Shopify Mobilia Theme Review: Create a Timeless Shopify Store

What is the Shopify Mobilia theme?

The Mobilia Shopify theme is a sleek and stylish theme created by Out of the Sandbox.

It is an award-winning team who have developed some of the top-rated Shopify themes.

Mobilia  is quick and easy to set up and you can customize the theme to suit your e-commerce store.

It comes in four different styles including Milan, Napa, Sydney, and Tokyo.

This theme is perfect for store owners in the fashion, beauty, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, and wearable tech niche.

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Milan Theme Style

Milan is ideal for showcasing fashion and apparel products.  

It uses a combination of sans serif and serif font style to create a balance between different elements on the page. Serif typeface makes it easier to read text on a website.

The light color palette helps with keeping the layout clean and minimal. This puts more focus on the product and call to actions.

At the top of the page, you can display a promotional banner to notify your customers about special promotions or discount codes.

Unlike most of the theme’s I have reviewed from Out of the Sandbox, the Milan theme style uses a fixed width banner on the home page. Clicking on the banner will direct the user to a blog post. This is great for promoting upcoming events or featured collections.

Below the banner, you can display featured products. Hovering over the tiles will display a Quick Shop button which allows the customer to view the product details without leaving the current page.

Under the featured products, you can display full-screen tiles to direct the user to specific collections, featured product and an Instagram feed.

In the footer area, you can display an email sign up the field and social icons which can be linked back to your social media profiles.

The product page has been designed to help convince customers to make a purchase on your store.

Features like the image gallery, customer reviews, size guide, social sharing icons, and related products, provides a great user experience on your product pages.

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Napa Theme Style

The Napa theme style uses a bold and vibrant color palette with a combination of typefaces to give the theme a modern user interface.

However, having multiple typefaces creates more clutter on the page. It can look very busy when viewed on a mobile device.

Above the fold, you can display a promotional banner at the top of the page, to draw your customers’ attention to special offers and events.

Under the banner, you can display a full-width slideshow to capture the customers’ attention. This is followed by a heading and call to action. Clicking on the button will direct the user to a collections page.

The main navigation is kept very simple which makes it easier for your customers to navigate around your store.

Below the slideshow, there is a section for some text about your business, full-screen tiles and a featured product.

Further down, you can embed a video from Vimeo, display your Instagram feed and an email sign up form. I found it a bit strange the developers did not place the email sign up form in the footer instead.

On the product page, you can display customer reviews, color variations, social sharing icons, and related products.

When a customer clicks on the Add To Cart button, a message will appear to notify the customer they have added a product to their cart.

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Sydney Theme Style

The Sydney style uses a soft color palette and round typeface to create a simple and elegant user interface.

This theme style is perfect for store owners with handmade products. Using the large banners on the homepage is great for creating a high visual impact.

You can display a promotional banner at the top of the page. It can also be closed if the user doesn’t want it visible on the screen.

The full-width slideshow is perfect for showcasing high-quality lifestyle photos of your products. When a user clicks on a banner, they will be taken to a specific collection.

Under the slideshow, you can display a featured product. Customers can add this product to their cart without having to leave the current page.

Featuring products on your homepage can motivate customers to make a purchase from your store.

There’s also a section for you to add a heading and some text to provide some information about your business. This helps new visitors understand what your store offers.

You can also display two full-screen tiles. When a customer clicks on either tile, they will be directed to a collection or image gallery.

Under this section, you can showcase more products to let customers know about your best sellers or products currently on special.

Below the featured products, there is another full-screen banner, As Seen In section for media logos and an Instagram feed.

The footer is very simple and clean. There is an email sign up form to collect your customers’ email address so that you can send them email marketing material in the future for more sales.

You can also link your social media profiles, such as your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

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Tokyo Theme Style

The Tokyo theme style is vibrant and energetic.   

The use of bright and bold colors helps to create a welcoming user interface for new visitors.

The header is similar to the previous styles. You can enable a promotional banner a the top of the page. Instead of a slideshow, you can display to tiles directs the user to specific collections or web page.

Under the tiles, you can display a heading and some text to talk a bit about your business. Below the tiles, you can showcase some featured products, another set of tiles and featured products.

Just before the footer, you can display brand logos to create credibility and increase trust for new visitors on your site.

The footer is very similar to the other theme styles. I noticed you can link your YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Snapchat profiles.

Click here to check out the Demo store. <

The Key Features of the Mobilia Theme

The Mobilia Shopify theme is flexible and can be personalized to suit your customers’ needs.

Here are the key features of the theme:

  • Promotional Banner: Create awareness about your promotions or discounts at the top of your site. This banner can be closed if the user does not want it displayed.
  • Drop-down Menu: Drop-down menus helps organize your pages and makes navigation on your store easily.
  • Customer Testimonials: Sharing your customers’ feedback and comments to create social boost and increase trust.
  • Hero Video: Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video to showcase your brand’s story.
  • Quick Shop: Customers can view the product and add it to their cart without having to leave the current page.
  • Product Filtering: Improve user experience and increase product views. This can lead to more sales when customers can find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Product Zoom: Customers can have a closer look at a product by hovering their mouse cursor over the image.
  • Related Products: Encourage more shopping on your store by displaying equivalent products.
  • Google Maps: Display directions to your business to help your customers find you.
  • Instagram Feed: Share your latest Instagram posts on your home page.

What are the benefits of using this theme?

We cannot finish the review without mentioning the advantages.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of using the Mobilia theme.

  • Mobile Friendly: The theme is responsive and works flawlessly on different devices. The layout will automatically adjust itself to fit on smaller screens.
  • Resources and support: Extensive library of video tutorials, guides, and support articles to help you. Their team is on standby and ready to give you assistance.
  • Design: Animations and transitions give your website a professional finish. The small details make a huge difference.
  • Product reviews: Customers can share their feedback which will be displayed on your product pages. Reviews create credibility and increase social proof.
  • Email Subscription: The theme allows you to collect your customers’ email address. A quick tip: Offer discounts, coupons or freebies to entice your customers to sign up to your email list.

What is the cost?

To use this theme for your own Shopify store, it is a one time fee of $180.

What are users saying about this theme?

Besides the amazing features included with the theme, let’s take a look at what other customers have to say about the Mobilia theme.

Here are the positive points:

  • Customer service: Fast and reliable support team. They are ready to help you when you need them.
  • Design: The design and layout of the theme are kept minimal for a timeless look.
  • Conversions: Many users of the Mobilia theme have reported an Increase in their sales after upgrading to the Mobilia theme.
  • User-friendly: Easy for Shopify beginners to set up their own store. There’s also video tutorials and guides to help you when you’re stuck.
  • Updates: Theme updates are free to make sure your store is compatible with Shopify’s platform.
  • Cost: Small investment for a professional looking website. With more conversions, the theme will pay for itself.


Overall, I will rate this theme a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. The features and benefits of this theme outweigh the price tag.

Take a look a look at their demo stores to experience the theme in action. This is the best way of making sure you are purchasing the right theme for your business.

If you have any questions about the theme, let me know in the comments below.

Click here to check out the Mobilia theme. <

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