Udimi Review: The Best Solo Ads Marketplace?

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Thus, entrepreneurs like you are always thinking of ways on how you could attract more clients. 

Of course, one way to do that is through advertisements. But what ads?

One of the most effective ways to reach hot traffic is through email marketing—you will reach people who subscribed to a blog or service because they are interested in it.

And this is where solo ads come in. When it comes to making sure that your message is well-received by your target clients, email marketing is one of the best strategies out there. 

And Udimi is one marketplace where you can send your ads via email. 

In this Udimi Review, you will learn:

  • What is Udimi?
  • Udimi features 
  • Why use Udimi?
  • Who should use Udimi?
  • Udimi pricing: how much do solo ads cost? 

By the end of this review, you should know if Udimi is a good platform for your marketing. 


What is Udimi?

Udimi is a marketplace for email marketing sellers and buyers.

The sellers have a list of email addresses, and they will send your ad to these email addresses in exchange of payment. 

It is commonly referred to as a solo ads company.

It is called solo ads because the advertising material sent to the recipient’s email address is only your ad—it is solo, so you are not sharing the email space with other people. 

This is how it works:

  • You write your script and prepare your video or image
  • You look for a seller
  • You give the seller your materials
  • You pay the seller
  • The seller sends your ad to his email list
  • The email recipients read your ad
  • Some of the will click and some of them will buy your offer

As you can see, it is a targeted marketing platform. And to make this happen, you have to choose a seller whose email list has: 

  • People who are interested in your niche
  • People who have already bought an item

As you can see, you cannot just send your email marketing randomly—you need to choose people who want your product, or people who have a problem that you can solve.

Just to be clear: you are not buying the email list—you will not have it.

Only the seller has access to it, and the seller is the one who will send your ad. 

Udimi features

Now, let us take a look at the many things you can do with Udimi.

These features will help you decide whether you will or will not sign up for an account. 

Seller Finder – this is the feature where you get to find sellers. The seller finder tool has several filters and sliders that will help you narrow down your search. With this tool, you can set the maximum price you are willing to pay, choose a niche, select through the rating filter, those who have sales, and even choose the language. The seller finder tool also allows you to choose the traffic source by country. 

Ad text writers – under the tab called Extras, you can choose from writers who can do your ad copy for you. The prices vary, and you can find sellers who will write your email ad for as little as $5. There are also those who charge as much as $45. This service is not inclusive of the email marketing piece. It is a separate payment. 

Landing pages – this works best for affiliate marketers, including those for ClickBank, who need a landing page. With Udimi, you can create a free landing page, so you no longer need to create one from other tools like InstaPage or ClickFunnels. As a free user, you can only have one landing page and one “thank you” page. If you upgrade to Prime, you will pay $60 a month, but you can build a membership website on the platform.

Custom landing pages – if you do not know how to create your own landing pages, you can get the services of those who are experts in the field. Like the copywriters, this payment is separate from the email service. The landing pages cost as little as $5 and as much as $100. The landing page will be built on your Udimi account but you can also use it on other platforms if you want.

Affiliate Program – as a Udimi member, you are automatically enrolled in its affiliate program. Just click on the Affiliates link on your dashboard, and you will find your affiliate link. Once you have referred a customer, this customer is hardcoded into your account. He can no longer be a customer of someone else. All your referrals will get a $5 gift code, which they can use if they order at least $70 in solo ads

The commission in the affiliate program is 15%, and this commission is recurring.

If you have five customers that buy $100 per month on solo ads, you will earn $100 x 5 = $500 x 15% = $75.

If refer a Prime member, your commission is 25%. But if you are a Prime member yourself, your commission for a Prime member you refer is 50% recurring. 

You need to use different affiliate links for different memberships.

For starters, just use the general affiliate links and look for people who need this service

Why use Udimi?

As an email marketing platform, the end goal of Udimi is to reach out to people and make them aware of your brand. But why Udimi? 

Let us discuss the benefits: 

  • Fast sales – like any ad platform, people will have to decide right there and then if they will buy your products or not. You no longer have to build several touchpoints like you would have done via blogging or social media posting. You can have instant sales if you send your ads to people who are interested. 
  • Track your marketing performance – Udimi has a dashboard where you can track your performance. the dashboard. The website has an analytics platform where you can see where your clients come from, who referred traffic to you, and which countries are responding to your ads.
  • Highly-targeted traffic – if you advertise on Facebook and Google, you can choose the demographics of your audience. The problem with this is you are never really sure if they are interested. In Udimi, you can choose the sellers of the email list—each seller has a market that is specific.

Remember, the email addresses came from people who subscribed in exchange for something.

If a seller says that the people in his list are bloggers, then you can send ads to these people if what you are selling is about blogging. 

  • Save time and effort – you have to realize that it takes many months, possible years, to build an email list. If you wait, you will waste a lot of time. With Udimi, you can take advantage of the email addresses that someone already built. You no longer have to beat your head what kind of lead magnets to offer. Just pay someone who can show your business to people who are interested. 
  • Udimi puts you at an advantage—the seller only sends the marketing material to people who signed up to his email list because they are willing to get marketing updates. Also, you do not have to build your list. 

In short, Udimi offers targeted marketing and you can make a sale in a short span of time. 

Who should use Udimi?

Udimi, as a platform for email marketing, should only be used by marketers.

If you are a blogger and you are looking for traffic, this is not the place for you.

You should use Udimi if: 

  • You are an affiliate marketer in need of a new way to promote your affiliate link
  • You are a dropshipper who needs to market your products
  • You offer freelance services and you need clients

You should only use Udimi if you have something to sell.

It should never be used to grow your traffic or to boost your followers on social media.


Because you are spending money in your ads.

And whenever you spend money on ads, you have to ensure that in one way or another, your activity is going to give you back your money. 

Udimi ads are not cheap—they are a little costly, especially if you are going to deal with high-ranking sellers who have a high conversion rate.

Sign up to Udimi here.

Udimi pricing: how much do solo ads cost?

Udimi has no fixed pricing. As a marketplace, it is free to sign up and register for an account.

However, you will pay the seller once you have decided to run your email marketing ad.

So, while browsing for sellers, you will see several that offer different price points.

Let us say that you found a seller who offers $0.39 per email.

Sellers have a minimum order requirement. Some require that you order at least 30 and some require 100. 

What does this mean? 

100 means that you will send your email marketing ad to 100 people.

If the price if each email is $0.39, your total cost is $39 to be able to send your ad to 100 people. 

If you decide to send it to 1,000 people, you will spend $390.

The price can be shocking at first, but always keep in mind that the people seeing your offer are not cold traffic—these are highly interested people.  

Of course, they are hot traffic only if you sent it to the right list.

If you are selling a software, and you chose a list where the people subscribed are interested in shoes, you will not make a sale. 


Above is a screenshot of a seller.

As you can see, the cost for sending the email to 175 visitors is $107.

The key to deciding is to check the seller’s rating. 

The rating is expressed in percentage.

If the seller’s rating is 35%, it means that out of 100 customers who bought his list, there are 35 email recipients who made a purchase.

This does not mean that the email was sent only to 100 people—it could have been sent to thousands.

Summary: Udimi Review

Udimi is a great place to find email marketing specialists.

Not only will you find sellers who have emails of people with the same interest, there are also sellers who will create landing pages and copywriting services for you. 

If you decide to use Udimi, test the waters first, you have to send your email marketing content to a few hundred people.

Do not forget to do A/B split testing.

Find out what ad converts, and then scale up on that ad.

Solo ads traffic is not for everybody.

It is best used by people who want fast results and those who want a targeted approach. 

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  1. Great post! Udimi is a great place to buy and sell solo ads. You will get high quality clicks at affordable prices for most niches.

  2. I would agree. I am a newbie and just started with Udimi. I am getting great results.


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