Thrive Themes Review 2018 – Incraese Converisons and Generate More Leads

We all want our websites to get results.

We all want viewers to spend more time on our sites and become paying customers.

But how can we get the kind of results we want?

One way is by using Thrive Themes, designed to help you make your content look good and improve conversions.

A Thrive Theme membership gives you access to multiple themes and plug-ins. You can use them to build your site from scratch or integrate them into your existing site and get better conversions. Think of it as a ClickFunnels alternative for self-hosted sites—and a cheaper one at that.

Continue reading my detailed Thrive Themes review to learn all that Thrive Themes has to offer.


What is Thrive Themes?


Marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech expert Paul McCarthy founded Thrive Themes in 2013.

Thrive Themes offers conversion-focused themes as well as plug-ins for your WordPress site or blog. Thrive Themes aims to offer internet marketers and bloggers an all-in-one toolbox which they can use to create a site and start turning visitors into paying customers.

You can buy each plugin and theme individually by paying a one-time flat fee or you can take the Thrive Membership, renewed annually, and enjoy access to not only all current plug-ins and themes but also all future offerings.


What does the Thrive Membership include?

Thrive membership includes 10 themes and 8 plug-ins.


You get access to these 10 themes

  1. Rise – If you’re looking for a blogging theme with a clean layout, Rise is perfect for you. You can use this blogging theme with product sales and affiliate marketing.
  2. Storied – Another superb blogging theme, Storied lays stress on key media-rich elements like videos, audio, and image.
  3. Pressive – Here’s a blogging theme with a difference. Pressive puts more emphasis on creating marketing website which features a lot of multimedia.
  4. Performag – Do you want your site to be magazine-styled? If yes, try Performag. This magazine theme from Thrive Themes is also superbly optimized for social sharing, user engagement, and of course ad revenue.
  5. Voice – The striking feature of this theme is its header-less design. This theme focuses on podcasting and blogging.
  6. Squared – A bold, multi-purpose theme, Squared is designed to catch the reader’s eye from the moment he or she opens it.
  7. Minus – Are you a minimalist? Then this is the theme for you. It puts your content in the centre. This design has ample white space and very few distractions.
  8. Ignition – If you run an ecommerce shop, you might want to check out the Ignition theme by Thrive theme. It focuses mainly on creating product and sales pages.
  9. Luxe – Do you want to give your site a modern, fashionable, and luxurious look? Then you should go with Luxe. It is perfect for sites selling luxurious services or products.
  10. FocusBlog – This theme gives you the best of blogging and suave multimedia websites. Ideal for bloggers and online marketers who want their sites have the best features of both the kinds of websites.

As the aforementioned list shows, a Thrive Themes membership gives you access to several different themes. But the membership offers more goodies. What makes Thrive Themes so impressive are its plugins.


You get as many as 8 plugins with the membership. These are:

  1. Thrive Architect – A drag and drop page builder by Thrive Themes, Thrive Architect is perfect for any websites build.
  2. Thrive Landing Pages – You get many pre-made landing pages templates with your membership. Thanks to this plugin, you can create your very own landing pages in a jiffy.
  3. Thrive Leads – Want to build an email list? Then this plugin is ideal for you. It comes with many features and different options for getting your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.
  4. Thrive Ovations – For any online business, displaying testimonials is extremely important. This plugin makes it easier for you to not only collect but also display your best testimonials on the site.
  5. Thrive Ultimatum – With help of this plugin, you can time-sensitive promotions and offers more quickly.
  6. Thrive Clever Widgets – Are you planning to create a silo site? Then you would surely want to use this plugin. It helps you display unique widgets depending on tags, categories and a lot more.
  7. Thrive Headline Widgets – You can use this plugin to create several headlines, as well as split test each one to find out the best-performer.
  8. Thrive Quiz Builder – We all want our viewers to engage more with our pages and posts, but how can we achieve our goal? One way to improve website engagement is by using Thrive Quiz Builder, which helps you create stunning quizzes within seconds.


What is inside the membership area?

A Welcome Video greets you the moment you step into the membership area. This video tour helps you familiarize with the membership area, making navigating through it easy.

Just below the video is a list of all themes and plugins. Three quick access buttons—Forum, Tutorial, and Download—are present for each plugin. And each theme has a link for viewing its demo.

The Member Navigation menu is present in the right-hand side. Here you’ll find all the options available to you. These options are Members Home, My Account & License Keys, Thrive University, Product Tutorials, Knowledge base, Thrive Theme Demos, Webinar Recordings, Thrive Products Change Log, and Support Forum.


Thrive Themes Membership Prices

Thrive Themes offers many themes and plug-ins. The membership gives you:

  • access to all themes and plug-ins in Thrive Themes
  • all plug-ins released in the future
  • unlimited support

The membership price for individual website owner is $228/year (it comes to $19/month). You will be billed annually. The membership is for unlimited sites (yours).

The membership price for agency/developer is $558/year (it comes to $49/month). You will be billed annually. The membership is for unlimited sites (yours or clients).

What happens if I don’t want to continue my membership?

If you decide to cancel the membership, this is what’s going to happen:

  • You’ll enjoy access for the remaining period – Your membership will remain intact for any period for which you’ve already paid. For example, in case you sign up 9 months after the billing date, you’ll enjoy access for another 3 months.
  • You can’t download new products after expiry of your membership – You’ll not enjoy access to products listed in the member’s area and to any new releases after your membership expires.
  • You’ll no longer get support – Once your membership expires, you would stop getting any technical support via email. You will also be not able to access the support forum and get support from there.
  • You’ll receive updates for products that you’ve installed – You’ll get updates for all plug-ins that you’ve installed on the site, just like before.
  • License will no longer work – You’ll not be able to activate Thrive software that you’d downloaded previously for any new sites you create.
  • Existing software/content will work – No existing content built using Thrive Software/Thrive tools that’s present on your site will be deleted/removed/changed because of cancelation of the membership. All of them will function like before and you’ll get updates via WordPress dashboard.


Will Thrive Products slow down my website?

Any conversion-friendly theme cannot be slow in loading—and this true for Thrive Themes.

The makers of Thrive Themes market it as the most conversion-friendly themes. That’s why it’s no wonder that they load quite fast. So if you are worried about Thrive Themes slowing your site, you can rest easy. All themes in the Thrive Theme package are fast-loading themes.

Thrive Themes come with an inbuilt automatic image compression functionality. This means that image you upload are loosely compressed and this in turn helps your pages load faster. Because the image compression functionality is inbuilt, you don’t need to press any button to compress your images. The theme does this automatically.

Each and every theme features the ‘Lazy load comments’ option. It loads comments on demand and this further improves the page speed.

You might think, because Thrive Themes has so many features and elements, it might load slowly on smartphones. However, that’s not so. Mobile rendering is fast and slick, even when you use a shared server.


Conclusion – Pros & Cons

Thrive Themes offers much value to bloggers and internet marketers. It also has some limitations.

Let’s look at its strong and weak points.


  • Many Themes – Thrive Theme gives you access to multiple themes, giving you a wider range to choose from the one that you think will work best for you.
  • Superior Plugins – Thrive Theme offers 8 plug-ins, and the best part is many of them have advanced features, ideal for internet marketers who want to jump to the next level. Tools such as Thrive Leads plugin and headline optimizer can make it easier for you jump from affiliate marketing to developing your own client base and products.
  • Impressive page speed – Not only are all the themes impressively designed, but they also load up fast.
  • Phenomenal support – One gripe which people have with many quality WordPress themes is lack of support at the backend. It is hard to get the desired answers if you’re stuck with something. Thankfully, Thrive Themes has this well covered. Support is available through email. You also have the option to put your questions to the forum community and receive answers from experienced members.


  • Less support for beginners – Are you new to internet marketing? In that case you might find several tools and themes to be above your present knowledge level. With that said, there’s still much in Thrive Themes that you’ll find valuable.
  • You might have to use Thrive Architect permanently – From member area to sales page, there’s a lot of focus to use Thrive Architect. If you do use it for creating your affiliate website, you’ll have to stay a member permanently. Otherwise, a lot of time will be needed to recreate all the content and remove coding and short codes created by the Architect.
  • Auto renewals – You’re billed automatically every year for the annual membership, unless you change the settings manually. In case you decide to stop using it but forgot to tweak the settings, you will be automatically for renewal and Thrive Themes wouldn’t give a refund.


Final Thoughts

Thrive Themes is built for conversions and in my Thrive Themes review, I found that it delivers what it promises.

With Thrive Themes membership you get all the themes and plug-ins in one place at an affordable price. If you were to buy each of these themes and plug-ins individually, you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars more.

However, pricing is not the only attractive thing about Thrive Themes membership. Its membership dashboard is intuitive and highly useful. Thanks to it, you can quickly access relevant information, from tutorials to licensing.

This is one solid product suite and has no weak links. All themes and plug-ins are of high standard and help you in your goal of generating more leads and improving conversions.

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