The7 WordPress Theme Review: Is This Theme Worth Your Money?

Not everyone knows that WordPress sites take up a huge chunk of the internet.

Roughly 33% of the whole internet is powered by WordPress.

And why WordPress you ask? The answer is simple.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to make a website using WordPress, you just have to be a little computer savvy i.e. have some basic computer skills.

The power behind WordPress is that fully functional websites are just a click away.

There is a whole plethora of themes you can use to get your website up and running. One such theme is The7.

The7 Theme is the brain-child of a WordPress development agency from Kyiv, Ukraine called Dream-Theme.

This agency with 10+ years of experience has a portfolio of 21 items on Themeforest with an average rating of four and a half stars and over 220,000 sales.

The real powerhouse of that portfolio is the The7 theme which takes up almost 90% of their sales on their site or approximately 200,000 sales.

While other themes give you basic designs and a set number of pages, The7 boasts over 40 pre-made websites, over a thousand theme options, and 250 plus page options.

Its intuitive and sleek design combined with 6 premium plugins offers more bang for your buck.

Now, let’s take a look at The7 theme features!

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Theme configuration and editing

We’ve already hinted at the fact that The7 gives you a wide array of options, meaning over 40 pre-made websites, and more importantly over a thousand theme options and 250 plus page options.

The Design wizard and visual editing options are where all of that comes together.

The Design wizard is a pretty powerful tool to have handy when trying to create professional-looking websites in mere minutes.

It’s as simple as choosing your preferred layout, uploading a logo, selecting color schemes, setting up fonts, and clicking “Create”.

Now, once you press that “Create” button, sit back & relax for a minute or two while the Design wizard works its magic and finishes building your professional looking website.

For those of you who want to “tweak” the website a little more and give it your spin, you’re free to do that with The7 as well.

Choose one of the 25 designs out of the box as a solid foundation to build on and use the multitude of theme options to your advantage in creating the website you want.

The7’s ability to give you creative power doesn’t stop there. The7 Theme includes Visual Composer – a layout builder plugin for WordPress and a powerful one at that.

You can create your very own page with this visual editing tool by using its drag & drop feature.

By including this editing plugin The7 can fulfil its promise by allowing you to create an indefinite amount of layers and designs, all on your very own.

From animations to sliders, parallax backgrounds, call to actions, and beyond. The7 is easily the most customizable theme on the market.

“So amazingly awesome and easy to use. Limitless customization and one of the best user interfaces ever. If you can dream it, this theme can make it come to life.” – Vercoquin

The7 Theme Demo

Like all other great themes, The7 has a sneak preview of what it offers as a standalone website.

Here you can see a summary of what this WordPress theme offers in customization, plugin variety, pre-made websites, etc. 


And if that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity you can go ahead and launch the demo.

Change layouts, skins, or completely overhaul the look of a website.

If you haven’t entertained the idea of getting this theme by now, you surely will at the end of your demo.

And if you see something you like, perhaps the whole demo or you just want to combine different pages from the featured demo, you can just copy the URL link and go to the Dashboard in Pages, then Import interface and incorporate your preferred page on the website.

The7 Premium Plugins

The7 offers 6 premium bundled plugins: The7 Elements, Go – Pricing tables, Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Add-ons, and Convert Plus. 

While standalone plugins come with their individual license and can be used independently on any theme, bundled plugins can only be used under the same license as the theme (The7) meaning they cannot be used on other themes.

But, a great benefit to bundled themes, in general, is that you get more plugins for a fraction of the price.

The7 theme sets you up with these 6 premium plugins with a real worth of $174.00 for only the price of the theme.

And if you’re not sure what you’re getting just know that almost everything The7 offers you is because of this bundle. Of course, you can always choose to add new ones at your discretion.

How to install the7 theme

If you haven’t already figured it out, the underlying theme of this article is: “it’s pretty easy”.

Once the purchase has been made theme installation is a simple process.

Upload the zip file of The7 into WordPress and click the “Activate” button.

Wait until the process is complete and install & activate the aforementioned plugins when prompted.

After all, that’s overhead on over to the Theme Options theme and configure or set up the theme.

Choose logos, background images, titles, layouts, etc.

Now if you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know how to upload the zip file and install the theme then you can always go to The7 extensive User guide and follow the installation instructions there.

How to update the7 theme

Updating the theme is pretty straight-forward as well. Open up your Dashboard and click on Appearance.

From there select Themes, find The7, and check if any updates are available. Whenever updates are available, a simple text informing you of that availability will be shown in Appearance -> Themes

Once done with updating the theme it’s time to update your plugins. To do this make your way through the Dashboard>The7>Plugins, and update them.

Finally, the last step of the process involves updating your database if and when a popup message shows up on your admin panel i.e. Dashboard.

How to speed up the7 theme

The7 has been tested over and over again and it always gives great results on the speed test.

It’s a pretty fast loading theme and doesn’t need a step by step guide on speeding it up.

That being said, should you find yourself in a situation where you need or want to speed it up, let us give you some pointers.

Low-end servers can be a real pain. You should consider migrating to a better hosting plan or another hosting service altogether.

You can try installing a caching plugin that generates static HTML pages of the website and saves them on the server.

Then, every time someone tries to access your website, the plugin serves up a lighter HTML page instead of processing the heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

Image sizes have also been known to make for slower loading times.

Fixing this is not complicated. First, try decreasing the size of your images on your computer or select predefined sizes like “small”, “medium” and/or “large”.

Using an image compression plugin is another route to faster loading times.

Deactivate unnecessary plugins. While plugins generally don’t make your website slower, they can and will in instances where they are poorly coded.

If you have a low of google fonts be sure to decrease them. The more fonts used the more fonts will have to be loaded.

If you truly want fast experience, then only use the system fonts provided by the theme.

The list of how to speed up any WordPress theme is endless, but in the case of The7 theme, the major advantage is its customer support is unparalleled.

If this article and their support page articles can’t help you, then the team behind The7 will offer you a helping hand.

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Elementor Compatible

We’ve already stated that The7 has an integrated builder, namely, WPBakery Page Builder.

If for any reason you want to use the Elementor plugin, you definitely can. The7 is fully compatible with this live page builder.

If you’re not familiar Elementor is another page builder plugin and a popular one at that.

It substitutes the basic WordPress editor and lets you design your website live, without switching between the editor and the preview mode.

WooCommerce integration

The7 is WooCommerce integrated, meaning you can create your online store in no time whatsoever. By combining the Elementor page builder with WooCommerce the possibilities are endless – you can create any type of multifunctional WordPress theme. 

The7 will also apply required customized styles based on your designs automatically. The theme is optimized to sell all types of goods, physical and digital.

A comparison: Avada vs. The7

What is Avada? Well, to put it simply Avada is another WordPress theme that has more than half a million sales on ThemeForest.

It’s easily one of the most popular themes on the market. Some of Avada’s key features are:

  • 100% responsiveness
  • One-click demo install
  • Solid documentation & support
  • 60+ design samples to pick from
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress & WooCommerce
  • Fusion theme builder
  • SEO Friendly etc.

Avada has its website builder called the Fusion theme builder which allows you to drag and drop certain elements directly onto your Website.

It’s a built-in plugin in Avada, the same way that WP Baker Builder is a built-in plugin in The7.

Avada is made using SEO industry standards, which doesn’t give Avada an upper hand having in mind that the same is true for The7 theme.

Finally, if your choice between Avada and The7 rests on the fact that Avada is in any way faster, you are mistaken.

Both Avada & The7 are optimized and have constant updates and support services.

The real benefit behind The7 is the ability to create a stunning and unique website from the ground up and transfer your idea and make it real and tangible.

Because we’ve been talking about The7 this whole time let’s compare its key features to Avada:

  • 100% responsiveness, fluid, and retina ready
  • SEO ready and compatible with popular SEO plugins
  • Extensive documentation and free premium-class support
  • 100% translation readiness
  • WooCommerce, bbPress and WPMLcomplatible, etc

The7 also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if their theme is broken, flawed & if they cannot fix it in a reasonable time.

On the other hand, Avada does not offer any money-back guarantees.

The7 also offers more in terms of custom options, dummy websites, and theme options.

While Avada is a better seller on Themeforest and more popular, The7 has been bridging the gap in recent years.

So if you’re looking the build the website of your dreams, then you would probably want to go with the most customizable theme on the market today – The7.

Support & Documentation

In the comparison above, we’ve mentioned that The7 offers extensive documentation and free premium-class support.

And we mean what we say. Support requests from users are processed from 8 am to 5 pm each business day within 24 hours of the request.

Satisfied customers have rated The7 theme support as impeccable.

A word to the wise, before submitting your request for support consult their support site and see if you can fix the problem easily yourself.

Their troubleshooting articles are well written, clear, and extensive and a lot of times you don’t need to wait for 24 hours to solve a problem in five minutes.

If that fails, if you are not computer savvy or you just do not want to bother, hand it over to the support team.

“Great customer service. Responded within a few minutes and my problem fixed quickly. The theme is very customizable and easy to work with. Highly recommended”  – Mattoo

The7 Theme Pricing

We’ve mentioned that The7 is affordable and that you get a $174.00 worth of plugins for a fraction of the cost.

Now it’s time to reveal the price.

The7 theme costs only $39.00 and included in this price are the following:

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates
  • Theme hosting offer
  • 6 months support from Dream-Theme

You can always extend the support to 12 months for an additional $10.13.

While it is not the cheapest theme on Themeforest, it is affordable and gives a lot for so little in return.


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The7 Theme Pros & cons

While getting ready for the final verdict, let’s list the Pros & Cons of The7.


  • Highly customizable;
  • Design Wizard included;
  • WooCommerce and Elementor compatible;
  • SEO optimized;
  • Premium plugins included;
  • A great number of theme options.


  • May be overwhelming at times
  • While the Pros list above does not constitute a full and detailed Pros list for The7 theme, the only con we could find is the fact that The7 theme might be overwhelming at times. This is due to the fact that it’s the most customizable theme for WordPress. While lots of choices may seem daunting to some, it might be and well is its greatest benefit.


A shortlist of some of The7’s features is included below:

  • 1000+ theme options
  • Design wizard
  • Design library
  • 6 premium plugins
  • 40+ ready-made websites
  • Fluid
  • Retina ready
  • Unlimited header layouts
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Premium sliders
  • Fancy title with the option to add background images, page titles, etc.
  • Blog, Portfolio & Gallery layouts
  • A Unique page templates system
  • And much more.

The7 is an affordable theme with over 40 pre-made websites, over a thousand theme options, and 250 plus page options.

It gives you the ability to make websites in minutes via the Design Wizard, use pre-existing dummy websites and tweak them for your own needs or the ability to use the integrated builder or add another one (Elementor) to realize your idea from scratch.

While The7 may be overwhelming at times due to the amount of choice available to you, it compensates with easy installation, update, site builder, and intuitive and sleek design.

For $39.00 you’ll not only get thousands of options, 6 plugins, and an overall fast theme, you’ll also get premium support and a money-back guarantee.

And this is where The7 shines. While other themes don’t offer a money-back guarantee, The7 readily gives it back whenever the theme fails and the problem is not fixed in a reasonable way.

That fact only gives users confidence that the team behind The7 will try everything possible to fix their problems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big corporation, small business, or an individual.

If you truly want to build the website of your dreams and do it easily and for a fair price, then The7 theme is the way to go.

The features it offers are so many that you would have to write a pamphlet to explain them all. See for yourself on Themeforest.

Build a website in mere minutes with The7. You won’t regret it!

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