The 5 Best Conversion Apps for Shopify

Conversion is an important piece of the busines puzzle.

If you have a high conversion, it means that your marketing strategy is correct. It also means that you are generating revenue.  

But how do you improve your conversion rate in Shopify? What are the best conversion apps for Shopify?

Today, I will show you the best apps that will help you improve conversion rates. I will discuss: 

  • What is Conversion and Why is it Important?
  • Loox Photo Reviews
  • Judge.ME
  • Ultimate Sales Boost
  • Privy Pop-Ups, Email, SMS
  • Vitals 40+ Apps in One
  • Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews

Salesmanship is one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur.

Marketing is what you have to spend on—large companies invest millions of dollars in marketing campaigns. It only means that you should also invest in it. 

For this reason, this article will recommend some of the best applications made specifically for marketing conversions. 

What is Conversion and Why is it Important?

Before we talk about the applications that can help you with conversion, let us first define what it is. 

Conversion, in marketing terms, refers to an event wherein your site’s visitor takes action on your website. 

These actions include: 

  • Purchasing a Product or Service
  • Email or SMS Subscription
  • Filling Out Forms
  • Availing of Freebies

In e-commerce, conversion is about sales. It is a percentage of the number of people who bought your item against the number of people who saw it. 

If there are 100 people who saw your item, and three bought it, your conversion rate is 3%. 

Generally speaking, the average conversion rate of online retail stores globally is 3%. 

Here are some of the things you need to know why you need to focus your attention to conversions: 

Significant to Market Research

Tracking your conversions will show you which marketing funnels are working best, and which ones need improvement.

Your conversion rate can tell you how the market is responding to your offer. 

Help You Find and Generate Leads Along the Way

Once you are already in control of the flaws, making a conversion-optimized site will help you sell more.

If you know that people are not converting, you will begin to dig deeper as to why they are not buying.

People usually think that it is the price—what they fail to realize is that conversion is not just about the price.

Sometimes, it is about the presentation of the product. 

Conversion is the end goal of a business—you have to make a sale.

If you don’t, your business is going to die a slow death. What is e-commerce? E-Commerce is all about conversion.  

Now, let us take a look at the best conversion apps for Shopify

Loox Photo Reviews

Developer: Loox

Rating: 4.9

Cost: From $9.99 per month


The first thing that customers look at before purchasing a product or service is the feedback provided by their co-consumers.

This makes a big impact on their decisions. 

This is where Loox Photo Reviews comes in. With this app, you can establish a high trust rating by automatically collecting photo reviews by verified buyers from any source.

Once gathered, you can have the ability to import them into your store’s page.

If you have a lot of great media-attached reviews, using this application will greatly help you in assuring your market that your product is worth a try.

Some of Loox Photo Reviews’ best features include:

  • Quick Setup and Import Process
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Automatic Email Reviews Requests
  • Fully Branded Emails
  • Full Access to Customization
  • Inline SEO
  • Can Be Integrated In a Lot of Platforms
  • Fully Automated Reviews Page
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Customer Support

Loox offers a 14-day trial to test if it works perfectly with your store. Below is the pricelist of the packages they offer:

Basic at $9.99 per month

  • 100 review requests per month
  • Offer Discounts for Photo Reviews
  • Reviews, Rating, and Popup Widgets
  • Inline SEO
  • Up to 500 Processed Orders

Advanced at $29.99 per month

  • 500 review requests per month
  • All Basic Features
  • All Loox Widgets
  • ReCart and PushOwl Integrations
  • Advanced Customization

Pro at $59.99 per month

  • 1,500 review requests per month
  • All Advanced Features
  • Full Customization and Branding
  • All Loox Integrations
  • Facebook Tab
  • Google Shopping

Enterprise at $99.99 per month

  • 2,000 Monthly Review Request Emails
  • All Pro Features

If you are in need of a larger number of monthly review request emails, you can avail for an add-on of 2,000 more emails (this will total to 4,000 request emails), for an extra $100 to the base price.

Furthermore, you can customize it into unlimited email requests plan for a fee of $499.99. Product Reviews


Rating: 4.9

Cost: Starts with a Free Plan

The second on our list is Product Reviews.

This, similar to the previous application, has a purpose of collecting and displaying ratings and reviews about your products to help you build social proof.

Using this will result into a higher conversion rate, more traffic, and an increase in buyer engagement. 

Their services involve:

  • Theme Work
  • All Kinds of Product Reviews with Automatic Reminders
  • Unlimited Review Requests, Orders, and Imports
  • Fully Automated Page
  • Social Media Inclined
  • SEO Rich Snippets
  • Quick Loading Speed
  • 30-Day Refund
  • Can Be Integrated with Other Apps
  • Customizable Emails
  • Customer Support

The best thing about this application is that you can avail free plans.

Beginners can use this to their advantage if they do not have enough funds saved for conversion applications. 

See the packages that you can purchase with

Free Plan

  • Unlimited Product Review Requests
  • Setup Help
  • Review Carousel Themes
  • In-Email Review Form
  • Curate Reviews
  • SEO Snippets
  • Manual Social Push

Awesome at $15 per month

  • Photo and Videos
  • Site Reviews
  • All Reviews Page
  • Q&A 
  • Custom Forms
  • Coupons
  • Product Groups
  • Cross Shop Syndication
  • Google Shopping
  • No Branding

The good thing about the free package is that there is no catch or hidden fees.

It will forever be free of charge and won’t expire after a few days of use. 

However, the Awesome package is also worth a try for all the features it offers, plus the competitive pricing which is comparatively lower compared to other services.

Ultimate Sales Boost

Developer: Hextom

Rating: 4.8

Cost: Starts with a Free Plan


Newly built stores may find it difficult to encourage customers to buy products from them in the beginning.

Due to this reason, some sellers opt to add urgency to their product pages in order to not let potential customers give in to doubts.

This kind of marketing strategy aims to push customers to buy a product immediately.

If you want to join this tactic, Ultimate Sales Boost can be a good addition to your assistance.

This application offers to create not just your product pages, but also your collection and cart pages, with a sense of sales urgency and sales boosting messages that will consistently be incorporated in your store.

The highlights of the application are:

  • Featured Products on Home Page
  • Image Labels on Home, Collection, and Product Page
  • Buy One, Get One Upsell Messages
  • Alert and Notification Messages
  • “Add to Cart” Button Animation
  • “Checkout” Button Animation
  • Trust Badges
  • Customer and Product Targeting
  • Campaign Scheduling

Ultimate Sales Boost also has three plans made available for users:

Starter Plan is FREE

  • Inventory Countdown
  • Trust Badge
  • Countdown Timer
  • Promo Message
  • Product Targeting

Basic Plan at $9.99 per month

  • All Starter Plan Features
  • Countdown Timer for Images
  • Image Label
  • Get-it-by Timer
  • Geo Targeting

Professional Plan

  • $29.99 per month
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • BOGO Message
  • Smart Label
  • Products Targeting
  • Customers Targeting on Tags and Spending

As you can see, beginners with no spare funds can also start getting high conversion rates with Ultimate Sales Boost because it offers a Free Plan, too. This will be best if you want to improve your store’s pages in terms of its features.

Privy – Pop-Ups, Email, SMS

Developer: Privy

Rating: 4.6

Cost: Starts with a Free Plan


Privy – Pop-Ups, Email, and SMS is the fourth on our list.

This application focuses on optimizing website conversion by growing the store’s email list, in order to generate more sales. 

Their goal is to make the task easier for an entrepreneur who does not have prior knowledge to coding and web development.

Privy offers a lot of beneficial features in the application like:

  • Customizable and Fully-Automated Display
  • Coupon Codes Integration
  • Target Bespoke Campaigns
  • Conduct A/B Split Tests
  • Improve Cart Conversion Rates
  • Convert Registrations into Sales by Sending Notifications and Responses
  • Run Upsell Modals
  • Sync Contacts to More Than 50 Email Marketing Services
  • Campaign Designer
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Email and SMS Marketing

What makes this different from the previous three is that Privy – Pop-Ups, Email, and SMS gives more attention to market engagement by practicing direct marketing.

This is more of a consumer-focused approach to sales conversion.

By the same token, this application can also be used without paying for anything. The plans are as follows:


  • Up to 5,000 monthly page views
  • Unlimited Pop-Ups, flyouts, etc.
  • Targeting Rules
  • Sync with ESPs and Shopify Discounts
  • A/B Testing
  • Privy Branding 

Privy Convert at $20 per month

  • Up to 10,000 monthly page views
  • All the Free Features except Privy Branding
  • Cross sell
  • Remove Privy Logo

Privy Email at $10 per month plus $5 for an additional 1,000 contacts

  • Up to 1,000 mailable contacts
  • Newsletters
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Coupons
  • Order Follow-Ups
  • Shopify Discounts Integration
  • Easy Design

Privy Text at $10 per month plus another $10 for an additional 100 contacts

  • Up to 100 Textable Contacts
  • After Signup Text Messages
  • Abandoned Cart Text Messages

In a clearer context, Privy’s packages are according to their purpose, specifically, conversion, email, and SMS.

The Privy Text Plan is also going to be updated with more features soon as per their site.

Vitals | 40+ apps in one


Developer: VITALS

Rating: 5.0

Cost: $29.99 per month

Our second to the last application is called VITALS | 40+ Apps in One. 

This application has more than 40 functions. Its forte is sales boosting through increasing conversion rate, and at the same time, decreasing the page’s loading time.

Here are the things you can get from the app:

  • Product Reviews
  • Currency Converter
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Project Bundles
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Pre-Orders
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Recent Sales Notifications
  • Content Protection
  • Shoppable Instagram Feed; and a lot more

You might think that the application may be overwhelming and is difficult to use because a lot are in it but let us first take a look on the highlights of VITALS:

  • All apps in VITALS are compatible together.
  • All enabled apps are equipped with a fast loading speed
  • ALMOST all VITALS apps are translatable
  • Works with all standard themes

If this fascinates you, the application offers only one package. See below for details:

  • $29.99 per month
  • All Current and Future Apps Included
  • Unlimited Reviews, Leads Captured, Upsells, Pre-Orders, Facebook Pixels

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to test out the application.

Once bought and satisfaction is not met, they guarantee a refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Ali Reviews

Developer: FireApps – Premium Apps

Rating: 4.7

Cost: From $9.90 per month

Last but not the least, we have Ali Reviews.

AliExpress Reviews is an application that also helps with sales conversion and credibility building.

Its objective is to showcase your best products and their reviews to successfully attract more traffic to your store’s page.


What makes this application stand out is it focuses on products and reviews found exclusively on AliExpress.

Its features include:

  • Import Reviews Directly from AliExpress
  • Import Reviews from CSV File
  • Automatically Pick the Right Product Reviews
  • Review Requests
  • Fully-Branded Review Emails
  • Fully-Automated Pages with Inline SEO
  • Auto-Update of Reviews

For its pricing, you can avail three packages:

Starter at $9.90 per month

  • Import Reviews from AliExpress
  • Email Boost Sales and Request Reviews
  • Happy Customer Page
  • Inline SEO and Review Snippet
  • Bulk Import with Oberlo

Essential at $19.90 per month

  • All Starter Features
  • More Product Limitation
  • More Emails per Month
  • Import with CSV File
  • Google Shopping Integration


  • $49.90
  • All Essential Features
  • Max Product Limitation
  • Max Emails/Month
  • Max Pop-Up View/Month
  • Max Reviews Quantity from CSV File
  • Auto-Update Reviews

Moreover, they offer a 14-day free trial to enable you to take a tour around the application before fully committing.

Summary: Best Conversion Apps for Shopify

All in all, the Shopify apps above can be guaranteed that they are made for businesses to generate a higher conversion rate.

It is recommended that you try out the application using free trials before actually purchasing them.

This is to determine if your business and the services offered by the application are compatible. 

If, in any case, the application does not have a free trial available, you can always take a tour around it by using the “See the App in Action” feature of Shopify App Store.

In there, you will be redirected to an example Shopify store where the app is integrated.

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