buying a car…

…you wouldn’t just buy it without a test drive and review from a person who owns the vehicle.

Allow me to tell you all the great stuff you get!

You will take comfort in knowing that you get lifetime access to the complete Affiliate Marketing Course that will train you and teach you all the basics.

You will also get full access to Frank Hatchett’s lines of communication-yeah, you can ask the master anything you like about affiliate marketing! How handy is that.

Your affiliate marketing training does not end once the course does. You can participate in the live Q & A sessions to learn from others and share what you’ve learned.

And most important of all, if you don’t like what you’ve learned, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Every dollar will come back to you with no questions asked in case this doesn’t work out for you.

He also gives you 3 of his highest converting funnels…. now I know you may not understand what a funnel is, but believe me, you will, and you will be glad he gave it to you!

Plus, if you go ahead and pull the trigger on this purchase now, you can enjoy some sweet bonuses to enhance your step by step affiliate marketing training.

You get a template that will convert people at a lighting fast rate.

And if you want to get started on building an email marketing list, he also gives you a template that captures over half of your clicks-70% to be exact.

Lastly, a complete affiliate marketing funnel is included, too. It’s a great little stepping stone to help you start up and get moving into this exciting world.

And ladies and gents…I cannot stress enough that there is seriously no risk when you choose to buy this thing.

You can take comfort in the 100% money back guarantee that’s listed right on the website.

What Was Your Experience?

At this point, I’ve definitely given you a brief overlook of the course and how it shows how to become an affiliate marketer.

You are probably wondering about my particular experience with the program and how it worked out for me.

The course says you can learn how to make about $10K a month doing this affiliate marketing stuff using free and paid traffic techniques and ideas.

I will be honest with you-if you work hard enough, this could very well happen to you, but it is not likely. Not that I don’t hope the best for you- I just don’t want to set a false expectation.

I started by paying the price of $197. You might say, “What the heck. That’s way too much!” Yes, I agree that’s a load of cash.

But remember, this guy is the real deal. He already gives advice away on YouTube for free. This course is a genuine and real way of getting to know the greatest methods of affiliate marketing.

Your investment is not going to some shady teacher who will take your money and run. This is cheap compared to some of the other, lesser guys.

I chose affiliate marketing because it’s a way to earn passive income. You set everything up, make sure it’s working and then just set it and forget it. Then you watch the money come rolling in!

I am writing this a year after I actually did the course and I am telling you now that I am still getting commissions from recommendations I made on my blog nearly a year ago.

And it was for something so simple-just a special scrubby pad I enjoy using in my kitchen.

I was pleasantly overwhelmed to find that there were over a hundred videos included in the course.

Yes, it took a while to get through them all. But I watched them each and every day on lunch breaks and waiting at the doctor’s office, etc.

I was able to get through them with ease, and I was never not busy. I was always learning.

They worked especially well on my iPad, playing in 1080P. They’re all on Vimeo, of all places, so it’s easy to control and watch. Less traffic than YouTube means a bit faster load time, too!

Here are the modules I followed in the order they appear. I’ll tell you a little about each one.

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  1. Affiliate Introduction

This one is the welcome wagon of the course. You meet Franklin, who tells you what to expect. This part mostly focuses on “How We Do [insert course module here].”

E.G. “How We Do SEO.” There is another important video to watch that has how to do disclaimers, which is good for those of you in the USA. They also talk about just how important SEO is.

  1. Niches/Products

Next you will learn about what niches to use and how to find affiliate offers. Without a good offer, you’re out of luck, so this is one of the most valuable sections I encountered.

You will learn how to find products you can promote and then it goes into specific places with offers and products you can promote. I found videos dedicated to Clickbank, Amazon, Jvzoo, Health Market.

These are all pretty great. Clickbank is one to be aware of-people can and do request refunds. Clickbank certainly treats its people fairly and is open about their refund policy, but it can bite you.

Franklin comes back and shows you how you can take advantage of the many web hosting offers available.

Hosting affiliates can make up to $150 for just referring a paying customer. This part I really liked-there’s no filler here. It’s just 15 minutes of pure intelligent content that gets straight to the point.

  1. Asset Building

This helps you learn how to build a website using simple and easy to follow terms. You will watch a video about choosing a domain name, how to start the site using WordPress, and how to make your site easy to navigate and install the must-have plugins.

Even if you already know about WordPress, I’d still stay with this and watch the video. If anything, you will learn how to set up your site correctly along with web assets.

You will also learn how to create and start your email subscriber list. It shows you how to set up your email landing page to get those signups under your belt and your email list on fire.

Lastly, you will learn about chatbots and social media. It’s pretty new info, so take the time and learn about it. If you can master it, it can enhance your earning potential.

  1. Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

Clickbank is kind of a tough nut to crack. You get paid by NET30 Payments by default-this means you get paid 30 days after the previous month. This is annoying at first, but once you send them some serious traffic, you will get paid every 2 weeks.

The first few videos in this section show you how to set up your account and file tax forms. Then you learn about the way to choose the right products and services to sell and how to use the platform.

After all that, you will learn how to set up your own site for ClickBank marketing including how to set up your website correctly, mastering the 1:1 article structure, and installing themes and widgets.

You will also learn how to set up funnels and even look at real life examples where Franklin talks you through the setup process for actual marketplace products.

  1. Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

You start big-that is, learning about an affiliation with a 30-million-dollar Amazon affiliate site. Granted we all know this is pretty lofty, but hey, hard work makes dreams come true right?

Franklin teaches you how to analyze the top 10 search results on Google and how you can outrank them. He then tells you how to set up your Amazon affiliate site using the proper article structure, site layout, best keywords, and whether you’d like to create a niche, authority or hybrid site.

You will learn from five real life examples where Franklin talks about the entire process for real products on Amazon.

You can find your own niche and make a killing on it, whether it’s doll clothes, snow blowers or anything in between.

  1. Generating SEO Traffic

Over the course of 29 videos, Franklin will show you how to do SEO… from on-page SEO and how to properly structure your site and build links.

The link building stuff include Web 2.0, blog comments, questions on Quora, PBN Links and also Franklin’s hidden links. You can also learn how to set up analytics and keyword movement tracking.

I’d honestly have to argue that this small module was worth the price I paid alone.

  1. Paid Traffic Training

I learned that paid traffic is all good when you are drop shipping, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, I focus on the free and natural traffic. If this doesn’t work for you, Savage affiliates covers paid traffic with a ton of details.

You will watch 23 videos about paid traffic on Facebook, Google Adwords, and Solo Ads. These are all well and good, but I wished they would have covered some other platforms (LinkedIn for example, would have been cool).

The first ten videos are all about Facebook ads. You will learn about pixel setup and config, funnels, how to create eBook covers, and examples of ads and how to track profitable ad campaigns.

I find that the biggest problem with Facebook Ad pixels is the lack of ability to integrate with Clickbank or Amazon to keep track of sales.

In the Solo Ads part, you will learn how to find sellers and suitable sellers at that. Some people will just take your money and run.

In Adwords, you will learn how to setup everything including tracking, choosing your audience, and keywords to target. Then you will learn how to scale your videos.

  1. Free Traffic How To

If you can master the fine art of SEO and choose the most favorable products, you can make money hand over fist with little to no effort.

Heck, some people are traveling while the money piles up from their Amazon commissions, and it was easy to get started.

You will learn how to get leads from capture forms, YouTube traffic and forum traffic.

The YouTube videos number 10 in total, and they will show you how you can get started, set up the right thumbnail, and find keywords. You will also learn setup retargeting and how to rank them correctly.

  1. Email Marketing: A Primer

This final module is all about email marketing. It’s at the end, which was weird to me, but oh well. Make sure you have a list first, otherwise this module is not of any use.

You will learn how to get started, get your campaigns optimized, and automated your campaigns.

You can also create and setup newsletters. You can figure out how to get higher opening rates. You will learn how to integrate with Clickfunnels and eCommerce.

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My Thoughts

Overall, I am glad I got this course. First and foremost, I liked that I could buy with ease as there was a 30-day money back guarantee.

I would have liked a discount code, but I guess all the good info that Franklin gives away for free online is more than any discount code.

The content, price, level of support, and features of the course were all top notch. I’d rate them all ten out of ten, would take the course again.

Heck, I get access for life, so I will go back and review it from time to time.

I think this course is just great for anybody who is looking to get started in affiliate marketing.

Yeah, there are plenty of other ways to make money online but think about the passive nature of affiliate marketing.

You work just once, and then the money comes in years afterward if you are lucky. In this respect, shelling out the one-time course fee is a deal.

Plus, I can’t tell you enough how much I respect Franklin Hatchett. I mean, the dude clearly makes enough money to live a life of luxury (um, he has a Maserati) but is kind enough to share how he did it on YouTube and even put it in the form of this great course.

He has many happy followers and satisfied students.

Heck, go take a look at the main website and you can see his whole story- he was once just one of us. Now he’s a success story and we can be too through the right affiliate marketing program for beginners.

I think it’s important to note that this isn’t Franklin’s first rodeo. This guru even wrote a course for those of you that want to do drop shipping above all else-that is, he created the eCom Elites course which is hailed as one of the best courses to learn from in that particular business.

All in all, don’t sleep on this. Take my Savage Affiliates Review to heart and go look up some other satisfied students’ reviews.

Naturally, before I even bought this course, I did the same thing and was pleased to find out that just about everybody who tried this course had something favorable to say about it.

I don’t recall seeing one poor review for this course on how to make money affiliate marketing.

Sure, your results will vary and everybody’s going to have varying degrees of success. But just give it a try, you just might amaze yourself!

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