Shopify Retina Theme Review: The Award-winning Shopify Theme

What is the Shopify Retina Theme?

The Retina theme developed by Out of the Sandbox is an award-winning Shopify theme who was a recipient of the  Shopify Design Award. It is proven to be a popular choice for many Shopify store owners.

It’s highly customizable and comes with regular free updates to keep your store up to date with the latest sought after features.

Retina comes in four different theme styles which include Austin, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Montreal. Each theme style has its similarities in functionality with small differences in the layout and framework.

Austin Theme Style

The Austin theme style has a vintage look and feel. It has a natural color scheme and elegant font style to create a welcoming experience for new visitors.

On the home page, you will see the fullscreen slideshow. You can display high-quality photos of your products to let the user know what your business is about.

When you click on the slideshow, it will take the user to the product page where they can browse all your products and categories.

The header menu will be in a fixed position when you scroll down the site. This makes it easier for your customers to navigate your store since the menu button is always visible. Great user experience on your store will keep your customers happy and increase your conversions.

Under the slideshow, there is a section to add some text and a call to action which directs the user to a product page.

Next, there is a section to connect different pages from your store. This can include a product page, blog page and the contact us page. Under this section, you can display featured products. I found it quite strange to display product filters on the home page.

Scrolling further down, you can display more full-width banners, featured products, and content blocks. Clicking on the banners or buttons will take you directly to a featured product page.

Towards the bottom of the page, you can display brand logos, Google Maps, business opening hours and a footer. There’s an area in the footer for your customers to sign up to your newsletter. You can use these emails to build a list which you can send email marketing material to make more sales in the backend of your business.

You can also link your social media profiles, display payment options and quick links to pages with information about your business.

I had a quick look at the product page and I must say, I am impressed with the layout and user interface. It is kept minimal, placing more focus on the product images and Add To Cart button.

The use of tabs will help you organize your product details and shipping information on the page.

The bold red helps draws your customers attention to click the button. You can also embed a video to your product page gallery.

Amsterdam Theme Style

The Amsterdam theme style is suitable for a one product Shopify store but also effective for Shopify stores with larger inventories.

This theme style is very clean and modern, using a simple color palette and round font style to keep all the text legible throughout the website.

The first thing you will notice is the promotional banner and full-width slideshow.

You can also enable a button to be on the banner to direct your visitors to a featured collection or product page.

Navigation in the header is similar to the Austin theme style.

Under the slideshow, there is a content area for you to highlight the features and benefits of your product.

Scrolling further down, you can display customer reviews, cards with a call to action which takes the customer to a product page, icons and an Instagram feed.

The product page uses a lot of white space to highlight the call to action and keep the layout clean.

You can display a secondary image gallery and a full-width banner to further demonstrate your products and brand personality.

Melbourne Theme Style

The Melbourne theme style is suitable for most e-commerce businesses.

It uses a vibrant color scheme combined with a tall font style to create a friendly user interface.

The first thing you will notice is the full-width slider above the fold. A slideshow can be used to feature stunning photos of your product. Just keep in mind to upload images with a solid color background to help create contrast with the background.

The main navigation is kept minimal, however, I think it’s a bit cluttered with the social icons placed so close to each other.  

When a customer starts to scroll down the page, the header will be visible throughout their shopping experience. The text color changes to create contrast with the background.

Below the slider is the main content area. Here you can display a short paragraph about your business, followed by tiles, As Featured In component and featured products which customers can have a Quick Look without having to leave the homepage.

Towards the bottom of the page, you can display an image gallery, content box with a call to action, blog posts, contact form and a link to your Instagram profile.

The product page is very similar to the Austin theme style. You can organize product information by using product page tabs. Standard Shopify themes usually won’t include this feature a requires you to create some code or install a third party app in the back end.

My recommendation is too not to use white text on a yellow button. The text is ineligible unless you change it to a darker color font.

Customers can also leave reviews and share your content using the social sharing icons.

Montreal Theme Style

The Montreal theme style uses a natural color palette and a web-friendly font style to create a clutter-free website.

The minimalist style is perfect for store owners or artists who are selling vintage or unique, handmade products.

On the homepage, you can upload images and display them in the full-width slideshow.

The main navigation in the header will remain visible when a user scrolls down on the homepage.

Under the slideshow are tiles to direct your visitors to specific collections, a section for text about your business and a featured collection. Customers can have a quick look of the products without having to leave the homepage.

Below the featured collection you can display a secondary full-width banner with a call to action, and Featured In media logos. Clicking on these logos will direct your customers to a different website.

You can also feature a single product, collect your customer’s email address and display the latest blog posts.

The product page is clean and well organized. You can display product reviews to increase social proof and trust in your store. The currency converter makes it easier for customers from different countries to configure the product price.

Retina Theme Key Features

The Retina theme can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can modify the content, layout and website functionality.

Here is a list of key features:

Promo Banner: Display a banner at the top of your page to let your customers know about promotions, sales, and special discounts.

Multi-level Menu: Drop-down menus help organize your pages and make it easier for customers to navigate your store.

Customer Testimonials: Create more trust and social proof by sharing your customers feedback on your store. This also helps promote products and increases sales.

Slideout Cart: Customers can edit the quantity number and add a note to their order without leaving the current page.

Quick Shop: Customers can quickly view the product details and add to cart without having to visit a separate product page.

Product Filtering: This feature helps narrow down the number of products on your store. The quicker a customer can find what they are looking for, the more likely they will make a purchase from your business.

Product Zoom: Similar to shopping on Amazon, when a customer hovers over an image with their cursor, the image will zoom in and display finer details of the product.

Related Products: Display similar products from the same collections on your product pages to encourage customers to buy more.

Versatile Sidebar: Feature content in a toggleable sidebar on your collection and blog pages.

Google Maps: Provide directions to your store on Google Maps. If you own a dropshipping store, this feature is not needed.

Special Page Templates: Customize your pages with configurable components and layouts to suit your business needs.

Instagram Feed: Share the latest Instagram posts with your customers. This helps build trust and social proof with new visitors.

What are the benefits of using Retina Theme?

Here is a list of benefits:

Support: If you run into trouble with setting up your Retina theme, don’t worry. You can contact their support team who are ready to help. You can also access the Theme Help Center for tutorials and guides.

Cost: This is a small price to pay for a professional e-commerce store. You can spend hundreds of dollars hiring a Shopify developer and it can take weeks to complete. Let’s not forget the amazing support that comes with purchasing this theme.

Conversion Features: You will also save money on the features already included with this theme. Standard Shopify themes require third-party apps and monthly subscriptions to keep them active on your store. Over time, these apps can become a huge expense if you don’t have a consistent cash flow.

Mobile Friendly: The Retina theme is responsive on mobile devices. It is user-friendly and automatically adjusts itself to fit on smaller screens.

How much does this theme cost?

The total cost of this theme is $180. It comes with a world-class support team and an abundance of video guides, tutorials, and support articles. You can purchase the theme using PayPal, Credit Card and even Google Pay.

What are users saying about the theme?

On the Retina theme website, there are currently 30 reviews left by other Shopify store owners.

Each review has a 5 out of 5-star rating. You can tell the developers over at Out of the Sandbox focus on producing high-quality products, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

There’s a reason why they won the Shopify Ecommerce Design Award!


To wrap up this Retina Shopify theme review, I will award the theme a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

The only thing I didn’t like about the theme was the social icons in the main navigation. The social icons are sitting too close to each other and look a bit cramped on the home page.

Overall, it is an excellent theme if you’re in the market for a theme upgrade. For the price you pay and support you receive, you can expect a high-quality product from Out of the Sandbox.

Check out their demo stores and you will see why the Retina theme was awarded the Shopify Ecommerce Design Award.

I hope this review has helped you with choosing the Retina Shopify theme. If you have any questions about the theme, leave a comment below.

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