Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Start Dropshipping Now!

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Start Dropshipping Now!

In 2018, the dropshipping business model had a massive boom in popularity.

If you always wanted to be your own business owner, dropshipping can be a good start at learning the ropes of running a business.

You will be required to take on many roles and be willing to learn new skills along the way.

Today, we’ll have a look at the top reasons why you should start a dropshipping business now.

1. More Competition

Looking at the Google Trends chart, you can see that dropshipping has doubled in monthly searches in the last 2 years.

More and more people are becoming aware of this business model and are taking advantage of the low barrier to entry.

With competition increasing which means ad costs will rise so it is best for you to start now.

2. Ad Costs Increasing

With more competition, ad platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords are becoming more expensive.

With rising in ad costs it is best for you to learn new skills so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

For example, learn how to make engaging videos which you can use for your Facebook ads to hook your customers in.

You can practice on a video editing software such as Camtasia or Adobe Permiere Pro. Understanding the basics of creating engaging videos will keep you a step ahead of everyone else.

3. Ad Platforms are Changing

Ad platforms such as Facebook are becoming more strict with dropshippers.

Low-quality dropshippers who only care about the money and not their customers are creating Shopify stores to scam customers. If a deal seems to good to be true, it usually isn’t.

Facebook will now send out customer feedback scores to survey your customers experience with your business and products. They will ban ad accounts which are not up to their standards.

4. There is a Learning Curve

Creating a profitable dropshipping business takes time. This is not a get rich scheme.

It can take up to three to six months to become familiar with operating a store and driving traffic through paid ads.

You will be wearing many hats and doing tasks you might not enjoy at the beginning of your journey.

The more you delay starting, the more time it will add onto your learning curve. Take action today.

5. Traditional Retail Stores are Closing Down

The traditional retail business model is constantly adapting to the inevitable changes in the digital world we live in today.

In 2018, many brick and mortar companies shut their doors because of the costs associated with maintaining a retail business.

Think about all the expenses you have to cover in order to keep your retail business open. Rent, staff wages, ordering stock, packaging and the list goes on.

You should take advantage of the low start-up costs and start your own dropshipping business today.

6. No Need for Inventory

With dropshipping you don’t have to pay for warehouse rent, warehouse management software and systems, insurance and staff wages.

Purchasing and holding inventory is a big investment when running a retail business. If you don’t have sales coming in, your stock will be sitting on shelves like stale bread.

All you need to do is list your products on your store and include high-quality images. Inventory can be tracked through apps to notify you if certain products are running low in stock.

Dropshipping can save you a lot of money in the back end which can be reinvested into your business to scale it even more.

7. Work Almost Anywhere

Hate sitting near annoying coworkers? With droppshipping, you can run your business without moving an inch. As long as you have a good wifi connection, you will be all sweet.

You can be a dropshipper operating in Australia Sydney, ship products located in China and delivering it to someone in America with just a few clicks.

If you love to work in different environments, dropshipping should be on your career list. Why not travel to a new country while making money without being dependent on a paycheck.

8. You can Automate and Outsource

Running your own dropshipping business has become easier with the use of automated apps.

These apps are developed to help automate tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on the important operations of the business like marketing.

If you don’t like doing repetitive tasks such as writing product descriptions or processing customer orders, you can easily find virtual assistants from websites such as upwork to help you with completing these tasks.

9. Global Reach

Dropshipping allows you to market, sell and ship internationally. With this ability to sell cross-border, you will be able to expand and reach a new customer base.

Certain suppliers may have their own warehouse setup in certain countries to help cut down shipping costs and delivery time.

10. More Users on Mobile Devices

With technology advancing rapidly, smartphone devices are constantly improving and becoming widespread around the world.

Look around when you’re in public, there will always be people staring down at a screen, whether they’re checking emails or sending a text message to their loved ones, there is always an opportunity for you to make money.

11. Integrated with Social Media

Social networks are a useful marketing tool for e-commerce business owners. They help connect customers and sellers in a digital space.

In 2019, Instagram will allow its users to register their credit cards allowing them to checkout with just one click on the app. This will increase online sales massively!

With new users registering on Instagram every day, your potential reach increases too. 

To Wrap This Up

The dropshipping model is a great way for you to test the waters by running your own business.

You are the boss and is in control of everything. From marketing to processing orders, you are in the driver’s seat.

With the ability to change your work environment and having the freedom to use a laptop to run a business, you don’t have to share your workspace with annoying coworkers

All you need is a computer or laptop, an internet connection and the right mindset to start your own e-commerce empire.

If you would like to learn more about creating your own profitable e-commerce store, click here to read my review on the only dropshipping course you need to succeed online.

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