Top 5 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in 2020

Conversion rate is a measurement of how many people bought your product compared to the number of people who saw it.

It is a metric that tells you whether you are making sales or not. As an online entrepreneur, your first challenge is website traffic.

Once you are past this challenge, your next problem is conversion. If people come to your online store, do they buy? 

Today, I will show you the top methods on fix tips to improve conversion rate on your store. 

These are:  

  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Paid ads and other marketing
  • Live chat and other contact forms
  • Money-back guarantee
  • FOMO and Urgency
  • Bundles and promotions

At the end of this tutorial, you should have a clear path ahead of you.

These methods have been tried and tested, and you must have a plan how you will execute all of theme to prevent your e-commerce or dropshipping store from failing

Testimonials and reviews

One of the most effective ways to improve conversion rate is testimonials. This includes reviews about your product. 

There are several ways you can show this. Here are some examples: 

  • Product reviews – your website must have the functionality that allows customers to leave their feedback for products they bought from you.
  • Videos – you can ask your customers to leave a short video for you; another option is you can pay models to show a video while the product is in use. 
  • Photo reviews – there are apps and plug-ins you can integrate with your store which allows customers to upload photos of your product. This way, the site visitor does not only see your stock photos, but they also see real products unboxed from customer purchases. 
  • Testimonials – you can get a short testimonial from consumers, and ask for their permission to post their pictures alongside the testimonial. You can offer something free in return. 

Why are testimonials important? 

Reviews are what we call social proof. While it is true that many of these can be faked, consumers have a nose for spotting fake reviews. 

Reviews and testimonials are the equivalent of word of mouth. In the physical world, people are more inclined to buy if someone they know said that the product is good.

The same principle applies online. If consumers see that others took the risk, of buying and they are happy, they are more likely to buy. 

Use this to your advantage. If you are dropshipping from AliExpress, you have the option to use apps that can import reviews from your supplier.

You no longer have to wait for your own customers to leave reviews. 

Paid ads and other marketing

The most effective way to boost conversion rate is to pay for ads and other marketing efforts. In the physical world, it is not unusual to see ads in TV, paper, and radio stations. 

These ads are paid for a reason—they convert. Online, you should do the same. 

Here are the best places to put your ads:

  • Facebook conversion ads
  • Instagram
  • Google adwords (search and AdSense)
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

As you can see, there are many platforms where you can place ads. Advertisements do not just raise awareness and drive traffic—they convert. 

Of course, the effectiveness of your ads depends on its quality and how you targeted people.

The good news is that different platforms allow you to choose the demographics. You can choose to show your ads to a specific ae group, gender, location, and so much more. 

On Facebook, you can even choose to show your ads to people who have a specific interest.

For example, you can show your ads to people how liked specific Facebook pages, like those who liked Dwayne Johnson, or those who like Marvel movies. 

The other option for ads is influence marketing. In this method, you look for an influencer online and work with him to advertise your products. 

You can pay this influencer in cash, your you can send your item to him for free. If he likes it, he can post a shoutout to all his followers.

If not, you can make other arrangements. The benefit of marketing with an influencer is that this person already has a following—people who trust what he says. Because of his credibility, it is easier to convince his followers to buy. 

Live chat and other contact forms

The problem with online sales is that there are so many questions that need answers.

Even if you have an FAQ section on your website, some customers may have questions that are not covered in your FAQ page. 

This is why you need a chat box and other methods where your customer can contact you. 

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Integrate Facebook Messenger – many online platforms allow you to integrate the Facebook Messenger app to your website. What happens is that if the customer is on your store, this FB Messenger app poos up. And because it is Facebook, the customer feels safe in using it. 
  • Use contact forms – make sure that your contact form is accessible. Put it at the top right of your website menu, and also put it at the footer of your website.  
  • Voice – if you have a phone number and it is alright to get phone calls, then by all means, add your phone number. Just make sure you have voicemail activated if you are already asleep. At best, you must have a separate phone number from your personal one. 

Do not use robots. Many online entrepreneurs use robots and say, “chat with us.” While robots are cool, they are misleading. 

When customers want to chat with you, they expect to talk to a real person, not a robot. A robot chat makes a customer go away—it does not improve your conversion rate.  

If you really want to use a chat bot, at least be transparent about it. The chat bot must introduce itself as a robot, not a real human being. 

Money-back guarantee

One of the best tips to improve conversion rate is through the use of a guarantee. This is why many websites have a return policy with no questions asked. 

If you offer a money-back guarantee, you are indirectly telling your customer that you believe in your product so much that you are vouching for its quality. 

Here are some reasons why this strategy works: 

  • Reduced risks – you need to understand that from a buyer’s standpoint, he is not sure if the product he bought is of high quality. As such, a money-back offer make him more confident that if he receives a bad product, he an still get his money if the item he received is defective. 
  • Increased trust – since you are couching for your product, the customer knows that you are not a scammer. They have your word that if they are not happy with the purchase, they can get their money back. 
  • Value – if you are selling a product that is also sold by others, a money-back guarantee can set the difference between you and other merchants.

But what if customers abuse it? Well, what you can do is to charge a re-sticking free. Many online merchants charge as much as 15% re-stocking fee.

What it means is that the customer only gets 85% of his money back. This helps prevent people from abusing the system, and it also reduces your financial losses. 

FOMO and Urgency

Another one of the tips to improve conversion rate is FOMO or fear or missing out. This includes urgency techniques where you are “forcing” the customer to buy.

There is a psychological principle stating that if a product appears to be so good, customers what to experience the same thing.

You have to use this psychological need to improve your conversion rate. 

Here are some ways to do it: 

  • Countdown timers – you can use countdown timers on your products to show that the sale is about to end. This is effective if you are running a promotion. 
  • Running out of stock – you can show your buyers that only a few items are left in stock; this should make people want to buy the item now because if they don’t they may not be able to buy it again. 
  • Reviews and celebrities – you can use influencers to prove that your product is in demand, and that is of high quality. So much so that even “stars” use it.   

As you can see, FOMO is about taking advantage of people’s desire to belong.

If everybody is using a trendy product, then any people want to join the bandwagon. It is this mindset that you want to take advantage of.

It is up to you what kind of methods you want to use to drive FOMO.

Just make sure that the message you create is that if the customer does not act now, he is going to miss his chance.  

Bundles and promotions

The last in our list is bundling and promotion. Ever wondered why McDonald’s sell three products at a cheaper price? 

It is called bundling. Even if the profit is lower than if they sold the items separately, at least the inventory is moving, and they are making a sale. 

In bundling, your goal is to make the consumer spend more money, but lesser than what he would spend if he bought items separately. Essentially, you are offering value for money.

Bundling makes people save money, and this is why it will increase your conversion rate.

Instead of a person saying that he will think about it, or that he will search more online, he will buy the product from you. 

Why? Because it is likely that no one else is offering the same bundle. Also, you need to create different types of discounts to be able to improve your conversion rate.

Examples of these are 20% discount, buy one get one, loyalty points and promotions, and so much more.

Before you even offer a promotion, you need to carefully consider your costs.

You should also think about the potential problems if you are bundling products that come from different suppliers. 

Study your promotion very well before you implement it—list your product cost, shipping cost, and how much profit is left if you sell your products at a lower price.   


Conversion rate optimization is a challenging aspect of e-commerce. The average conversion rate in e-commerce retail is 3%.

And this includes the conversion of giants like Amazon and eBay. 

What does this mean? It means that you should be happy if your conversion rate is at least 1%. What this means is that you are not doing too bad. 

Since only one person is buying for every 100 people, your next obvious goal is to increase your traffic or increase the average order value. 

In this case, you need to do more marketing—or you have to convince customers to buy more products from your store so you can meet your monthly revenue goal.

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