Shopify Artisan Theme Review: An Affordable High End Theme

Your website is the storefront of your online business.

How your store looks will affect your credibility online.

When a new visitor lands on your store, they have just a few seconds to make up their mind if they will make a purchase or not.

First impressions do matter online.

The more professional your website looks, the more likely they will stay and learn more about your business.

This will give you more time to prove to your new visitors that your business has credibility and by purchasing your products or services will help solve their pain points.

In today’s Artisan Shopify Theme review, we will find out how your online business can benefit from using this theme.

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What is the Artisan Shopify Theme?

The Artisan Shopify theme is created by the developers over at Out Of The Sandbox.

The theme was originally built for service businesses but you can also use it for e-commerce as well.

As a business owner who doesn’t rely on physical products, having a clean and professional looking website can help you gain new clients and leads.

Artisan comes with three different styles: Barcelona, Victoria and Phoenix.

Each style shares similar features and functionality, but have their own unique styling is what sets them apart.

The Artisan theme can be customized to match your brand’s personality by using their page templates. You can create content rich layouts quickly and easily.


Barcelona Theme Style

The Barcelona theme style is suitable for store owners who have handmade, bespoke products. It uses a bold font style and color palette.

It’s creative and playful layout is great for showcasing your work and establishing trust with new customers.

At a first glance, the Barcelona style is very clean and user friendly. It uses a full-width slideshow to grab your attention.

You can add text and a button on top of banner overlay to provide more information about your business. Clicking on the button will take the user to a collections or gallery page.

The slideshow is visually impactful if you use high quality lifestyle photos of your business.

Above the slideshow is a promotional banner which is used to let your customers know about special events or discount codes.

Clicking on the promotional banner will direct the user to a specific page about your products or services.

The header menu is very simple and navigation is intuitive.

Below the slideshow you can display an image block with text. You can use this to introduce yourself and helps new visitors feel welcomed on your site.

If you offer classes or workshops as part of your business, you can display an event calendar to let your visitors know what services you provide.

The hyperlinks in the event calendar takes the user directly to the product page where they can find more information.

Under the event calendar you can showcase a featured collection and product. Customers can add the product directly to their cart without being directed to a product page.

Scrolling further down, you can also display customer testimonials to build trust and authority.

If you’re a business owner who likes to manufacture your own products, customers can place an order by filling out the contact form.

The contact form also looks great on mobile.

In the footer, you can link your social media profiles, display your business contact details, quick links and payment icons.

There also an area for your customers to sign up to your newsletter.

You can send them email marketing material and make more sales on the backend.

The product page has a clean design combined with a lot of white space to create a layout that is not cluttered.

All the elements are easy to navigate especially when viewed on mobile.

You can also display social sharing icons and related products.

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Victoria Theme Style

The Victoria theme is suitable for store owners who sell apparel products and fashion accessories.

The theme style is elegant and kept minimal to highlight your products and brand personality.

Similar to the Barcelona style, it uses the same layout but a different font style and darker color scheme for the buttons and labels.

Below the header navigation, there is a full-width slideshow which can be used to showcase high quality photos of your products.

Having people wear your products and highlighting them  on your site can increase your conversion rate.

Under the slideshow, you can display and image box with text. You can use this section to introduce your brand for new visitors.

You can also display media logos if your business was featured on any publications.

This helps build credibility for your brand.

Further down the page, you can display a product table to let your customers know how much your services cost .

They can click on the More info link which directs them to a product page.

I was impressed to see the developers have made the product table look and function great on mobile. You can toggle between each product table by tapping on the tabs.

Below the product table, you can feature collections and specific products.

Towards the bottom of the theme, you can display your business Instagram feed and a section for your customers to sign up to your newsletter where they can receive helpful content.

The footer is similar to the Barcelona style. The only difference is the newsletter signup area is not included in the footer for the Victoria style.

Click here to check out the Demo store. <

Phoenix Theme Style

The Phoenix theme style has a user friendly and minimal website layout. It uses an earthy color scheme and round font style to welcome new visitors on your store.

This theme is perfect for business owners who are in the gardening, organic foods or eco friendly niche. Out of the three theme styles, Phoenix would be my favorite.

The header navigation menu and slideshow are similar to the previous styles discussed earlier. The only difference I noticed on the Phoenix slideshow was the missing button for customers to click.

Under the slide, you can display image blocks with short paragraphs of text.

You can write a short description about your services or products to let your customers know what you offer as a business.

There’s also a hyperlink for customers to click if they are interested in purchasing the product.

Below the images and text, you can display featured products in a row or a featured product by itself. Customers can add the product to their cart without leaving the home page.

Scrolling down further, there is a section for customers to enter their email address.  Entering their email automatically signs them up to your newsletters.

Building an email list helps your business make sales in the backend.

Below the newsletter section, you can upload and display more images with text to highlight your services.

Similar to the Barcelona style, there’s a contact form for your customers to place their orders or book a service.

Under the contact form, you can display your latest blog posts. Blog posts create credibility and helps search engines index your site faster.

You can drive more web traffic to your store through optimizing your content.

The footer has a clean and simple design. The round font style combined with earthy colors makes it really easy for customers to read text on the site.

Similar to the other theme styles, the product page is simple and clutter free.

The use of white space puts more emphasis on the product images to highlight the product details.

I quite like the fixed Add To Cart button position when you scroll down when using a mobile device. You can also display related products and social sharing icons.

Allowing your customers to share your store URL on their own social media profiles helps with creating more awareness about your business.

Click here to check out the Demo store. <

What are the Artisan Theme Features

Artisan is the most playful theme crafted for your brand. It’s unique features will add personality and a professional finish to your online store.

Product Tables

Use this feature to compare your products or services side by side. Displaying this information on your home can help persuade your customers to make a decision quickly, leading to more leads and sales.

Custom Forms

Custom forms can be customized to suit your business. You can include text boxes, date pickers, checkboxes, drop-downs and many more.

Filtered Gallery

You can create a digital portfolio to showcase your products and brand personality. Your customers can find inspiration from your photo gallery and filter the images by category tabs.

Banner Overlays

Create sophisticated banners by positioning a transparent overlay on top of the image.

You can adjust the color and position of the overlay to create interesting banners.

Overlays can also provide contrast with the background image to make text and buttons to stand out.

Featured Product

You can draw more attention to a specific product or service and also promote it site wide. This feature can be useful for getting rid of old stock quickly.

Thumbnail Slider

The thumbnail slider reduces visual clutter on product pages.

Custom Shapes

You can add shape icons in the background of your website.

As you’re browsing the store, the background will have a parallax effect when you scroll up or down . This is a unique feature I have seen used by a small number of Shopify themes.

What are the benefits of using the Artisan Shopify Theme.

Here is a list of benefits:


Each theme style will include an in built FAQ which you can use to answer common questions customers are always asking.

A feature like this will need third part app or a developer to write some code if you were to use a standard Shopify theme.

Support and Resources

Extensive support to help you if you run into trouble with the theme. The Theme Help Center will have most of your answers.

You will also have access to high quality video tutorials.

Free Updates

Keeping your theme updated is easy and free. Just install the Shopify Theme Updater App and it will take care of the rest.

Mobile Friendly

The Artisan performs very well on mobile devices. The layout automatically adjusts itself to fit the screen it is being viewed on.

This ensures customers have a flawless shopping experience on their smartphone.

Fresh Website Design

This point is more of my opinion but there’s something about these themes developed by the people from Out of the Sandbox.

This theme has a timeless design and keeps your website looking modern and fresh at all times.

You won’t need an upgrade for a long time.

What are users saying about the theme?

So far there are only 3 users who have left feedback. Having a quick look over them, its safe to say Artisan is a theme you should consider for your own Shopify store.

The Artisan theme is easy to customize and update, has clean code and looks professional.

You don’t have to waste time and money trying to find a Shopify developer to design you a Shopify store from scratch.

How much does Artisan Theme cost?

The Artisan theme is $180. You can pay with credit card, PayPal and Google Pay.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I give the Artisan theme 4.5 out of 5. You know its a quality product when it comes from the developers over at Out of the Sandbox.

It’s an easy theme to install and can be customized to suit your business needs.

I really liked the color scheme and font choices of each theme style.

You can set up your Shopify store quick and easy without having to install multiple third party apps.

The unique features and details of each style will provide you with a timeless website design.

If you’re currently looking for an upgrade or the next level up from your current theme, consider Artisan as your next choice. You won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions about the theme, let me know in the comments below.

Click here to check out the Artisan theme. <

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