Top 5 Niches for Dropshipping in 2019

When you’re starting off with dropshipping, finding a niche with profitable products can be overwhelming at first.

You will often come across the word saturation when you’re learning how to dropship. Saturation shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

When you’re shopping at your local supermarket, there is usually an aisle for bread. Have a look at the many different brands selling the exact same thing! So don’t be afraid of competition.

Today I will share with you the top 5 niches which you can use to find profitable products with active buying customers.

Top 5 Broad Niches


This is a huge niche but it also very saturated in the Shopify drop shipping market. However, it still works! But how though…?

Because people are still making good money from this niche. The market is huge! There are hundreds of active forums, facebook groups, and blogs within the survival niche.

Don’t be afraid to test out a few products in this niche. Survival products solve a problem, hence the name “survival”. I have seen many successful dropshipping stores who are selling products from this niche.


This is a 41 billion dollar industry and is growing fast. There has been a boom in youtube videos within the fishing niche.

Many YouTubers are being sponsored by big brands to promote their business and products. Fishing is a fast-growing niche that is rapidly expanding.

Have a look on youtube, search fishing and have a look at the results.

You can also search on Instagram and see endless fishing related content.


This is another fast-growing niche and is very popular on Instagram. You can find a lot of hunting-related pages on Instagram which you contact to promote your business to.


4.Home and Kitchen

This niche has a very passionate audience. Many mums who love to cook and bake. There are many products from this niche which solves problems.

5.Phone Accessories

As technology improves and internet connection is available almost everywhere we go, we become more obsessed with our smartphones. This is evident when Apple releases a new iPhone. You will often see people waiting in line for days!

There many phone accessories which you can cross-sell in different niches too. For example, this phone charger can be related to the survival and outdoor niche since it can use solar energy to charge your phone. It also has a flashlight which is useful for the night time and a built-in lighter in case you need a source a fire.

Does product/niche saturation matter?

Saturation in products and saturation in niches are two different things. When a product is saturated, it refers to a product being sold by many businesses.

Do you remember those fidget spinners? Those fidget spinners blew up so quick that I saw people selling them locally where I live. These fidget spinners died out pretty fast when the hype and trend were over.

On the other hand, a saturated niche refers to the popularity of the niche. This is perfectly fine since there are many other products you can choose from to sell on your own store.


The broad niches discussed earlier are more likely to have winning products with active customers.

You can also use a tool like Google Trends to see what is trending and what isn’t.

Just remember a saturated product is bad and saturated niche is good.

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